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Postgraduate Education Course in Baden-Baden: Dental Implantation Course by Vice President of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), Professor Ady Palti from New York University College of Dentistry.

Date: 28-29.06.2013

The Chief Physician of the European Dental Center, member of associations DGOI, ICOI, BDIZ EDI, Vadim Georgievich Klymentiev, along with German doctors, completed a postgraduate course in dental implantation under the guidance of Professor Ady Palti from New York University in Baden-Baden and successfully completed the training, receiving a diploma from this educational institution.

Elite Education in Baden-Baden

The course dedicated to dental implantation, which was attended together with German colleagues, provided an extensive program of qualification enhancement. An experienced teacher and specialist in the field of dentistry, Professor Ady Palti, gave doctors access to unique knowledge and skills in the field of tooth implantation.

Global Standards and Innovations by Professor Ady Palti

Professor Ady Palti is known for his influence on the development of modern dentistry and the introduction of innovative technologies. His course in Baden-Baden included advanced treatment methods and innovative approaches to patient problems.

New York University Diploma: Quality Mark and Recognition

Obtaining a diploma from New York University is a sign of high-quality education and recognition of the professionalism of our Chief Physician. This experience will enrich the practice of the European Dental Center and enable us to provide our patients with world-class tooth implantation services.

Thanks to the continuous improvement of our Chief Physician, his participation in global dental congresses, and ongoing exchange of experience with international colleagues, we have the opportunity to integrate European and global protocols and standards for dental implantation in Ukraine at the European Dental Center.