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Past President of DGOI Dr. Georg Baer conducted consultations at the European Dental Center.

October 20, 2017

As part of the collaboration between the European Dental Center and the German Society of Oral Implantology (DGOI), at the invitation of the Chief Physician of the European Dental Center, Dr. PhD., DGOI Expert, Honorary Member of DGOI Vadym Heorhiiovych Klymentiev, Kyiv was visited by the past President of DGOI Dr. Georg Baer.

Dr. Baer conducted consultations with patients, addressing three of the most complex clinical cases from the practice of the European Dental Center over the past month.

Together with Dr. Klymentiev and other physicians of the center, Dr. Baer selected a course of action for each patient to address the treatment-related issues. The medical council developed a collective opinion regarding the surgical intervention procedure, as well as recommendations for further treatment and postoperative rehabilitation of patients.

During personal communication with patients, Dr. Baer assured them that the proposed surgery and treatment approach complies with European protocols and is approved by DGOI, being minimally invasive and safe, which will undoubtedly lead to successful rehabilitation. The consultations held at the European Dental Center allowed patients to feel confident in their recovery, despite many Ukrainian clinics refusing them full restoration of chewing function, citing the hopelessness of their clinical cases.

After the consultations, Dr. Baer conducted a master class for clinic physicians, thoroughly discussing and justifying the choice of treatment tactics in the proposed clinical situations. He also presented the most promising methods of surgical rehabilitation of patients, approved by DGOI.

(DGOI - is the leading association of implantologists in Germany, uniting over 4000 specialists.)

Make an appointment for a consultation at the European Dental Center and get a chance for successful rehabilitation even in the most complex cases!

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