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ZD study of the jaw in Kiev

Dentistry is one of the areas of medical activity that most urgently needs the use of modern technologies and advanced equipment, which will allow not only a thorough examination of the jaws and teeth separately. Such an opportunity allows you to thoroughly explore the jaws and teeth in fairly inaccessible places, as well as to perform complex operations on bone resumption, tooth restoration and much more. Currently, dental clinics are actively practicing 3D modeling, which helps to get full-scale, 360-degree full-jaw shots. ZD-study of the jaw in Kiev is used in many different branches of dentistry, including surgery and orthopedics, which allows to determine the invisible condition of the elements of the dentition apparatus, as well as to timely identify pathological abnormalities in the development of the maxillofacial mechanism.
Accurate diagnosis of oral diseases is a direct chance for their effective and fastest treatment. The most effective method of diagnosis of the organs of the maxillofacial apparatus, which consists of bone tissue, teeth, gums and mucous membranes, is at present the use of modern professional equipment. Computed 3D-tomography will allow to study in detail the condition of the jaws and to find the most optimal ways of treating pathologies and diseases.
Examination of the jaws on a three-dimensional tomograph allows to create a complete clinical picture of the condition of the jaws, gums and adjacent tissues, thus eliminating the need for additional procedures for diagnosis.

Three-dimensional diagnosis of the jaw

Unlike conventional X-rays, which are often used in dentistry diagnostics and transmit an image in two dimensions, tomography with 3D equipment allows dentists to obtain a three-dimensional image that transmits a 360-degree view of the entire dental system. Modern dental tomographs provide doctors with the fullest possible picture of the condition of the jaws and teeth, their visible and invisible parts, as well as the health and density of bone tissues, after which it becomes possible to make a correct diagnosis and gradually build the most optimal treatment plan.
Any medical procedure that is prescribed by doctors to analyze the state of human health, has its own purpose and contraindications. Computed 3D tomography is no exception and also has a list of indications for which patients are assigned a 3D jaw examination, and in most cases in dentistry it is necessary to identify complex diseases or deformities of the dentition, as well as jaw bones. Among the main reasons that are the basis for conducting a 3D study of the jaws are the following:
· The presence of injuries of the dentition system, which affected the integrity and structure of teeth and bones;
· Suspicion of anomalies of the dentition system;
· Monitoring of the correctness of the process of development of teeth and jaws;
· Possible presence of chronic focal infections that affect the facial bones and teeth inside the gums;
· Preparation for tooth extraction, implant placement and prosthetics at high complexity;
· Presence or suspicion of infection and destruction of tooth root or jawbone, and more.

3D shot of the jaw in Kiev

To date, no modern sphere of human activity can do without the use of computer and digital technology. Most of the nowadays popular professional fields are in close contact with innovative technologies, including medicine. No medical field can fully exist without the use of advanced equipment that allows you to determine correct diagnoses, perform complex operations and mechanical procedures. Computer-aided 3D technology in medicine, particularly in dentistry, allows for a much larger range of services, which, accordingly, gives the potential for the development and expansion of modern medical care.
The process of determining a diagnosis in the field of dental medicine is often complicated, as the attending specialist is sometimes unable to see all corners of the oral cavity entirely and each tooth separately. Because of this, the condition of the jaws is often impossible to determine perfectly, and therefore a number of diseases may not be diagnosed and the patient will not receive proper treatment. Technological methods of examination come to the aid in this situation, allowing to consider those parts of the oral cavity that would otherwise be hidden from the human eye. Inattention to certain disorders can lead to many unpleasant consequences for the patient.

Why 3D jaw shot?

Modern technologies are constantly improving, and today, in addition to the usual dental x-ray and orthopantomogram, an even more progressive technique is added — 3D imaging of the jaws.
The procedure of cone computed tomography or 3D jaw diagnostics is a revolutionary solution in the field of modern dentistry. It is considered to be one of the subspecies of X-ray examination, but due to the irradiation of the survey area 360 degrees, allows you to more closely examine and analyze the condition of the jaws and to determine the presence of diseases or abnormalities, even in cases where the possible manifestations of the disease are completely invisible to the human eye.
Having received a 3D image of the jaw in the city of Kiev, the patient can expect to receive qualified help from specialists, thanks to the most accurate diagnosis. Three-dimensional picture of the jaw allows you to show all sides of the dentition system and identify possible abnormalities and pathologies in this part of the human body. Thanks to the simulated 3D image, it is possible not only the appointment of the most appropriate treatment in the presence of certain diseases, but also the determination of the most optimal measures in the process of implantation and visualization of the results of the procedures of dental prosthetics and implant implantation.
The European Dental Center actively practices the use of 3D imaging technologies and uses this method in its examination techniques. We make three-dimensional imaging of teeth and jaws with the use of only premium equipment from the world's best manufacturers of medical equipment. Thanks to the presence of a three-dimensional image, specialists can determine the diagnosis, identify even the smallest disturbances in the work of the dentition, examine the condition of the jaw bones and sinus sinuses, as well as the structure of the root canals, alveolar bone and other elements of the maxillofacial mechanism. In addition, 3D images prevent the risk of a medical error and can prevent the development of serious pathological disorders.

