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New press release by the International Community of Implantologists


Dr. Vadim Klimentyev received a certificate from the Leading Implant Centers for one more year. This guarantees to his patients that he continues to maintain his knowledge in the field of oral implantology at the level of the latest scientific developments.
Everyone who has a dentist diagnoses the need for implantation immediately faces the following questions:
  • Is my dentist a qualified implantologist?
  • How to find a qualified implantologist?
  • How do I know which dental implantologist is right for me?
Until now, it has not been easy to answer these questions. The range of different skill levels in the oral implantology market is quite large. There are all kinds of options: from the minimal and basic knowledge in the field of implantology that dentists receive at two-day seminars, to specially designed training courses, as well as special qualification groups of dental associations with high requirements. How to orient patients in this variety? Who can they rely on?
Leading Implant Centers is an exclusive online platform founded two years ago with the goal of creating transparency in the global implantology market. Taking into account the high requirements of the selection criteria, which Dr. Vadim Klimentyev reliably fulfills, only those implantologists who successfully completed training or have reached the highest certification standards in their scientific associations are represented on the portal. For this purpose, a specially created scientific expert council annually checks whether the members of the association constantly comply with the requirements of the selection criteria. If so, these implantologists will receive confirmation from the “World Member of the Leading Implant Centers” for next year.
The certificate, now issued annually, assigns the highest qualification to the dental surgeon Vadim Klimentyev, and also gives patients the opportunity to verify its availability. It’s not enough just to pass the certification of a member of the Leading Implant Centers once to stay on the list of the best implantologists. With the help of further training and practice, each participant is obliged to prove that his qualification as a specialist remains at the highest scientific level all the time.
What does this mean for the patient? In simple words, this is a feeling of complete calm and, of course, a transparent hint of the highest level of security. Given the availability of the Leading Implant Centers Certificate for the current year, patients can expect that they are in safe hands with Dr. Vadim Klimentyev at the European Dental Center.
Patient Safety — With the help of Leading Implant Centers, the implantology market has become much more transparent.
Contact details for Leading Implant Centers:
Radek Nitsch
[email protected]