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VIP service


VIP стоматология


As part of the VIP-service, the clinic "European Dental Center" offers a unique range of services designed for demanding patients who will certainly appreciate comfort, the highest quality of work and an individual approach.


When using the VIP service, you have the opportunity to use:

  • hourly reservation of the clinic at the time of the appointment with the attending physician;
  • close the clinic for the whole day to work with one patient;
  • carry out an expanded range of diagnostic and therapeutic measures;
  • involvement of the highest level specialists for consultation, diagnosis and treatment;
  • Get advice from German specialists without leaving the clinic.

We provide constant readiness of the dental clinic staff to receive VIP patients, confidentiality and effectiveness with minimal treatment time.


Check the prices for this type of service with the administrators of the clinic.

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Elite dentistry in Kiev

Modern dental services really help to solve almost all known problems associated with the health and external condition of the teeth. And, as you know, diseases of the teeth and oral cavity occur in almost every person, regardless of their social status and financial situation. In the Ukrainian capital, clinics that provide premium services are quite popular, since a rather large percentage of the permanent population of Kiev prefer to choose only a high-class, elite service. The best dentists in Kiev and representative services are exactly what interests esteemed clients in the first place. Elite dentistry in Kiev - the European Dental Center combines all the necessary qualities to have such a high status, and the specialists of our clinic are actively working to constantly improve their skills and professionalism, to win prestigious professional awards, thanks to which it is always possible to correctly solve even very difficult medical tasks.

For connoisseurs of a high-class elite service that meets all the highest international and European requirements, the ESC clinic will certainly become an indispensable assistant in the treatment of various dental diseases and their recovery. The European Dental Center, which uses exclusively advanced technologies, advanced methods of dental treatment, and actively uses the latest solutions in the field of therapeutic dentistry, orthodontics and orthopedics. Of course, our dental blade is ready to provide a full list of standard services at a high level, and also, it is worth noting that there are areas of work in which the ESC has noticeably succeeded and in other institutions it is difficult to find equal.


VIP-package of services for clients from the elite clinic of the ESC

The European Dental Center provides VIP customer service, which will not only allow you to receive excellent service, but also enjoy the ideal conditions of your stay in the clinic. The VIP package offers a number of unique services designed for especially demanding patients:

· Possibility of an hourly reservation of our clinic for the whole time of reception;

· The ability to provide care for only one patient throughout the day, closing the clinic for the rest;

· Providing an expanded range of diagnostic and medical services;

· Consulting with the involvement of key professionals of the highest level;

· Personal consultation of the patient by leading specialists of German partner clinics directly in the doctor’s office online.

ESC guarantees full readiness of staff to receive VIP patients on an ongoing basis, as well as ensure confidentiality and efficiency with minimal time.


What types of treatment does the VIP service of the European Dental Center mean?

· Treatment of caries at all stages of development and comprehensive restoration of teeth;

· Ultrasonic and laser whitening;

· Laser, simultaneous implantation of teeth;

· Dental prosthetics with high-quality removable and fixed structures;

· Performing artistic restoration of teeth;

· Computer anesthesia for surgical interventions;

· Painless tooth extraction;

· Professional cleaning, whitening and fluoridation of teeth and much more.

Our clinic is an elite dental institution that specializes in providing premium services. The European Dental Center uses the latest and most advanced technologies, and also features unique methods of treatment, restoration and implantation of teeth.