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Instantaneous implantation of the front teeth

It is known that it is the front teeth that are most vulnerable to external factors that cause damage, chipping and breakage of the dental crown. Often, not only diseases can lead to tooth loss, but also unfortunate coincidences when, because of one's own carelessness or severe blows, the tooth can simply break. The absence of a front tooth is something for a modern man, something from the relatives of a catastrophe.


Immediate implantation of the front teeth: benefits

Certainly, the opportunity to restore damaged teeth, regaining confidence and presentable appearance within the shortest possible time is an attractive prospect for every modern patient. Given the level of development of modern dentistry, in particular the areas of implantation of dentures, specialists of progressive clinics can achieve almost indistinguishable results from natural teeth. Moreover, nowadays, due to the invention of new innovative prosthetics and implantation techniques, it is possible to carry out the procedure of removal of the anterior tooth and implant implantation within one procedure, the day after which the client may install a permanent crown of the anterior tooth. Such opportunities allow you to eliminate the problem as quickly as possible and regain your own confidence and previous life activity.

Instantaneous dental implantation is a relatively new technology for dental prosthetics, which is distinguished by its efficiency and painlessness. It is ideal for restoring the front teeth as it provides a high aesthetic result and also gives the chance of crown placement on the second day after surgery. In addition to the traditional implant implantation method, which is performed through surgery, there is also the possibility of a completely innovative technique, laser implantation, which is performed without incisions of the oral mucosa with a scalpel. The incision of soft tissues is carried out with the help of a powerful and high-precision beam, which has a healing and antibacterial effect, and also ensures no bleeding.

One of the first in Ukraine to use the technology of laser single-implantation was started by specialists of the clinic European Dental Center, providing patients with a more sparing process of replacement of the front teeth and a light rehabilitation period. European-level service will allow anyone who wants to get rid of sick, seriously damaged or critically irregular teeth and to get a dazzling smile, without feeling discomfort from the installation of artificial front teeth.

The staff of our clinic can carry out the whole procedure of preparation and installation of crowns of the front teeth as quickly as possible, as well as, if necessary, to correct the mistakes of the previous dental masters. In the offices of our prosthetists and orthopedic dentists, patients can remove previously installed crowns and replace them with better ones, install a temporary denture, and choose the most appropriate option for replacing a lost front tooth among the proposed range in the official clinic catalog.

The European Dental Center addressed a patient with complaints of partial absence of teeth in the mandible (see pic. 1).

                       implantacija 1e


implantacija 2e

Picture 2

She had previously installed implants in another clinic, but disagreed with the treatment plan proposed there before prosthetics, she applied to our clinic. The proximity of the mandibular nerve significantly complicated the clinical situation for possible preimplantation (see pic. 3). An additional 4 implants were installed to bypass the mandibular nerve (see pic. 4-5).

implantacija 3e

Picture 3

implantacija 4e

Picture 4

implantacija 5e

Picture 5

After 4 months, permanent crowns were installed on the zirconia frame (see pic. 6-8).

 implantacija 6e

Picture 6

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Picture 7 

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Picture 8

Dental implantation in Kiev

Damage to the dentition is always a problem that leads to a number of negative consequences for the entire human body, as well as a lot of uncomfortable sensations. It is known that properly functioning without one or more teeth, human jaws are not capable: over time they deform, the load at chewing function is broken, which in turn leads to disorders of the digestive system. Loss of teeth is a major nuisance that can occur to absolutely everyone, and when faced with such a problem, he will definitely wish to eliminate it as soon as possible. Modern dentistry offers effective and state-of-the-art solutions that allow you to cope with dental health problems as quickly as possible and help to eliminate any defects in the oral cavity as quickly as possible.

Fortunately for many, today, if a tooth is significantly damaged or has been lost as a result of injuries and other circumstances, everyone is given the opportunity to quickly and inexpensively repair it with the help of implantation. Dental implantation in Kiev is a truly excellent opportunity to regain a healthy and radiant smile, as well as to restore the previous disturbances in the dentition mechanism in the shortest possible time.

