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Director of the European Dental Center - Honorary Professor of the Oxford Academic Union

On February 14, 2021, the CEO of the European Dental Center, Olga Vladimirovna Klymentieva, was awarded the title of Honorary Professor of the Oxford Academic Union. This prestigious award is a recognition of the many years of effort by the European Dental Center under the leadership of Olga Vladimirovna to implement European dental standards, protocols, and techniques in Ukraine.

For over 12 years, the European Dental Center has been a leader in dental implantation and prosthetics, applying modern European treatment methods. Thanks to this, Ukrainian patients have the opportunity to receive progressive dental care in Kyiv at a European level without leaving the country.

One of the center's most significant achievements is the introduction of the MIMI (Minimally Invasive Method of Implantation) technique. This technique allows patients to undergo implantation procedures with maximum comfort and easy rehabilitation in a short period of time.

Receiving the title of Honorary Professor of the Oxford Academic Union is a vivid confirmation of the high level of work at the European Dental Center. This significant event is not only important for the center but for the entire Ukrainian dentistry.

We can do what others cannot! Entrust your smile to the professionals of the European Dental Center!