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Ukrainian-German round table on dentistry.

March 28, 2015

An event organized by the European Dental Center with the participation of the German Association of Oral Implantologists (DGOI) took place in Kyiv. Issues of organizing dental services in Ukraine and abroad were discussed, including the system of training doctors, medical insurance and licensing. Doctors expressed interest in exchanging experience and preparing a scientific symposium “European standards for the treatment of dental patients,” scheduled for November 6, 2015 in Kyiv. DGOI President, Dr. Fred Bergman, praised the work of the European Dental Center. This event received coverage in the Ukrainian press .


On March 28, 2015, a round table was held in Kiev on the organization of the dental service in Ukraine and abroad, with the participation of the German Association of Oral Implantologists (DGOI) represented by its president Dr. Fred Bergman. The event was organized by the European Dental Center.

On the agenda is the training system for dentists in Germany and Ukraine, the problems of guaranteed medical insurance and licensing in the field of dentistry, and much more.

Over the past six months, this is the fourth round table at which leading experts of the country meet to discuss current problems in the field of dentistry,” says Oleksiy Pavlenko, head dentist at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. “These are informal meetings at which the opinions of both our specialists and foreigners are expressed. to find the best ways to implement European standards in our work.Any dental service includes three components: continuous education (pre- and postgraduate), work in real conditions base, as well as issues related to the use of materials and technologies of dentistry.As for the first block, for example, in undergraduate education it is necessary to bring the number of hours allocated to study the dental discipline to European standards. In the postgraduate important point is the maximum use for the internship and internships of clinical bases, expanding the direction of university clinics, as well as private clinics, which must be licensed and accredited finished. On a comparative analysis of our current system and the European one can highlight some important points, adapt them in Ukraine, and then wait for a legislative decision on them. "

DGOI President Fred Bergman spoke in detail about the German system of education for dentists, including postgraduate, and also noted the importance of international exchange of experience, in particular in the field of implantology.

“During the discussion, we noted that the Ukrainian education system in the field of dentistry is extremely similar to the education system in Germany,” says Natalia Savchuk, chief children's dentist at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. “This is extremely pleasant and means that we are going in the right direction. In addition, we have many plans for postgraduate education, which will help Ukrainian dentists to improve their skills. "

Dr. Bergman presented the general plan of the German training program for dentists "8 + 1" - a course of 9 classes that are held on weekends, and offered his ideas on how this program can be implemented in public and private universities in Ukraine. “This plan is not a genuine German product,” says Fred Bergman. “The schedule was based on the best training programs around the world, and the advantage of all this is that Ukrainian dentists can properly acquire the necessary knowledge and experience without the need to go to European countries, New York, San Francisco or Singapore, for example. "

The most acute and important, however, remains the issue of introducing European and world standards into the domestic space.

The implementation of this whole process will depend not only on the desire of the main specialists of Ukraine, but, first of all, on the discipline of the heads of those institutions where this program will be implemented and worked out. There is a program, let's implement it. Now we have met with Fred Bergman from Germany, we will invite experts from Spain, America, and other European countries. "We will run the results of each meeting, every moment, as we must be 100% sure that this protocol of patient care is the best in our conditions."

Attention was also focused on the need to establish a mechanism for the exchange of experience between Ukrainian young specialists, as well as experienced doctors with specialists in Europe and other countries: "The task is to teach, prepare young specialists, and then send them to study abroad with experts, so that as a result they imported the acquired knowledge and technologies, implemented them in our space. "

The conference participants also indicated that this meeting marked the beginning of work on preparations for the scientific symposium "European standards for the treatment of dental patients", which will be held in Kiev on November 6, 2015.

“After a round table discussion, Dr. Bergman went to the European Dental Center,” says Olga Klimentyeva, director of the center. “The professor held patient consultations and a training seminar for dentists. I want to note that such meetings have already become a tradition, since Fred Bergman "A frequent visitor to our clinic. In each of his visits to Kiev, he devotes time to communication and exchange of experience with our specialists."

Having appreciated the high level of the center’s work and the qualifications of dentists in particular, the president of the German Association of Oral Implantologists thanked Olga Klimentyev and the head physician of the center, Vadim Klimentyev, for inviting and organizing the whole event.