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March 26, 2014 Press release from the Leading Implant Centers portal

Implantology using innovative methods

Dr. Vadim Klymentiev from Kiev in Kiev region/Ukraine is now a "Leading Implant Centers" member

Zug/Kiev, 26th March 2014 | For a growing number of patients, implantology is a welcome alternative to conventional dentures. Thanks to new technologies, the treatment methods are becoming more and more efficient. The practice of Dr. Vadim Klymentiev is based on the cutting edge of science. Patients are guaranteed to be in the best hands of dental specialists who are specialized in oral implantology.

Experience and technology

Dental specialist Dr. Vadim Klymentiev is a member of "Leading Implant Centers". The outstanding levels of performance of his practice has been documented by his inclusion in this community. As top-class implantologist Dr. Vadim Klymentiev has proven with his qualification that he is not only highly engaged for his own further education but also equally conscientious of the qualification requirements of future implantologists. Extensive practice experience as well as profound know-how and many years of experience on the latest scientific level, complimented by constant participation in advanced training and education, as well as further training and continuous education are the requirements that an implantologist needs to repeatedly demonstrate in order to gain this award at first, but then also to earn it new again and again.

Implants are often the best solution

Dr. Vadim Klymentiev can clearly explain why implants usually are the better solution: "Implants protect the surrounding structures such as the neighboring teeth and thus these do not need to be ground for a bridge." Also, once teeth are lost and not replaced with an implant, the functional loading is affected and the jawbone will slowly reduce. A lot of experience is required - and modern technology - in order to place the implant accurately. "The more accurate the diagnostic procedures are, the higher the quality and reliability of the medical performance are likely to be," says the dental specialist. In some technical procedures, for example, sensitive anatomical structures are recognized and

taken into account during the planning as well as the implementation stages. Add to that the minimization of risks and uncertainties such as avoidance of an unclear course of the nerve canals.

A positive appearance with a radiant smile

An appealing smile and a positive appearance is a possibility for everyone: "A lost tooth is now no longer a reason to lose your smile." Treatment plans in the practice of Dr. Vadim Klymentiev therefore always consider not only the dental needs of the esthetic and cosmetic requirements, but also the quality of the treatment that patients these days expect. "We are aware of our patient's high esthetic expectations and we therefore take these aspects into account in medical indicated treatments."

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