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About us

About us

Европейский стоматологический центр

The European Dental Center is a dental clinic in Kiev, the team of which consists exclusively of highly qualified specialists whose main task is to quickly and painlessly solve dental problems of any complexity. Many years of experience and the use of the latest high-tech equipment are the guarantee of achieving, in truth, a Hollywood smile, even in cases where the patient has completely no teeth.

In their practice, specialists of "ESC" apply not only a comprehensive, but also an individual approach in the treatment of a wide variety of dental diseases. Thanks to the use of innovative techniques, excellent end results are achieved, as well as a quick adaptation of the teeth after surgical interventions.

High service in service and professionalism of dentists of "ESC" is annually confirmed by special courses of professional development, which are held by all doctors of the clinic. Exchange of valuable experience takes place in countries such as Spain, Switzerland and Germany. In addition, the specialists of "ESC" are actively conducting complex operations with implants, which have all the necessary licensing documentation.

Modern technologies


Имплантация зубов в киеве

Today, modern dentistry is not only a science that studies the origin of various dental and maxillofacial diseases, but also a real opportunity to achieve perfectly white teeth using innovative methods and techniques. Thanks to the rapid development of this medical industry, today it is already easy to solve problems of various difficulty levels that previously could not be cured.

The beginning of a successful healing from any ailment is a competent diagnosis. Unfortunately, not all modern dental clinics in Kiev are able to conduct a quick and correct analysis and find the cause of the disease. It is after identifying the problem that one should look for ways to solve it. In the event that dental treatment is impossible, then the ESC dentists offer other options to achieve a snow-white smile.

Dental implantation using Swiss implants is a great opportunity to get the long-awaited aesthetic appeal. Unlike bridges or removable dentures, which eventually lose their wear resistance, implants provide comfortable and painless chewing of even the hardest food. Another treatment option used at ESC is laser bloodless surgery. The advantage of this procedure is to minimize the level of pain and bleeding.

In order to implement any dental procedure, you will need high-quality equipment. According to studies, more than 80% of successful and painless treatment courses depend on high-quality equipment. Modern dental clinics in Kiev are not all equipped with new equipment from leading manufacturers. However, such equipment can be found at the European Dental Center. In addition, in addition to good equipment from the ESC clinic, guarantees are provided for each treatment result. Thus, after achieving an excellent result, patients will not have to worry about the fragility of the crown or the failure of the prosthesis.

The main task of the European Dental Center is to achieve the most effective treatment using high quality materials. For this, our dentists not only attend special trainings, but also follow all the latest innovations in the field of advanced dentistry. In addition, on the basis of the European Dental Center, a separate department is actively functioning at the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, which confirms the high quality of the services provided by the specialists of "ESC".

Today you can easily and quickly find a dental clinic, but finding a really qualified doctor who could combine not only excellent knowledge, but also significant practice in his work is not so simple. It is in the European Dental Center that you will find such professionals.


An extensive list of services at an affordable price

Клиника ЕСЦ

Clinic "ESC" offers a significant selection of high quality dental services. It is here that you can find both comprehensive diagnostics on the most advanced equipment and the latest treatment methods. Thus, such a dental clinic in Kiev is more than the right choice.

Having undergone dental treatment, you can feel for yourself that each service provided by our specialists meets international quality standards of the countries of the European Union.

In order to comply with the high regulations of modern dentistry, every dentist of the "ESC" works daily to improve their skills and provides impressive results. In addition, ECC doctors undergo special training in innovative methods of advanced dentistry, thus significantly increasing treatment options for a particular dental problem. Thanks to productive and persistent work to improve the quality of whitening, treatment, as well as prosthetics and dental implants, the European Dental Center has been officially recognized as the best, according to the EU's Independent International Expertise.


The latest laser technology

Лазерная имплантация зубов

Today, the clinic "ESC" uses the latest diode laser, with which you can easily solve a number of dental problems. Such a laser is also called a German semiconductor laser. The advantage of this laser is the rapid postoperative wound healing. Thus, even after the most complex operations, patients do not have complications or scars. An additional advantage of such a novelty is its beneficial effect on the human body. It is a diode laser that stimulates the immune system.

The process of operation of such a laser consists in a continuous pulse mode. The diode laser simultaneously sterilizes and cuts, while relieving discomfort during even the most profound surgical interventions that may arise during the implementation of surgical dentistry. In addition, after applying this method of treatment, the sensitivity to the effects of the antibiotic increases significantly, which allows you to quickly cure a dental problem and quickly undergo further postoperative rehabilitation. Dental clinics do not often offer such a service, however, in the center of "ESC" this method of treatment is actively used.

Affordable pricing

We care about the beautiful and healthy smile of every Ukrainian. It is with us that it is easy and inexpensive to solve a dental problem of any complexity.

High service in service and excellent end results of treatment are confirmed by awards in international competitions, as well as a certificate from Independent International Expertise.


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