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How much does a removable denture cost (Kiev)

The modern possibilities of dentistry come to the rescue when a person needs to eliminate all problems associated with the absence of teeth, their destruction or anatomical defects of the dentition. Of course, the most popular technologies for restoring extracted teeth are implanting them using implants and high-quality crowns, which allows you to almost exactly recreate not only the appearance of the tooth, but also all its physiological functions in full. Dental implantation using titanium rods is carried out in most cases when it is required to replace one tooth. However, there are still many situations where the patient needs to make a complete replacement of the dentition with the help of complex designs, or to return most of the missing teeth.
In cases where a complete prosthesis of the jaw or a large part of the dentition is required, modern dentists still use removable prosthetic structures, but today their quality has improved markedly, and the price has become more affordable. Currently, the European Dental Center, as one of the prestigious metropolitan clinics practicing orthopedic dentistry, is installing high-quality nylon removable dentures in Kiev, the price of which will allow everyone to use this service. Our clinic uses prosthetic constructions from the best European manufacturers, manufacturing them using the most modern technologies using expensive professional equipment. Modern nylon prostheses make it possible to correctly distribute the load on the jaw, minimizing the pressure of the prosthetic structure on the jaw bones, and thanks to high-quality materials, it is possible to completely avoid allergies or injuries of the oral mucosa.

Dentures: how much does the service cost?

Replacing teeth with artificial dentures is a multi-step process that helps to restore the dentition by replacing the extracted tooth or the entire row with artificial analogues. The installation process of removable dentures is carried out using specific designs and special fixtures, which allow you to recreate the entire dentition or its essential fragment using monolithic devices. A high-quality removable prosthesis allows you to fully resume the correct chewing function and prevent malocclusion and other negative consequences of violation of the structure of the dentition.
With the help of removable prosthetic structures, the specialists of the European Dental Center are ready to carry out partial and complete dental prosthetics, while renewing all the functions of the human dentition. To find out how much a nylon removable denture costs in the ESC clinic, you can contact our consultants and they will provide the most detailed information about the cost of the service in your particular case, as well as give useful recommendations for further treatment. We use only the best materials for the manufacture of prostheses — namely, high-quality nylon, thanks to which the prosthesis will be not only durable, but also light and comfortable.

Dental prosthetics, removable dentures

The technology of removable dental prosthetics is undoubtedly popular these days, as it has been used for a long time to restore teeth in case of serious injuries. Removable prosthetics to this day has remained one of the most sought-after areas in modern dentistry. Of course, today a lot of the latest methods of tooth restoration are practiced, which, it would seem, will be much more convenient than the installation of removable dentures, however, patients are not always given the opportunity to install implants and other designs of prostheses. All kinds of removable dentures will be the best option for restoring the bite, the anatomical features of the jaws, as well as the full range of functions of the dentition.
Based on the names, the process of prosthetics with removable structures is carried out with the help of devices that can be completely or at least partially removed, giving the jaw a chance to rest from an external load. Fixed dentures are stably in the jaw and maximally recreate the natural structure of the tooth, while removable dentures also reproduce other parts of the dentition, in particular, the palate or gum fragments. Modern prostheses are very comfortable and do not cause obvious discomfort, and adaptation to them is quick. Removable prostheses are often used when there are very few teeth left, or none at all.

Installation of removable dentures at the European Dental Center

The clinic “European Dental Center”, specializing in particular in implantation and prosthetics, is ready to assist patients in restoring the integrity of the dentition, regardless of the degree of complexity of a particular case. Specialists are ready to perform dental prosthetics using removable dentures when the patient has no more teeth. The prostheses are made exclusively of hypoallergenic materials using advanced European equipment that will provide the highest possible result for the patient.
The European Dental Center uses only dentures made of nylon for removable prosthetics — this is a highly biocompatible hypoallergenic material that allows you to create the most lightweight design, so that it does not injure the soft tissues of the oral cavity and creates a minimum load on the jaw. We are ready to guarantee an extremely high result, as we are one of the leaders in the field of implantation and prosthetics in Ukraine.

