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Suddenly you need new teeth - Leading Implant Centers carefully examines implantologists Patients want good looking teeth – Dr. Vadim Klymentiev from Kiev in Kiev region/Ukraine is your expert

Zug/Kiev, 11.08.2014

Implants achieve more than just beautiful teeth. Next to esthetics, implants also restore the important chewing function. But how can I find a reliable implantologist? The internet portal Leading Implant Centers offers patients a reliable platform with experts in implantology who are verifiably certified to the highest level. With a sophisticated search function, patients can nationally and internationally find the closest implantologist in a user defined radius of a selected location. Dr. Vadim Klymentiev is a competent contact in your region.

How do I find a competent implantologist in case of a tooth replacement? Who can answer all my questions about dental implants beforehand? The internet portal and every member listed on it offers detailed information to the treatment procedure and its risks and possibilities. In your locality there is Dr. Vadim Klymentiev a verifiable expert of oral implantology. He has qualified as a member of Leading Implant Centers due to his expertise and experience.

Before any implantological treatment the following aspects need to be analyzed: Hard (bones) and soft tissue (gum) of the concerned patient, the implantological areas as well as functional and esthetical parameters such as chewing pattern and position of neighboring teeth.

It is ideal for the patient if the whole treatment - from the diagnosis to the finished implant - is executed by a certified implantologist or a team of implantologists, as is for example the case with the practice of Dr. Vadim Klymentiev. As certified implantologists act on the principles of carefulness before speed; factual information and sensitive discussions to eliminate a patient's fears of the procedure.

Leading Implant Centers researches, verifies and looks closely when it comes to the admission of a trained and certified implantologist to the portal. Leading Implant Centers is backed up by a scientific advisory

board of worldwide leading implantologists who also partially hold roles with the international scientific professional societies.

The practice of Dr. Vadim Klymentiev from Kiev in Kiev region/Ukraine meets its strict entry criteria and has been appointed as a member.

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