Fred Bergman, President of the German DGOI Oral Implantologist Association of Germany, visited the European Dental Center.

European Dental Center: Visit of the DGOI President within the "Clinic Partner" Program

November 4, 2017, the European Dental Center was honored by the visit of Fred Bergman, President of the German Association of Oral Implantologists (DGOI).

As part of the "Clinic Partner" program, Dr. Bergman, director of the German clinic Implant plus, conducted consultations for several patients with particularly complex clinical cases. He provided recommendations for their further treatment and proposed an optimal treatment strategy.

In addition, Dr. Bergman held a master class for the doctors of the European Dental Center. He shared his experience with interesting clinical cases and presented the latest methods of rehabilitating dental patients by implant-supported tooth prosthetics.

After the meeting, the Chief Physician of the European Dental Center, Dr. PhD., DGOI expert, honorary member of DGOI, Dr. Vadim Hryhorovych Klymentyev, stated that "Fred Bergman's visit was a significant event for the European Dental Center and another step towards integrating Ukrainian dentistry into the European space."