Dental prosthetics with pins

The installation of dentures is a process by which an interested person can find an impeccable smile and restore the direct functions of the dentition in the event that his natural teeth have suffered significant damage or were lost due to injuries and other causes. In order to more thoroughly understand the specifics of the procedure and determine for yourself the most advantageous option, it is worth consulting with specialists and familiarizing yourself with the types and characteristics of dental prosthetics.
A defect in even one tooth can cause serious anatomical disorders of the dentition of the person, including malocclusion, changes in the anatomical structure of the jaw and the entire facial skull, as well as tooth displacement throughout the tooth gum and much more. In this regard, as a consequence, asymmetry of the face occurs, an incorrect load on the jaw when chewing, which can sometimes cause inconvenience and pain, psychological discomfort, which in turn adversely affects the state of the whole organism and the general well-being of a person.
The pin is attached to the root of the tooth, allowing you to restore its supragingival part. This element can consist of either fiberglass or zirconium, depending on each individual case. The pin is a strong shaft that allows you to firmly hold the prosthesis structure without displacement and deformation, which ensures the correct functioning of the replaced tooth and distributes the correct load on the jaw. It is worth noting that the ESC clinic works only with zirconium pins, which ensures comfort for the patient, as he quickly acclimates to the tissues, and the crown installed on it will hold firmly without the risk of premature loss.
The clinic «European Dental Center» is ready to provide full assistance in resolving situations related to diseases and tooth decay, preventing all negative consequences. Being today a well-deserved leader in the field of dental implantation and prosthetics in the Ukrainian market of dental services, the specialists of the ESC clinic have the necessary professional knowledge to carry out the installation of prostheses taking into account all the latest trends and techniques. Frequent internships of personnel abroad, as well as the purchase of materials and equipment from the best world manufacturers, allow us to provide extremely high quality service and to carry out the process of tooth renewal and prosthetics with maximum comfort for the patient.

Prosthetics without turning in Kiev

In Ukraine, the dental sector is actively developing, trying to reach a high European level. At the moment, there are a number of clinics that closely monitor new and progressive trends in the field of medicine, namely dentistry, while using all the advanced technical and technological inventions and solutions. One of the worthy players in the Ukrainian market of dental services is the European Dental Center — a clinic that uses the most innovative and revolutionary methods for treating teeth and oral cavity.
Loss of teeth will always be a problem, causing many inconveniences. Today, the risk of staying for a long time without teeth has no real reason for concern, because modern dentistry allows us to solve a large list of problems associated with the health of the oral cavity. The modern technology of dental prosthetics with the help of implants and crowns or whole prostheses will come to the rescue.