One of the leaders in the service of dental implantation in the city of Kiev is the European Dental Center - a progressive clinic that uses only the latest technologies and advanced techniques in the field of dental treatment and restoration, and is guided by all current trends in the field of dentistry, orthodontics and dentistry and dentistry . At the moment, our clinic is recognized as the only representative in the country of the DGOI Oral Implant Association, which is based in Germany and brings together leading dentists and implantologists from all over Europe. Active international cooperation allows specialists to gain valuable experience in applying the most advanced dental solutions and technologies, as well as productively use modern technical achievements in Ukraine.

What is dental implantation

Modern dentistry and implantology in particular, are actively developing and are considered to be one of the most progressive branches of medicine. Over the last few years, dentists and orthodontists from around the world have been actively working on the development of innovative solutions in dentistry, and in particular in implantology.

Dental implantation is a procedure that allows you to replace a distant tooth with an artificial denture by implanting the implant in the jaw bone. In fact, the implant is an analogue of the root part of the tooth, which securely secures it deep into the bone tissue inside the gum. Modern implants are made of a metal safe for human health - titanium. It should be emphasized that earlier the process of restoring a lost tooth by denture could take quite a long time, but thanks to the use of modern technological advances and prestigious materials, today the implant implantation process is often carried out as part of a single procedure, and after healing the site of installation of the rod, the dentist can install a crown. , which, in fact, is the final touch of the implantation and prosthetics procedure.

Contraindications for dental implantation

As with any medical procedure, dental implantation requires careful preparation for it, as well as prior examination with a number of doctors. In some cases, it may be contraindicated, namely:

· Serious diseases of the blood and internal organs such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, HIV and others.

· The presence of chronic diseases in the acute stage: rheumatism, diabetes mellitus.

· Infectious diseases in the oral cavity, such as stomatitis, periodontal disease, periodontitis and others (in the acute stage).

· Herpetic rashes on the oral mucosa.

· Presence of oncological diseases.

· Diseases of the bone and nervous systems.

· It is undesirable to carry out the procedure of dental implantation during pregnancy, especially in the late term.

· It is better to postpone the procedure if it is trapped during the period, because there is a risk of heavy bleeding and complication of the wound healing process.

Nowadays, such new dental implant techniques are available to patients, such as laser, basal, single-implantation, and a variety of equally effective ways to get a new tooth quickly and with maximum comfort.

The European Dental Center addressed a patient with complaints of complete lack of teeth and the inconvenience associated with wearing full removable dentures (see pic. 1). The patient was fitted with 14 implants, a day fixed temporary non-removable structures (see pic. 2) which after 4 months were replaced with permanent ones from Peek polymer (see pic. 3-4).

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Picture 1

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 Picture 2

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Picture 3

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Picture 4


Dental implantation, Ukraine: features and types of procedure

Dental health problems are always a complex of inconveniences, discomforts and embarrassments that haunt a person at every stage of his or her life. Unhealthy teeth, or worse - their absence is always associated with the public with negligence, not care and indifference to himself. Of course, every person who is important for their own reputation, as well as personal comfort, tries to take care of their health, including the condition of their teeth and oral cavity, in a timely manner. When faced with a problem such as forced tooth loss or removal, it is necessary to take care of its restoration as soon as possible. Modern dentistry allows to renew the fusion of the dentition in a matter of days, thanks to the wide possibilities of advanced technologies and professional latest equipment.

To restore lost teeth quickly, painlessly and at absolutely affordable prices - today it is quite a real prospect for everyone. Resources owned by modern dentistry, including in the field of implantology and prosthetics, allow you to perform procedures for the installation of artificial teeth, providing a high result and effect that is almost indistinguishable from the natural nature of the teeth.

Dental implantation is a multi-stage and time-consuming procedure that allows you to install a prosthesis on the site of a distant tooth, which is the actual analogue of a real tooth. Modern implantology makes it possible to recreate the natural functions and appearance of the teeth as closely as possible, making it possible to further distribute the load on the jaw.

The essence of implantation is to install into the bone tissue of the jaws a helical metal rod that will function as an artificial root of the tooth. The titanium implant is securely screwed into the bone and after the healing of all tissues, a tooth crown can be fitted. Dental implantation in Ukraine is carried out by professional specialists, and its price today is quite affordable for every average patient.

