Computer anesthesia



Now the injections have become almost painless!


     Computer anesthesia TheWand – It is an excellent alternative to traditional local anesthesia and has many advantages over a conventional syringe. Monitoring the flow of anesthetic using a computer, not a doctor’s finger, provides maximum accuracy and patient comfort during anesthesia.

    This device is the only computer-controlled system in the world for conducting various types of local anesthesia, which uses the Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology (DPS) anesthetic injection technology and allows the doctor to easily and accurately determine tissue features at a specific needle location and is based on measuring the tissue support, which occurs at the right time, is an important and crucial aspect during anesthesia and makes it possible to rationally use the anesthetic. Pressure measurement in tissues with different densities refers to the physical compatibility of different tissues during anesthesia. Has the function of aspiration.

    This is a revolutionary technology developed by Milestone Scientific, which makes it possible for dentists to use successful local anesthesia of one tooth (intraligamentary anesthesia) or any other anesthesia.

     The system consists of two components – electronic unit with a Wand microprocessor and a sterile disposable venflon with a needle. The ergonomic tip is similar in shape to a ballpoint pen allows the doctor to conduct a delicate penetration into the mucous membrane, and also accurately guide the needle. This makes it possible to obtain accurate placement of the mouth of the needle, painless penetration of the needle into the tissue, the introduction of an anesthetic, and effective pain relief. The psychological benefit of using The Wand's inflon is that the tip itself does not resemble a syringe and does not eat as much “scary" for the patient. If the patient’s anxiety and fear can be reduced, then his confidence will increase and the whole process will be positively received by both the patient and the attending physician.

    From the point of view of lowering the pressure in comparison with the use of syringes, good pain relief results are obtained without the risk of damage to the ligament system and blood vessels due to the high pressure.

The optimal pressure in The Wand is 165-265 psi (psi) compared to Jet - 1200 psi syringes. When using syringes with this pressure, the effect of rupture of blood vessels occurs.

    When a needle is inserted into soft tissue, a standard section of the mouth of the needle forms deviations from the opposite direction. This happens according to the laws of physics. The above arguments are based on the latest scientific research. Scientific studies have proved that the needle (0.4 mm. * 30 mm ..) in the tissue itself goes from the right direction by 5 mm. In such cases, it is difficult to talk about the accuracy of the injection. As a result of the anesthesia obtained in the roundabouts and, for example, the hyoid nerve, while the bullet of the tooth we need cannot be anesthetized. The Wand used a specific tip structure (ballpoint pen shape) to rotate the needle during insertion to ensure the correct process for deviating from the direction relative to the target point.

    During the use of anesthesia (for example, intraligamentary anesthesia), the user can insert the needle into several different places in order to determine the needle (for example, periodontal ligament), this information is provided by the DPS system (it acts as an “informant” where the needle is currently located).

This “search” method makes DPS technology particularly important because it provides critical status information at a specific point in time. Using any other method and device during anesthesia does not provide such accurate and extremely important information about the incorrect placement of the needle in the tissue.

Wand Plus uses standard anesthetics, needles and venflons for anesthesia, manufactured by Mile Stone Scientific or its recommended manufacturers.

      Wand System Approved and Approved by the American Dental Association, as a device for the safe and effective delivery of anesthetic when used by qualified personnel. ESC in Kiev take care of your comfort, health and beauty.