European Dental Center: Exploring Modern Technologies in Dresden

Date: October 4-5, 2013

The European Dental Center continues its commitment to professional development and the integration of cutting-edge technologies. In early October 2013, the center's director, Olga Vladimirovna Klimentyeva, and chief doctor, Vadim Georgievich Klimentyev, along with colleagues, organized a trip for Ukrainian doctors to Dresden, Germany.

Internship at Martin Lexmann's Dental Laboratory

Doctors from the European Dental Center underwent an internship and attended a lecture at Martin Lexmann's dental laboratory. This not only allowed them to familiarize themselves with advanced technologies for manufacturing dental crowns but also provided essential practical skills that can be implemented in Ukrainian dental practice.

Internship at Dr. G. Brauckho's Clinic

Another part of the trip included an internship at the clinic of Dr. G. Brauckho in Dresden. Doctors from the European Dental Center immersed themselves in modern technologies and methodologies used in German dentistry. This allowed them to expand their experience and enrich their knowledge in the field of digital dentistry.

Integration of New Knowledge into Ukrainian Practice

This trip was not only an opportunity for the professional growth of the doctors but also a step forward in integrating advanced German technologies into Ukrainian dental practice. The European Dental Center continues to confidently lead its patients to the best dental care at the level of global standards.