In the process of dental implantation, the material from which implants and crowns are made is an important point. Implants are usually used in hypoallergenic metal, namely, titanium with a high degree of purification. Crown material is another crucial point that affects implant quality. Modern clinics make use of durable and hypoallergenic materials, including:

· Polymer - used for temporary crowns that are installed for a short period of time.

· PIC polymer. Modern technology makes it possible to make the lightest crown, which does not overload the supporting tooth or the implant on which it is mounted, due to the unique properties of the material.

· Metal ceramics - the most common type of dentures, which is considered ideal in the ratio of price / quality. A durable, safe and presentable option that is suitable for absolutely every patient.

· Zirconium dioxide crowns - one of the most elite materials, with high durability and excellent aesthetic parameters.

At the moment, the clinic is the only representative in the country of the DGOI Oral Implant Association, which is based in Germany and brings together leading dentists from across Europe. Close international cooperation allows dentists, in particular surgeons, implantologists and orthodontists to gain valuable experience, as well as purposefully and effectively use all modern technical, technological and professional resources in Ukraine. The ESC clinic also specializes in aesthetic dentistry, including the installation of dentures and crowns, which it performs at the highest level among Ukrainian clinics.

The European Dental Center addressed a patient with complaints of partial absence of teeth on the upper and lower jaws and the insolvency of the remaining teeth on the upper jaw (see pic. 1-3).

    implantacija 13e

Рicture 1

implantacija 14e

Рicture 2

implantacija 15e

Рicture 3

It was decided to remove the remaining teeth on the upper jaw, to perform a one-stage implant with one-stage implants (see pic. 4). Imprints were removed from the implants on the day of surgery and temporary structures were established every other day (see pic. 5-7).

                                                             implantacija 16e

Рicture 4

implantacija 17e

                   Рicture 5

implantacija 18e

Рicture 6

implantacija 19e

Рicture 7

After 4 months, permanent crowns of polymer were installed (see pic. 8-9).

implantacija 20e

Рicture 8

implantacija 21e

Picture 9

Dental implantation in Ukraine

A beautiful, even and healthy smile is the key to a well-groomed and neat appearance that is so important to every modern person. Unfortunately, in many respects teeth are the first to be exposed to the negative influence of the environment and various deviations in the state of the whole organism. In addition, human teeth are an indicator of a lifestyle, that is, if you are addicted to any bad habits, whether it is smoking, drinking alcohol or excessive coffee and tea, or any other harmful behavior. Insufficient care and negligence on the health of teeth and the oral cavity - all this in the complex becomes the cause of their diseases, and sometimes even at all - losses.

The loss of even one tooth is always a huge problem affecting the course of our daily lives. At what, not always its occurrence is based on the fault of the man himself, that is, his negligence and improper attitude to his health. Sometimes you can lose your tooth due to trauma or other situations. In any case, when such a situation has occurred, it is necessary to solve it as soon as possible. Fortunately, modern dentistry allows you to restore the integrity of the dentition within a matter of days.

Dental implantation in Ukraine

Dental implantation in Ukraine is a popular and highly sought after service that allows the Ukrainian population to use all the benefits of modern dentistry to achieve both therapeutic and aesthetic goals. Tooth implantation is the process of restoring a lost tooth by implanting in the jaw bone the implant that serves as the basis for a potential artificial tooth.

The procedure of implanting the implant into the jaw bone involves installing an artificial screw-shaped rod that acts as a dental root. The implant is implanted in the bone of the upper or lower jaw, provided there is sufficient natural bone. Otherwise, in addition to implantation, the procedure of artificial bone extension or stimulation of natural bone material growth is also required.

Dental implantation is performed taking into account current trends and new treatment technologies. The progressive dental treatment provided by the European Dental Center is based solely on the latest techniques, as well as the individual solution of each specific situation and the study of the patient's anamnesis. The European Dental Center uses components and materials from elite manufacturers, as well as modern advanced equipment, which makes it the undisputed leader in Ukraine in the field of dentistry, implantology and prosthetics. The procedure, performed by highly qualified specialists of our clinic, yields fantastic results in almost 100% of cases, which is practically impossible to distinguish from natural teeth: neither in appearance nor in functional purpose.

