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Calcium acts as a cofactor in the process of activating plasma enriched with growth factors, which allows the conversion of plasma fibrinogen to fibrin, thereby forming a gel or clot with the most important biological functions. On the one hand, fibrin is an excellent matrix for the content and location of cells, it acts as a temporary framework, while a certain tissue is regenerated, as well as a permanent system of secretion of growth factors.
Thus, it is a biocompatible and autogenous sponge filled with growth factors and cytokines, which will allow their progressive release over several weeks.
Fibrin resulting from the release of plasma enriched with growth factors is probably the best biomaterial for stimulating tissue regeneration.
Biological mediators of plasma enriched in human growth factors stimulate and support important processes such as cell proliferation and migration, chemotaxis (or a signal to cells at a distance to get into the location of the damage), inflammation, and auto / paracrine synthesis of new biologically active molecules.