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In this clinical situation, before the start of treatment, the patient had periodontal disease (deep damage to the tooth tissue) of the teeth on the upper and lower jaw, which had to be removed. There was also an aesthetic defect. There is a bone deficiency in the upper and lower jaw. In order to rehabilitate the patient according to the classical method, it is necessary to restore the bone and perform many surgical procedures before installing the implants. We made a decision to install implants with immediate loading in one surgical intervention. In one surgical procedure, all teeth on the upper and lower jaw were removed. The tooth holes are treated with an erbium laser. Made a complete disinfection and sterilization of the holes of the extracted teeth. Implants were installed on the upper jaw, bypassing the maxillary sinus, into the tubercle of the upper jaw, and on the lower jaw, bypassing the mandibular canal. Temporary crowns were installed one day after surgery. Permanent crowns from the biologically inert material PEEK four months after surgery.


OPG before surgery

photo before surgery


photo one day after surgery
OPG one day after surgery


photo one year after surgery

CT one year after surgery



OPG one year after surgery