How is the procedure for implantation of teeth

Dental implantation is a highly responsible and time-consuming procedure that requires a carefully crafted treatment strategy and individual selection of the optimal solution. The process of implantation of the implant into the bone consists of several stages, the implementation of which, as a rule, takes place within one procedure (in case the situation is not started):

· The initial stage of preparation for implant placement is removal of the damaged tooth or its remains. If the tooth was removed earlier, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the funnel and treat the gum surface, preparing the tissues for further section.

· With the help of surgical cutting of the mucous membrane or the use of a laser beam, the soft tissue of the gum is dissected, after which implants - a metal (titanium) base for a further tooth replacement - are inserted into the bone.

· Tissue healing is the next step. It is necessary to carefully examine whether all the wounds and irritations in the damaged area have healed.

· At the place where the implant was already fully healed, the gingival shaper is installed, after which the abutment is placed into the implant itself, that is, the upper part.

· When the implant mechanism is assembled, a denture is performed based on the parts installed.

A patient with complaints of partial absence of teeth on the upper and lower jaw (see pic. 1-2) addressed the center of dentistry.


Рicture 1

implantacija 23e

Рicture 2

Implantation was complicated by the presence of a retina wisdom tooth on the upper jaw on the left. However, despite the difficult anatomic-topographic conditions, the deficiency and poor quality of the bone were successful in atraumatic surgery for the installation of single-stage implants (see pic. 3). On the third day, the patient was fitted with temporary crowns (see pic. 4-5). High speed of rehabilitation is achieved by clinical experience and knowledge of doctors of the European Dental Center.

 implantacija 24e

Picture 3

implantacija 25e

Picture 4

implantacija 26e

Picture 5 

Dental implantation is a complex case

Loss of teeth as a result of injuries, illnesses or, if necessary, surgical removal is always an unpleasant and disturbing situation for the patient, which is often accompanied by pain and discomfort in the physical context. Of course, every doctor always takes all possible procedures to preserve the tooth, but sometimes it is completely impossible to avoid removal. The lack of teeth gives you uncomfortable sensations and makes it extremely difficult to live in society, narrows your communication and causes difficulty in eating. Fortunately, if there is an urgent need to remove one or more teeth, or because of some circumstances the tooth is damaged and dropped, modern dentistry and implantology will always come to the rescue.

Advanced technologies, which today simplify the process of dental prosthetics, are actively used in Ukraine and provide a chance to solve problems with missing teeth as quickly as possible, regardless of the complexity of the situation. Modern dental implantation, when complex cases are often a concern, even by qualified doctors, allows you to achieve excellent results and restore the integrity of the dentition, making it smooth and naturally attractive.

With complex anatomical disorders and the absence of many teeth, the procedure for implantation and prosthetics is significantly complicated. Complex prosthetics often involves the use of different procedures, each of which is time consuming and extremely responsible. Often, complex implantation implies the need to restore all the teeth on the upper, lower, or both jaws that have been removed due to extensive disease, or unfavorable anatomical aspects of the structure of the facial-jaw apparatus in humans. In such situations, different implantation options are available, but they must all be very durable and not cause discomfort to the patient. Often, so-called "button" dentures are used, which replace the complete dentition and attach to firmly attached implants. Denture implants for push-button implants, as well as those that attach to specific locks, clamps, suction cups, or other means, need sustained support, and complex implantation often requires artificial bone extension to enhance fixation and prevent mass destruction of the natural bone tissue from overload. In order that the implant in difficult situations does not violate the anatomical features of the facial structure, as well as fulfill all the functions of the dentition mechanism, it is necessary to use only high-quality complex prosthetic structures, held on strong implants made of titanium.

Clinic European Dental Center, which is one of the leading modern providers of premium dental services in Kiev, actively practices various methods and techniques of dental implantation using only the best implants, dentures and accessories. The ECC practices sophisticated dental prosthetics, enabling its patients to quickly acquire a complete, properly functioning dentition, as well as restore lost teeth in the shortest possible time, even in particularly difficult cases. In this case, dental implantation in severe clinical cases with difficult anatomic-topographic conditions is carried out exclusively by the best specialists, who select an individual approach to each case.