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When organs and systems are damaged, the human body secretes proteins or cellular signals that stimulate the process of regeneration and recovery.
Using a new technology, thanks to which plasma enriched with human growth factors is released from the patient’s own blood, the healing process can be accelerated several times.
Growth factors are natural compounds that can stimulate the growth of living cells in the human body.
To implement this process, it is necessary to take a small amount of blood from the patient. After the centrifugation step, plasma is released, enriched with human growth factors, which is applied locally in the affected area. Plasma technology enriched with human growth factors accelerates tissue healing and the regeneration process, reducing inflammation and the risk of infection or postoperative complications. The use of this unique system guarantees the patient a reduction in postoperative pain, as well as acceleration of regeneration processes.
In addition, leukocytes are not included in the formula for plasma technology enriched in human growth factors, so there is no pro-inflammatory effect. On the other hand, the plasma protein content has an anti-inflammatory effect when applied to tissues.
Using this technology, you can irrigate the area to be treated with a liquid plasma formula enriched with human growth factors before installing the implant. It is also possible to process the implant immediately before immersion in bone tissue. A unique membrane is made from plasma enriched with human growth factors, which stimulates the migration, proliferation and differentiation of osteoprogenator cells and their attachment to the titanium surface.



1. It is proved that the use of plasma enriched in human growth factors contributes to a significant improvement in the processes of regeneration and recovery after various surgical procedures.
2. Local release of proteins contained in plasma stimulates the regeneration of bone tissue, as well as the formation of new blood vessels.
3. The combination of growth factors stimulates epithelial regeneration. Sealing the implantation area with a membrane minimizes the possibility of contamination.
4. Moistening the surfaces of the implant using plasma enriched with human growth factors creates a more favorable biological environment for the functional connection of the implant with the bone, since a protein compound is achieved that facilitates cell migration along new fibrin bridges created between the bone wall and the surface of the implant.
5. The unique plasma technology, enriched with human growth factors, significantly increases the coefficient of effectiveness in treatment using a system of dental implants. In addition, it shortens the periods between the various surgical stages.