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European Dental Center: Leader in Quality

On March 9, 2021, the European Dental Center was awarded the prestigious Quality Star and the honorary title "Best Enterprise of Ukraine 2020".

The center's efforts in integrating European medicine into Ukraine were highly appreciated by the National Quality Rating of Goods and Services.

The center employs advanced treatment methods, such as the MIMI technique (Minimal Invasive Implantation and Surgery) along with immediate loading methodology (immediate loading).

The advantages of these methods for patients include:

  • Minimal trauma: thanks to a gentle approach to treatment, the recovery period is shortened, and the risk of complications is minimized.
  • Quick results: the MIMI technique allows dental implantation to be performed in one day, and immediate loading allows for immediate prosthetic installation.
  • High aesthetics: implants and prostheses installed at the center look as natural as possible.
  • Durability: with proper care, implants can last a lifetime.

The European Dental Center is equipped with a full range of modern equipment, including:

  • 3D panoramic imaging: provides an accurate image of the entire jaw, necessary for planning complex operations.
  • Surgical lasers: provide bloodless and minimally traumatic surgery.
  • Radiography: takes tooth images with minimal radiation exposure.
  • T-Scan devices: allow for precise occlusal (bite) diagnosis.
  • High-resolution intraoral cameras: enable the diagnosis of intraoral diseases.

The staff of the center constantly improves their qualifications by exchanging experiences with foreign colleagues.

All this allows the European Dental Center to provide services at the highest level, meeting global standards.

We can do what others cannot! Entrust your smile to the professionals of the European Dental Center!