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Laser implantation

Laser implantation

Laser implantation of teeth should not be confused with conventional prosthetics, as implant implies the absolute restoration of a missing tooth, that is, it is not only about the crown part, but the tooth along with the root. Accordingly, an implant is an exact copy of a lost tooth, firmly fixed in the jawbone. Modern high-quality implantation is not a temporary solution to the problem, but a result that remains forever. Typical prostheses only eliminate the visible defect for a while, but at the same time, while chewing food, discomfort is felt due to the load on the bone tissue, and as a result: atrophy, malfunction of the prosthesis.

In modern dentistry, there is such a thing as express implantation, that is, restoration of teeth for a minimum interval of 3 to 7 days. This effect is possible due to the use of a harder, basal and cortical part of the bone tissue; the use of new teeth becomes possible at the end of the implantation of proven implants.

Dental laser systems in dental implants and periodontics are a guarantee of the health and beauty of teeth.

A visit to the dentist has long ceased to be perceived as a test of courage. With the advent of new advanced laser technologies, dentistry has taken a significant step forward. The European Dental Center has successfully applied the technology of semiconductor laser systems in the field of surgery, periodontics and dental implantation.

In 1995, the FDA approved the use of a laser (Cta A1.As8 / 10nm) for soft tissue surgery, and in 1998 for the disinfection (sanitation) of periodontal pockets.

The diode laser, which is used in our dentistry, has thermocompression characteristics. This means that the soft tissues of the gums dissect bloodlessly, since in the surface being treated, an instant folding occurs under the influence of temperature. In addition, working with a diode laser greatly simplifies dental procedures for both the patient and the doctor, such as:

  • Correction of the gums during preparation for implantation of the denture.
  • Installation of dental implants.
  • Plastic surgery of the frenum of the tongue and lips with a laser.
  • Cosmetic reconstruction of the oral mucosa.


How popular is dental implantation


This type of dental care is becoming increasingly widespread. Dentists note that laser implantation of teeth makes it possible to carry out an operation to implant dental dentures almost bloodless, it also avoids common postoperative complications and stimulates early recovery in the area where dental implants were performed.

The positive effect of using the laser was also evaluated by patients of the European Dental Center. Among the advantages of this procedure, they note:

  • Comfortable feeling during implantation.
  • Faster and less painful operations.
  • Shorter and easier postoperative stage.

      In favor of laser dental implants, statistical studies also speak. According to these data, for complete postoperative healing after use lazernajai2laser requires half the time.

      Moreover, even at the end of the implant installation procedure, puffiness does not occur, which was inevitable with older techniques. And the dental operation itself is fast enough and without the need to use antibiotics.

      Prices laser implantation at the European Dental Center is fully justified and takes into account the interests of patients in the clinic. Among the list of services, in addition to  installation of dental implants, gum correction before installation is also available, as well as other necessary procedures. Qualified dentists of our dental center will be able to determine which of them you need during a personal consultation.

What are implants and implants?

    Dental implants were invented more than 50 years ago. The concept of "implantation" was formed on a dental basis "implant or implant", which means an artificial copy of the natural root of the tooth, created from a biocompatible material for the human body - titanium.
For all the time of practice, various methods of implant placement have arisen, which depends on the complexity of the patient’s clinical situation. On the basis of this, many names appeared, which is why the patient does not always understand the difference between one and the other proposed species. However, everything is much simpler than it seems at first glance, since implantation of teeth includes only 2 protocols, the difference between which consists of the technology of installing the structure in the bone.

What is the likelihood of rejection of implants and their survival?

Such questions are one of the most frequently encountered by employees of our (and not only) clinic. Patients are afraid that the invested funds will not justify themselves as they think about the possibility of rejection of implants. But, practice has shown that rejection is practically excluded because implant engraftment takes place in 99% of 100%.

When deciding to install express implantation with immediate loading, then the implant will take root even faster, that is, after a few, you can fully exploit your teeth.

In the classic two-phase version, the implant will need 3 months or more to take root. Only then an abutment is put on, on top of which a crown or prosthesis is fixed. Now the tooth is ready for full functioning.

Solving the problem of the frenum of the tongue


Bridle plastic surgery is a type of surgical intervention that involves cosmetic reconstruction of the oral mucosa in order to correct short frenums that bind the tongue.

