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Chief Physician of the European Dental Center Vadym Heorhiyovych Klymentiev Spoke at the 2016 Annual World Congress on Oral and Dental Medicine in Taiwan

November 18-20, 2016

Vadym Heorhiyovych Klymentiev, the chief physician of the European Dental Center, participated in the 2016 BIT Annual World Congress of Oral Dental Medicine held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. His presentation at the congress focused on advanced techniques and innovations in dental implantation and prosthodontics applied in the center's practice. The solutions presented in the report aroused interest among leading global dentists and received their approval.

Patients of the European Dental Center in Kyiv receive high-quality services in minimally invasive dental implantation that meet high European standards, ensuring effective and safe treatment.

The chief physician of the center, Vadym Heorhiyovych Klymentiev, recognized as an expert in dentistry, actively implements advanced methods of dental implantation to ensure optimal results for patients of the European Dental Center.

Vadym Klymentiev with the Mayor of Taipei