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Press release. Leading Implant Centers confirms once again the successful qualification of the implantologist Dr. Vadim Klymentiev

Zug, February 2015 | Dr. Vadim Klymentiev from Kiev has successfully and verifiably shown evidence of having maintained his expertise and further developed his skills in oral implantation and has again been confirmed as a member of Leading Implant Centers for another year.

In order to become and remain a member of Leading Implant Centers and be listed as an expert in oral implantation, our successful internet portal provides stringent requirements: Extensive practical experience, in addition to in-depth know-how and years of experience with the very latest scientific standards, active and regular participation in further education and training, which has to be re-verified yearly by each member.

Mr. Dr. Vadim Klymentiev from Kiev could again successfully fulfill the requirements for a membership for the year 2015. Leading Implant Centers is looking forward to having him within the circle of implantologists who have been certified to the highest level for another year.

With the close relationship between national professional associations and the international umbrella organization, this portal creates a basis for implant specialists to orientate themselves and offers them a platform where they can invest in their skills and make a contribution in the field. Further details to the expertise of each member can be found on their personal profile site

For affected patients, the transparency offered here is of great importance and provides a high level of guidance. Similarly, the growing market in implantation is in this way prevented from being negatively affected by those who are unwilling to invest in their skills as implantation specialists.

Leading Implant Centers has grown considerably in the last year. Among its members are 320 top implantologists from 36 countries. There is great interest in a professional platform based on objective criteria for professionals and stakeholders. A scientific advisory board examines each application for membership according to strict, clearly defined criteria. In this way, the integrity and credibility of the portal are guaranteed, which allows the site to stand out from the many platforms for implantologists on the internet.

Leading Implant Centers is supported by national and international scientific associations and represents dental excellency at the highest level – guaranteed.

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