In most cases, plastic frenum of the tongue is made at a fairly early age. The use of laser technology allows you to carry out this procedure quickly, with minimal pain for the tongue and minimize the time of complete healing of the oral cavity and frenum of the patient’s tongue.

Laser frenum plastic surgery is the most gentle way for patients to correct oral mucous membranes with a laser. To clarify the price of bridle plastic, please consult the European Dental Center.


Implant Implant Changes and Care Rules


The postoperative period does not exclude the possibility of some changes, namely:

  • swelling of the soft tissues surrounding the implant. Such a consequence is considered normal. Therefore, there is no reason for experiences, especially since the swelling itself will pass through a short time. Prevention of severe edema - cold lotions, which are done only after consultation with the doctor;
  • fever. The probability of such a sign is possible the first few days. The temperature can rise to 39 ° C. In such circumstances, the doctor prescribes medications to stabilize body temperature;
  • pain - a sign of damage to the gums and / or periosteum, pain is not possible in the bone due to the absence of nerve endings. Doctors in such situations attribute painkillers.

Caring for artificial teeth involves not only a place of dislocation, but also a lifestyle, or rather:

  • in the postoperative period, ice wrapped in a towel should be applied to the place where the implant is installed. Duration and frequency of actions: 15 minutes each. every 15 minutes for 3 to 4 hours;
  • hypothermia, overheating, overvoltage, physical activity are prohibited;
  • if implantation touches the upper jaw, you should be careful when coughing, sneezing, blowing out, that is, you need to do this carefully without intensive action;
  • tobacco, alcohol - a definite "no" for the first 2 weeks. As a result of basal implantation, the requirements are more loyal.

Care Rules:

  • requires the same brushing as natural teeth, but with a softer brush, which can be done the very next day after the surgical procedures, but without affecting the place of the implant, to exclude the possibility of mucosal injury;
  • the use of an irrigator in order to clean the inaccessible areas of the oral cavity;
  • rinsing with antiseptic agents before and after surgery;
  • the use of superfloss or dental floss for cleaning tooth gaps.

About the benefits of laser implantation

If we talk about the advantages of laser tooth implantation and correction of the oral mucosa, then the surest option is to read patient reviews. You can verify the safety and effectiveness of such procedures by visiting the European Dental Center. You can get a free consultation from a competent dentist with us. And also, make a miscalculation of the cost of laser implantation and plastic frenum.

Treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis

Dental health is directly related to gum health. Modern laser technologies also help maintain their hygiene. A diode laser allows you to efficiently prepare periodontal pockets. Using this technique, the removal of soft tissue occurs most accurately and bloodlessly, so that the doctor easily adjusts the size and depth of the cuts on the gums. Moreover, the laser can have anti-inflammatory effects. And in some cases, X-rays even confirm the restoration of damaged bone tissue of patients.

“European Dental Center” is a clinic that does turnkey work, respectively, and prices are indicated taking into account all aspects: preliminary examination, preparation, anesthesia, doctor’s work, prosthesis, examinations, implant.

Our clinic is represented as the exclusive partner in Ukraine by the Swiss company TRATE AG, right there and in the implementation of ROOTT implants, hence the minimum prices as they are sold without unnecessary markups, which adds another advantage to our side.

Laser Dental Implants

Dental implantation is a popular dental service today, which allows you to restore the integrity of the dentition, as well as to obtain smooth and natural-white teeth for patients in place of uneven or damaged natural teeth. Currently, when the dental industry is developing at a very dynamic pace, the range of its capabilities is expanding significantly, which makes it possible to implant teeth in a short time and with maximum comfort for the patient.

Dental implantation is undoubtedly considered one of the most popular, sought after and rapidly developing areas in the field of dentistry, therefore it is in this area that the latest technologies and revolutionary methods of treatment and operations are most often applied. Today it is possible to restore lost teeth as quickly as possible, renewing the aesthetic appearance and functional purpose of the maxillofacial system of a person.

Laser dental implantation: what are the benefits of the procedure?

Currently, the process of installing dental implants, subject to the use of modern medical equipment and high-quality materials, has almost nothing to do with the previous method of installing dental prostheses. Today, tooth extraction, gum preparation and, in fact, the implant implantation procedure can be carried out in the framework of just one visit to the dentist. Modern technology of laser dentistry allows the installation of implants using a laser beam, which makes the process faster and more comfortable for the patient.

