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Інтеграція Європейської медицини в Україні.
MIMI® Мінімально інвазивний метод імплантації та хірургії

We can do what others cannot!

Advantages of the European Dental Center

Certified Team of European Experts
  • All staff undergo continuous postgraduate training. Every year, specialists undergo internships in Germany and participate in experience exchange.
  • Our Center is the only one in Ukraine certified by the international portal Leading Implant Centers.
15 Years of Successful Implantation Experience at Our Center
  • The foundation of our success is led by the clinical practice of the Chief Physician, Dr. PhD., DGOI expert, honorary member of DGOI, BDIZ EDI member, Clementiev V.G., a specialist who has been helping patients for over 28 years.
  • The research and scientific work of the Chief Physician have been highly appreciated by the dental society at the global level.
Our Clinic is a Center for Postgraduate Education
  • Dozens of medical workers from Ukrainian dental clinics undergo practice and certification according to European standards at our Center.
  • For many years, the Center has been a leading organizer and participant of national dental conferences.
Advanced MIMI® Implantation Techniques Applied at Our Center
  • MIMI® Minimal Invasive Implantation Method with the use of single-component implants allows for one-day tooth installation (Immediate loading).
  • Implantation 3S (Simple, Safe, Stable) proceeds without additional surgical interventions, with minimal complications.
  • Implantation without bone grafting and sinus lifting using the Pterygoid implant method for the upper jaw, and bypassing the mandibular canal for the lower jaw in cases of complete atrophy.
Minimally Invasive Surgery Applied at Our Center
  • We apply minimally invasive, bloodless laser and piezo surgery to improve tissue regeneration in the postoperative period, speed up surgical procedures, and reduce complications.
  • The use of ultra-thin suturing materials and endoscopic equipment ensures maximum comfort during treatment and relatively easy rehabilitation after treatment.
Application of European Digital Diagnosis and Treatment Protocols
  • Our Center is equipped with unique European elite-class equipment integrated with modern specialized software to guarantee maximum accuracy and minimal invasiveness.
  • Patient records are kept in digital format according to the standards of the University Hospital Farkfurt am Main.
Fast Rehabilitation within 10 Days
  • Thanks to our techniques, patients undergo full rehabilitation in the shortest possible time.
  • Complete patient rehabilitation after tooth implantation is carried out within a short period, including the installation of orthopedic structures.
Our 15-Year Partnership with a Leading Clinic in Germany
  • This is an opportunity for our patients to receive services of European level according to European protocols and standards, while treatment and rehabilitation times are minimal.
  • Every patient at our Center has the opportunity to directly consult with German specialists in complex clinical cases.
We Provide Unmatched Comfort for Patients
  • Our patients can receive a full range of services in one place, the administration provides consultative support to patients and ensures a smooth process from appointment booking to doctor visits, as well as postoperative care.
  • The clinic director has repeatedly been awarded high international awards as the best manager.

Reasons Why Our Patients Choose the Minimal Invasive Tooth Implantation with Immediate Loading (MIMI® Immediate loading) Method

Simple, Safe, Stable (3S)
  • MIMI® is a minimally invasive tooth implantation procedure performed without incisions and flaps, ensuring minimal trauma, rapid healing, and low risk of complications.
One-Day Tooth Installation (Immediate loading)
  • Unlike traditional methods, MIMI® allows the implantation of the tooth implant and crown in one day. This means you can get a new beautiful smile in just one dental visit.
No Additional Surgical Interventions
  • In most cases, MIMI® does not require bone grafting or sinus lifting, significantly reducing treatment time and costs.
Minimal Complications
  • Due to the gentle technique and the use of modern materials, the risk of complications with MIMI® is minimal.
Suitable for Complex Cases
  • MIMI® can be applied even in cases of complete bone atrophy of the upper jaw (Pterygoid implant method) and lower jaw (implantation bypassing the mandibular canal).
Bloodless Minimal Invasive Laser and Piezo Surgery
  • MIMI® uses laser or piezo surgery, ensuring bloodlessness of the procedure, minimal trauma, and rapid healing.
Ultra-Thin Suturing Materials and Endoscopic Equipment
  • The use of ultra-thin sutures and endoscopic instruments provides maximum comfort during treatment and easy rehabilitation.
Rapid Healing
  • Thanks to the gentle technique, healing occurs 2-3 times faster than with traditional implantation. Patients can return to their normal lifestyle just a few days after the operation.
  • With proper hygiene and regular check-ups with the dentist, MIMI® implants can last a lifetime. The warranty for implants is 10 years.
  • MIMI® allows for achieving a maximally natural result. Implants are individually matched to the color and shape of adjacent teeth. The crown installed on the implant is indistinguishable from a natural tooth.

About Clinic

Integration of European medicine in Ukraine. MIMI® Minimally Invasive Implant and Surgery Method

The European Dental Center is a dental clinic in Kiev, whose team consists exclusively of highly qualified specialists whose main task is to quickly and painlessly solve dental problems of any complexity.

Many years of experience and the use of the latest high-tech equipment are the guarantee of the achievement, in truth, of a Hollywood smile, even in cases where the patient has completely no teeth.

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