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Internship at the Implant Plus clinic

On February 23, 2011, the Chief Physician of the European Dental Center, Vadim Georgievich Klymentiev, and the Director of the European Dental Center, Olga Vladimirovna Klymentieva, arrived at the Implant Plus clinic in Germany, where Vice President of the German Association of Oral Implantologists (DGOI), Professor Fred Bergmann, provided a unique internship.

For us, it was not just a process of acquiring new knowledge but also an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the cutting-edge world of oral implantology, undergoing training according to German standards in a prestigious clinic recognized as a global leader in dentistry.

During the internship, Chief Physician Klymentiev Vadim Georgievich and Director Klymentieva Olga Vladimirovna were involved in intensive training programs covering all aspects of oral implantology, from diagnosis and planning to the execution of complex surgical procedures.

Professor Fred Bergmann, a high-level expert in oral surgery and implantology, shared his extensive experience, providing our specialists with deep knowledge and practical skills. His methodology and approach to tooth implantation, based on German standards, have become an invaluable asset for us.

Upon returning to the European Dental Center, our specialists are implementing new techniques and advanced technologies acquired during the internship. We are confident that the exchange of experience with German colleagues will not only be a source of progress for our clinic but will also enhance the quality of dental care provided to our patients.

The internship at Implant Plus clinic has not only been a step forward in our professional growth but also a symbol of our commitment to the highest standards in the world of dentistry. We take pride in the opportunity to integrate advanced experience gained in Germany into our daily practice, making dentistry more effective and accessible to our patients.