Laser dental implantation is an advanced method of dental prosthetics, which implies the implementation of implantation of implants without the help of a classical surgeon intervention. That is, the dissection of the soft tissue of the gums is carried out without the use of cutting tools using a high-precision laser beam. The laser unit conducts a gentle separation of tissues, practically without causing acute pain and bleeding. In addition, laser implantation also has an antiseptic effect, disinfecting the tissues of the oral cavity and preventing infection from penetrating deeper into the incision. Dissecting the mucous membrane, the laser literally seals the damaged tissue in the places of the incision, which prevents abundant blood flow, making the procedure faster and more convenient, and also has a beneficial effect on the healing process, after which it is possible to install a permanent crown for a short time. In addition, the installation of implants using laser equipment also implies such advantages:

· Full sterilization of the hole of the extracted tooth, regardless of the volume of affected tissue.

· Quick and painless removal of cysts, granulomas, pus, exudate, infected tissues.

· Photodynamic therapy, that is, the identification and elimination of infected areas.

· Treatment and prevention of infectious diseases, including periodontitis, viral and fungal stomatitis, periimplantitis, cheilitis, etc.

· Stimulation of tissue regeneration and osteosynthesis - the process of bone formation and restoration in the damaged area.

· Reducing the terms of implant engraftment, accelerating the restoration of bone and tissues.

The European Dental Center will help to install dental implants with a laser in Kiev, whose specialists were one of the first in Ukraine to start applying laser technology in practice. Laser implantation has been successfully practiced for 9 years, which provides patients with a high quality guarantee. Our clinic provides implantation and prosthetics services to patients even with the most difficult anatomical and topographic conditions, while guaranteeing the highest level of results.

Laser tooth implantation in Ukraine

Currently, unfortunately, a very small percentage of modern Ukrainians can boast of completely perfect dental condition. Many suffer from curvature of the teeth, loss of color, as well as the appearance of diseases and damage to enamel, which, of course, negatively affects their appearance. Due to the unhealthy way of life that is inherent in the majority today, as well as due to the impact of negative factors such as smoking, excessive consumption of coffee and unhealthy drinks, improperly processed foods with high acidity and others, from time to time we are forced to visit our clinic for qualified help. Services in the field of prosthetics and implantation today are one of the undisputed leaders in the dental industry, which allows you to quickly and accurately restore the integrity and appearance of your teeth.

One of the most popular methods of dental implantation is the innovative laser implantation technique.

Today, one of the most popular services in the field of dentistry and prosthetics is the laser installation of implants. Laser tooth implantation in Ukraine, the price of which is considered quite affordable today, is one of the least painful and also very quick ways to install dental prostheses, as it allows you to install a tooth implant during one procedure, as well as its removal.

Laser implantation is an advanced technique for installing dental implants - a metal analogue of the tooth root, the essence of which is the absence of the need for traditional surgical intervention. In order to implant an implant in the jawbone, now there is no need to cut the tissues with a scalpel, because with laser implantation, the dissection of the soft tissues of the mucosa occurs under the influence of a thin laser beam that carefully makes the incision, while practically not causing pain to the patient. Laser implantation is a bloodless procedure, since the risk of excessive bleeding is eliminated due to the action of the laser beam. When dissecting tissues, he immediately disinfects the site of the incision, while simultaneously sealing the tissues, preventing them from being irritated. The healing process after such a procedure is quite short, which makes it possible to immediately install the implant and then mount a dental crown on it.

The cost of laser implantation may be slightly higher than the cost of a conventional procedure, however, the speed of the implantation process and the convenience experienced with it will only distinguish the procedure from more traditional methods.

Turning to our clinic for help, you can always get detailed advice on the laser implantation process and find out the cost of the procedure, calculated individually. We are ready to provide implantation and prosthetics services even in the difficult anatomical and topographic conditions that are observed in patients, while guaranteeing the highest possible result among dental clinics in Kiev.

Laser implant placement

Problems associated with a person’s health and appearance are always significant troubles that prevent them from living fully and being self-confident. Modern society is quite picky about the aesthetic indicators of each person, and the issue of health care is on the agenda today. Teeth is that part of our body that is in some way responsible for both the favorable state of human health and the aesthetic component of his appearance. Therefore, at the moment it is so much time and attention that is devoted to the pursuit of healthy and beautiful teeth.

