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Title: Professional Development at Implant Plus Clinic in Wehrheim

Date: 30.06.2013

The Chief Physician of the European Dental Center, Dr. Vadim Georgievich Klymentyev, along with German colleagues, completed a professional development course at the Implant Plus Clinic in Wehrheim, under the guidance of DGOI Vice President, Dr. Fred Bergmann. This event, held on 30.06.2013, opens up new opportunities for integrating advanced experience into the practice of the European Dental Center in Ukraine.

Professional Expertise of Dr. Fred Bergmann: A Guarantee of Success

Dr. Fred Bergmann, Vice President of DGOI, is one of the leading experts in oral implantology. His experience, including over 25,000 successfully placed implants in his own practice, extensive training in maxillofacial surgery, and continuous professional development, make him an authoritative leader in the field of dentistry.

Focus on the Patient: Individualized Approach to Treatment

Dr. Bergmann's center of attention is always on the patient, aiming to provide the best treatment option for each individual. His methods are characterized by gentleness and stability, adding special value to the treatment.

Integration of Experience into the Practice of the European Dental Center

Dr. Klymentyev's participation in the course at the Implant Plus Clinic in Wehrheim allows for the effective integration of the advanced experience of Fred Bergmann and other German specialists into the practice of the European Dental Center in Ukraine. This opens up new possibilities for providing high-quality therapy to patients at the level of the best global standards.