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Update on Our Practice: Chief Physician of the European Dental Center Dr. PhD, DGOI Expert and Honorary Member, BDIZ EDI Member, Vadym Georgiyovych Klymentiev Continues Education in Italy

An important event occurred on July 6, 2019, when the chief physician of the European Dental Center, Dr. PhD, DGOI expert and honorary member, BDIZ EDI member, Vadym Georgiyovych Klymentiev, participated in a lecture course on dynamic digital navigation in dental implantation at the Roman State University.

The course topic:

  • Dynamic digital navigation in dental implantation - a modern methodology in the era of digital technologies.
  • This technology eliminates errors in positioning dental implants, reduces operation time and the number of complications, and also helps the surgeon see osteotomy navigation during the procedure.

How this reflects on our practice:

  • This methodology is already successfully implemented at the European Dental Center.
  • During the visit to the Roman University, issues of applying this methodology in combination with the MIMI technique, which is already integrated into our practice, were discussed.
  • These techniques help avoid lengthy procedures for reconstructing upper jaw bone tissue and improve rehabilitation outcomes.

Integration of European medicine into our practice:

  • We strive for patients of the European Dental Center to receive modern dental care at the level of the best European standards.
  • The statistics of using these techniques in Europe coincide with our own data.

This is an important step towards integrating the standards and practices of European dental medicine in Ukraine and ensuring our patients receive modern and effective treatment methods.