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Vadim Georgiyevich Klymentyev: Integration of Professor Georg Nentwig's Experience and the Advantages of Ankylos Implant System in the Practice of the European Dental Center

Date: December 7-8, 2012

The Chief Physician of the European Dental Center, Vadim Georgiyevich Klymentyev, once again expands the boundaries of professionalism by integrating the advanced expertise of world-class specialists. In December 2012, he successfully completed an advanced training course at the prestigious Goethe Institute in Frankfurt under the guidance of Professor Georg Nentwig, one of the leading experts in dentistry and the developer of the Ankylos implant system.

Goethe Institute Course: Adopting Experience and Technologies from Europe

The course, conducted under the guidance of Professor Georg Nentwig, provided a unique opportunity for Vadim Georgiyevich Klymentyev to acquire advanced techniques and expertise in implantology presented by leading Western specialists. Special attention was given to integrating this knowledge into dental practice.

Cutting-Edge Technologies in the Work of the European Dental Center

The experience gained from leading Western experts is successfully integrated into the work of the European Dental Center. Vadim Georgiyevich Klymentyev, following the origins of proven technologies, effectively adapts advanced techniques in his practice.

Quality Assurance at European Standards for Patients

This approach ensures patients' confidence that the services provided at the European Dental Center meet high standards of European dentistry. Transferring experience from leading global specialists allows the center to deliver medical services at the forefront, combining advanced technologies with patient care.


With Professor Georg Nentwig