Of course, the desire to have an attractive and healthy smile is not alien to the majority of the modern population, and the health of the oral cavity directly affects the general condition of the body and the well-being of a person, and even with the slightest violations can bring a lot of discomfort and block the ability to live an active life. There are quite frequent cases when, in order to restore the basic functionality of the teeth, they have to be replaced with better implants, since a natural tooth, due to illness, destruction, or when it was forced to be removed, cannot withstand the burden placed on it, which , in turn, disrupts the entire jaw system of a person.

Modern laser tooth implantation: quick and painless replacement

Installation of implants will allow you to replace the tooth with a stronger and aesthetically beautiful, and modern technologies that are used in the field of implantology will help to carry out the procedure as painlessly and comfortably as possible.

Today, one of the most popular services in the field of dentistry and prosthetics is the laser installation of implants. Laser implantation is a new method of dental implantation, which allows the procedure to be performed almost painlessly and bloodlessly. Laser implant placement implies eliminating the need to cut the gums with a scalpel, as the tissue is cut using a thin laser beam. Thanks to this technology, the procedure is much faster and almost no time is required for tissue healing, which makes it possible to install the implant during the same procedure as tooth extraction, as well as the prospect of installing the crown the very next day after implantation.

Laser implantation of the teeth ensures complete sterility, since the tissues practically do not come in contact with third-party objects, scalpels and other instruments. Moreover, the laser beam has a powerful antibacterial effect and prevents the occurrence of wounds and erosion on the mucosa, as it immediately “seals” damaged tissue during the section.

In addition, other useful properties of laser implantation are an additional function of photodynamic therapy, as well as the ability to stimulate bone regeneration and osteosynthesis - the process of bone formation at the site of destruction. In addition, the laser procedure often does not require powerful anesthesia, but if necessary, anesthesia is performed using computer anesthesia, which eliminates the need for painful injections into the gums or palate.

Laser implants without gingival incision

The need for dental implants today is experiencing a fairly significant percentage of the Ukrainian population. The causes of tooth loss can be different: injuries and strong blows, diseases that destroyed most of the tooth, loosening of bone tissue in the oral cavity, abnormal lifestyle with many bad habits, as well as old age. All this can lead to weakening of the teeth, as a result of which they become vulnerable and with the slightest carelessness the tooth may break or crumble. There are also a number of situations where a tooth must be removed surgically due to its disease or significant curvature. In any of these cases, the patient needs not only painless treatment, but also a speedy tooth restoration.

In the absence of a tooth / teeth, every modern person will experience a lot of inconvenience and risks. In addition to the aesthetic side, the loss of one or several teeth entails deformation of the dentition and incorrect load distribution when chewing food, which, in turn, can lead to various diseases of the digestive tract and anatomical disorders of the maxillofacial apparatus. Obviously, you can avoid all the negative consequences by resorting to qualified medical care in a timely manner and restore the tooth by implantation.

Laser implantation: features of the procedure

Restore your lost tooth as quickly as possible - not only the opportunity to avoid discomfort and regain a dazzling smile, but also a necessary measure to maintain health. As you know, earlier the procedure for implanting dental implants was quite painful, and also required a considerable amount of time. Currently, the dental implantation process, subject to the use of modern medical equipment and high-quality materials, can be carried out within one or two visits to the dentist. The European Dental Center was one of the first in Ukraine to introduce laser tooth implantation technology. That is, during the procedure, implants are installed with a laser, without a gum cut. A high-precision beam cuts through the mucosa, eliminating the need for incisions and other painful methods.

Laser dental implantation is a popular area in modern dentistry, successfully used by the European Dental Center for 9 years. Unlike the usual procedure for restoring a removed tooth, it is carried out without surgical intervention. Dissection of the mucous membrane of the gums is performed without the use of a scalpel, and all incisions and sections in the oral cavity are carried out using a laser beam. Thus, the laser implantation procedure is less painful and has a higher level of safety and sterility.

Benefits of Laser Dental Implant

Laser tooth implantation has many advantages over other, more traditional methods. To implant implants into the bone with a laser without cutting the gum - today this is a very real goal, which is carried out as part of one procedure, together with the process of tooth extraction. Among the clear benefits of the procedures are also:

· Computer anesthesia;

· Laser implantation is possible even with a high degree of atrophy;

· In the complete absence of teeth, prosthetics and implantation are carried out using fixed structures;

· Complete sterility of the procedure;

· The provision of photodynamic therapy;

· There is stimulation of regeneration and osteosynthesis (bone formation), etc.