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Invitation of Professor Fred Bergmann to the European Dental Center: Transmission of European Experience in Kyiv

March 25, 2017

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Professor Fred Bergmann, President of the German Association of Oral Implantologists (DGOI), to Kyiv upon the invitation of Chief Physician of the European Dental Center, Dr. PhD., DGOI expert, honorary member of DGOI, Vadim Georgiyevich Klimentyev.

As part of collaboration and exchange of experience, Professor Bergmann conducted trainings and consultations with our doctors aimed at implementing advanced German practices and European standards in Ukrainian practice of dental implantation and prosthetics. After completing the trainings, Professor Bergmann highly appreciated the efforts of the European Dental Center aimed at continuous postgraduate education of personnel and integration of European medicine in Ukraine.

During this period, the center's patients had the opportunity to communicate with the leading German specialist in dental implantation. As a result of our efforts to constantly improve the professionalism of our doctors and joint efforts with Professor Bergmann, our clinic continues to meet high standards of European dentistry and provide patients with quality treatment.

We invite you to visit the European Dental Center and take advantage of all the benefits of our dental implantation and prosthetics services in Kyiv.