Dental prosthetics in Kiev

Often during tooth prosthetics there is such a process as grinding the tooth in order to further fix the crown on its polished part. Of course, such an event essentially makes the tooth unsuitable for further functioning without an artificial crown, which serves as a coating. Thus, the procedure for turning teeth under crowns may be one of the necessary requirements for the implantation and prosthetics process, but at the same time, it is completely useless and adversely affects the natural functionality of the human dentition. Tooth grinding is carried out when the jaw is completely ready for prosthetics. As part of the grinding process, as a rule, the attending dentist deforms the tooth, giving it the necessary shape to support the crown, grinding the side of the tooth with diamond burs and drills. It is worth emphasizing that the turning procedure also requires the use of anesthesia, since the removal of tooth tissue is very painful.
Prosthetics without turning the teeth, of course, simplifies the procedure, because, in addition to the fact that there is no need to resort to such painful therapy, the installation of a prosthesis without turning helps to maintain the proper condition of neighboring teeth without sacrificing their health to install the implant in the place of the absent.
Without turning, prosthetics in Kiev is a popular procedure for today, which is provided by the European Dental Center — one of the leading metropolitan institutions for the treatment and prosthetics of teeth.
Today, the range of services of our clinic offers several effective and comfortable types of prosthetics that exclude the turning of natural teeth. At the same time, they are also distinguished by their durability and strength. In the process of implantation, which is considered to be one of the most effective processes in the field of dental prosthetics, it is possible to avoid painful turning, which not only avoids severe pain, but also significantly reduces the time it takes to complete the procedure.
Implantation of a tooth, from the point of view of its restoration using a permanent denture, is the most reliable and durable method for renewing missing units in the dentition without damaging adjacent, healthy teeth. Implantation is based on the technology of osseointegration or bone growth, in connection with which the rod installed in the jawbone of the jaw bone almost completely grows to natural tissues. The use of high-quality zirconium pins or titanium implants with a high degree of purification by the ESC clinic ensures a quick engraftment of the structure, as a result of which the fastest installation of the tooth prosthesis becomes possible. The established analogue, the prosthesis, will effectively fulfill the entire list of natural functions of the tooth, as well as replenish aesthetic parameters.
The European Dental Center is a leader in the field of implantology and prosthetics in Ukraine, which is known for introducing advanced technologies and innovations. ESC Clinic is the official representative of the German Association of Oral Implantologists (DGOI) in our country and has valuable experience working with various problems associated with the condition of the oral cavity and teeth, including in the implantology industry. Valuable long-term experience and the availability of the latest imported equipment ensure the work of our clinic at the highest level and make it one of the key players in the dental services market of Ukraine and Eastern Europe.
Fixed prosthetics, price in Kiev

Dental prosthetics is currently a popular dental service for a significant percentage of the modern Ukrainian population. Regardless of age, gender and social status, people may feel the need to replace their natural teeth with artificial dentures for various reasons. Often, prostheses are resorted to by those who, for whatever reason (injury, solid junk food, shock, etc.), have lost their own tooth or a substantial part of it. In this case, most often you need to replace it with an artificial analogue in an emergency. There are also cases when, due to diseases or anatomical features and defects, the tooth must be removed for medical purposes, in connection with which there is also an urgent need for substitutes that will most accurately recreate the visual appearance of the natural tooth, as well as its functional purpose.
Fixed prostheses will be the best way to restore one or more teeth and give them an attractive aesthetic appearance, spending a minimum amount of time on this. Specialists of the European Dental Center are ready to provide high-quality prosthetics services with fixed structures, performing the procedure with great care and painlessness.

What is fixed prosthetics?

Fixed prostheses are the closest designs to the structure of a real tooth from a visual point of view. They are stably located in the jaw and maximally recreate the natural structure of the tooth, while performing all its natural functions. They are very convenient and do not cause obvious discomfort, and adaptation to them is quick, which allows the patient to completely not feel the presence of a foreign object in the jaw over time.
Fixed prostheses are most often created in a standard design and consist of an implant — a titanium rod, and a crown, together with additional accessories. Restoring lost teeth using fixed crowns is the most popular way to restore the integrity of the dentition, and using high-quality and durable materials, you can achieve an almost perfect result. Fixed prosthetics, the price of which in Kiev depends on the material of the crown and the specific design of the prosthesis, are often carried out purely for aesthetic purposes, because it allows you to create an almost perfect smile with beautiful, even and white teeth. By contacting qualified specialists for help, the patient can receive practical recommendations, as well as help in choosing the type of prosthetics. At the European Dental Center, prosthetics are performed in the following ways:
· Prosthetics with crowns: cermet, as well as made of zirconia and PIK polymer.
· Bridge prosthesis, used in case when several teeth are lost at once in a row. Among the bridges there are: adhesive structures, bridges based on their own teeth and bridges with emphasis on implanted implants.
· Microprostheses, including: veneers and lumineers, which are used to partially restore a tooth, as well as to give it a more aesthetic appearance. There are also non-removable dental inlays — a way to restore enamel.
Specialists of the clinic “European Dental Center” have the necessary professional knowledge to carry out the installation of prostheses, taking into account all the latest trends and techniques. Frequent internships abroad, as well as the purchase of materials and equipment from the best world manufacturers allow us to provide the highest quality service in Kiev.