International Symposium «Modern Approach to Implantation» in Kyiv

Date: 24.11.2013
On November 24, 2013, a significant medical and educational event took place in Kyiv — the international symposium «Modern Approach to Implantation.» This event was organized by the «European Dental Center» clinic as part of the state program «Training of Dentists.»
State Program «Training of Dentists»
The symposium became part of an extensive state program aimed at improving the qualifications of dentists. This reflects the desire to qualitatively enhance medical services in Ukraine and implement advanced methods and technologies in dental practice.
Coverage in the Ukrainian Press
The event attracted the attention of both the professional community and the general public. A press release about the symposium was published in the Ukrainian newspaper «Segodnya,» emphasizing the importance and relevance of the topics discussed at the symposium.
The international symposium became a significant step towards the exchange of knowledge, experience, and advanced technologies in the field of implantology, advancing Ukraine in the field of dental medicine.
According to the Ministry of Health, our country ranks first in Europe in the prevalence of dental diseases: 92% of Ukrainian teenagers have caries (in Western Europe — 40%), and 100% of people over 40 have periodontitis. A situation becomes common when, by the age of thirty, a person has two or three teeth, and half of people after 65 are toothless. Therefore, the restoration of missing teeth in a patient is a dental problem that is very relevant for our country.
Doctors from all regions of Ukraine, as well as representatives of Russia, Belarus and other countries gathered in late November in Kiev to discuss the problem during the international symposium “A Modern Approach to Implantation”. It was part of the state program «Training for Dentists», which is supervised by the chief dentist of Kiev Yuri Pudenko together with the clinic «European Dental Center».

The meeting was inaugurated by Olga Klimentyeva, Director General of the ESC. She noted that the symposium “A Modern Approach to Implantation” is not a one-time action, but part of an ongoing program. “I want to focus on the fact that our Center implements services of a European level, providing the highest comfort and quality of services to its patients. Today we are all witnesses of how our clinic implements a training program for doctors, supported by the Association of General Practitioners and the Association of Ukrainian Dentists, Ms. Klimentyeva said. She thanked the “Association of Dentists of Ukraine” in the person of its president Aleksey Pavlenko and the “Association of Dentists of General Practice” in the person of its president Yuriy Pudenko for constant support of the activities of our dental center. “Our experts solve problems of any complexity in the field of dentistry,” said Vadim Klimentyev, chief physician of the dental clinic and organizer of the symposium. “After all, they regularly improve their qualifications abroad, exchange experience with colleagues from Switzerland, Spain, and Germany.” However, Vadim Klimentyev himself sets an example to subordinates. After all, he is an experienced practitioner with seventeen years of experience, an honorary member and representative in Ukraine of the German Association of Oral Implantologists. In a conversation with reporters, the president of the Association of Dentists of Ukraine Oleksiy Pavlenko explained the importance of the symposium for Ukrainian healthcare. “Many Ukrainians sooner or later face prosthetics of lost teeth. Previously, in the absence of one tooth, a bridge was made. That is, adjacent teeth that limited the defect were filed and dissected. It turned out that two more were injured due to one tooth. ” “The people gathered here are doctors, these are people who have taken the Hippocratic oath and are obligated to help those who need it. There are two ways to help people. The first is not to harm, the second is to cure. After all, you can tell the patient: “You know, I can not help in your case. Contact abroad. They know how to do it there… ”, said the president of the“ Association of General Dentists ”, the chief dentist of Kiev Yuri Pudenko. “But you can learn to do in your own country what your colleagues in other countries do.” Leading European experts gave lectures to Ukrainian experts. “It is extremely important to intensify cooperation between our countries. — remarked one of the participants. — True, cooperation between Ukraine and Serbia is developing mainly in the political and economic sphere. The situation is worse in science and health. But we are enthusiastic. For example, this is my third visit to Kiev. We started working in the field of implantology and now our plans are to develop orthodontics. ”The symposium was mainly about implantation, that is, the introduction of a special design into the jaw tissue — an implant, on which the prosthesis is then attached. The procedure consists of two stages: surgical, this is the operation to implant the implant into the bone, and orthopedic — the manufacture and installation of a denture. With classical techniques, a considerable period of time must elapse between these stages. After the surgical stage, the patient is forced to walk without a prosthesis for at least 3 months and wait for engraftment. A key feature of the method discussed at the symposium is to minimize the time of implant engraftment in the bone, so that the prosthesis can be installed immediately after implantation. Training and exchange of experience took place at two sites. If the first was devoted to the problems of implantology, then on the second platform, which was held on the basis of the Road Clinical Hospital No. 1, the problems of orthodontics (correction of improper tooth development) were discussed. Dozens of specialists gathered in the conference hall of the Road Hospital to listen to a lecture by the leading Russian specialist in the field of maxillofacial surgery — Professor Alexei Drobyshev. Speaking to students, the professor noted that although bite defects are corrected only with the help of brackets, only surgery can help in 20% of cases. Moreover, in Western Europe and the United States, such operations have been successfully carried out for 20-30 years.

The chief dentist of Kiev Yuriy Pudenko told reporters that at present in Ukraine complex maxillary operations are not performed due to the lack of specialists. Typically, patients are invited to turn to foreign specialists, whose services will cost up to — 50 thousand euros. That is why it was especially important that a guest from Russia Alexey Drobyshev not only gave a lecture, but also agreed to teach a group of Kiev dentists and orthodontists how to perform complex operations.
“We have confidence that the situation in Ukraine will soon change for the better. Within six months, Ukrainian surgeons will be able to independently carry out operations of increased complexity. I emphasize that Professor Drobyshev will be training our metropolitan doctors for free. And the organization of training was undertaken by the «Association of General Dentists,» said Yuri Pudenko. “The pupils of Drobyshev will then transfer the acquired knowledge to their colleagues.”

The participants of the symposium told reporters that the training programs of the European Dental Center not only give them new knowledge, but also stimulate their competition, and in some good way they provoke to become high-class specialists in Ukraine.