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Innovations in Regenerative Dentistry: European Dental Center First in Ukraine to Implement PRGF-ENDORET Technology

Date: July 16-17, 2012

Location: BTI Biotechnology Institute, Spain

The European Dental Center continues its mission of introducing advanced technologies into Ukrainian dentistry. From July 16 to 17, 2012, the center's chief physician, Vadim Georgievich Klymentiev, organized and led a trip of Ukrainian doctors to the BTI Biotechnology Institute in Spain.

Training Ukrainian Specialists in PRGF-ENDORET Technology

The main focus of training at the Biotechnology Institute was working with human plasma enriched with growth factors, developed by Eduardo Anitua from Spain. This revolutionary technology enhances tissue regeneration and was the subject of a course conducted by experienced specialists.

Exclusive Representation of the Biotechnology Institute in Ukraine

Under the leadership of Chief Physician Klymentiev, the European Dental Center has become the exclusive representative of the Biotechnology Institute of Spain (BTI) in Ukraine. This partnership opens up new horizons for dental practice in the country.

PRGF-ENDORET: Future Technology in Ukraine

Thanks to the efforts of our chief physician, our clinic now offers the unique PRGF-ENDORET technology (plasma enriched with growth factors). This service is exclusively available in Ukraine at the European Dental Center.

Exclusive Rights to Implement the Technology in Ukraine

Patients can now benefit from exclusive rights to use plasma enriched with growth factors in our clinic. This innovative service opens up new possibilities for tissue regeneration and enhances the effectiveness of dental procedures.

The European Dental Center continues to fulfill its mission by providing patients with the highest standard of dental care using advanced technologies.