European Dental Center: High Rating for Significant Contribution to the Regional Economy

On September 2, 2020, the European Dental Center was honored with the National Certificate "Company of the Year 2019". This award was given to the center based on the results of the All-Ukrainian Industry Analytical Center for its significant contribution to the development of the regional economy, achieving industry leadership, and excellent development dynamics of the enterprise.

This significant event is yet another confirmation that the European Dental Center is one of the best dental institutions in Ukraine.

For over 11 years, the center has been actively implementing advanced treatment methodologies based on European protocols. A particular pride of the center is the high evaluation of advanced minimally invasive implantation techniques, which allow for operations with minimal tissue trauma.

The European Dental Center offers its patients a unique tooth implantation methodology MIMI, which enables the acquisition of a new smile in the shortest possible terms. Thanks to this method, patients do not need to undergo any additional surgical interventions for bone restoration.

Another achievement of the center is the immediate loading implantation method, which allows for the acquisition of crowns within three days after tooth implantation. This technique has also received high clinical evaluation at the international level.

The European Dental Center is a team of professionals who sincerely care about the health of their patients. The center offers a wide range of services at affordable prices, and also guarantees high quality of treatment.

We can do what others cannot, trust your smile to the professionals of the European Dental Center!