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Over the past 15 years, a detailed study of platelets and biological mediators that they contain, as well as their chemical compounds, was aimed at permitting their use; The therapeutic use of growth factors and autogenous biomaterials has made significant progress and significantly increased the versatility and therapeutic capabilities of plasma-rich technology. The technology of plasma enriched in human growth factors is based on the preparation of 100% autogenous platelet-rich plasma, the application of which to damaged areas increases the rate of regeneration in most types of tissues without any side effects.
Plasma enriched with human growth factors is an individual technology that revolutionized the field of regenerative medicine. Over the past decade, its use has spread to many areas of medicine, from surgical dentistry and maxillofacial surgery to dermatology, cosmetology, orthopedic surgery, sports medicine and, more recently, ophthalmology.
The biological activity of various compounds obtained using plasma technology enriched in human growth factors is based on two fundamental things. On the one hand, the plasma contents and, specifically, platelet growth factors, the action of which regulates the main processes involved in tissue regeneration.
On the other hand, a fibrin matrix, which is used as a temporary structure for organizing cells and controlling the release of energy of growth factors present in a plasma enriched in human growth factors.