3D tooth tomography in Kiev

    3D imaging technologies are quite commonly used in the medical field because they significantly simplify many processes and operations. Three-dimensional image reproduction allows us to simulate exactly 3D layouts of certain parts of the body and to determine the diseases, their nature and methods of treatment as precisely as possible. Also, thanks to the use of innovative technologies, there is a prospect to see the preliminary result obtained from certain procedures, as well as to create volumetric models of dentures of different parts of the body, including teeth and jaws.

3D technologies at the European Center for Dentistry

Our dental clinic is actively practicing the use of advanced revolutionary equipment, including for 3D diagnostics and treatment. The process of using 3D technologies in dentistry provides opportunities to model dentures and visually visualize the potential effect of dental prosthetics. The practice of 3D dental tomography in Kiev also allows to obtain three-dimensional images (3D images), which will help to accurately identify diseases and injuries of the teeth in the areas invisible to the naked eye, as well as to detect pathologies that in case of progression can lead to extremely negative consequences.

In what cases is 3D dentistry used (Kiev)?

3D diagnostics is also known as cone-beam computed tomography or CBCT. Diagnosis of diseases on 3D equipment is a kind of x-ray, and during the examination with it it is repeatedly irradiated with a thin beam of rays, which are directed to different projections, and, consequently, illuminate the inspected body from all sides, and after computer processing of the obtained results the program produces a full 3D image.
When seeking a service at the ECC, the patient receives not only a high-precision three-dimensional image of the maxillofacial system and teeth, but also professional advice, the conclusion of a doctor regarding further treatment, as well as the possibility of further control of the recovery process by key specialists of our clinic. A photo of the teeth is given to the client on a USB stick or CD, and also stored for several years in the institution's database, so that the patient can always seek re-assistance or use materials for treatment with other doctors. The 3D image will also help to make comparative diagnostics and visually to see all results of the passed treatment.
In which cases 3D tomography of teeth is required:
· Check for the presence of hidden caries and infections in the invisible areas of the teeth;
· Detection of non-erupted teeth;
· Detection of neoplasms in the oral cavity;
· Control of correctness of restoration or installation of implants, as well as their degree of engraftment to bone tissue;
· To visualize foci of inflammatory processes;
· Assessment of the degree of damage to the natural jaw bone;
· To identify possible anomalies in the development of teeth and jaws;
· Simulation of the results of implantation or alignment of the teeth so that the patient can evaluate the complete picture of the outcome of the procedures.

Tomography of teeth in Kiev

Practically every modern medical industry is based on the use of advanced innovative equipment. Without high-precision professional equipment for diagnostics, examination, surgery and modeling of artificial fragments of the human body, it is difficult to imagine the highly professional activity of medical clinics and institutions. Modern equipment allows to achieve significantly greater results in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various diseases, and also helps to see the result that is possible after completing a full course of therapy.
Modern dentistry is inseparable with innovations and advanced technologies. Treatment of the oral cavity and teeth always involves working with small details and elements, and not always with the naked eye you can see all the disorders and pathologies in the oral cavity. Moreover, diseases that develop in the oral cavity can often have foci of spreading under the mucous or bone tissue, so they can only be detected with the help of special equipment.

Tomography of teeth in the city of Kiev: features of the procedure

Computed tomography or CT is a popular and effective method of diagnosis, which is now actively used in almost all medical fields, including dentistry. The technique of computed tomography is based on the study of internal organs and systems, as well as the structure of body tissues layer by layer. In this regard, information received from irradiation is processed on specialized computer equipment, which allows to obtain a detailed analysis of the state of a particular element of our body. In fact, computed tomography is a combination of radiological equipment and powerful computer equipment, which in a complex allows to receive and process data on a condition of an organism on a full scale, beginning with its deepest layers.
Computed dental tomography is considered a common service in the field of modern dentistry, as it allows to obtain a visual sample of the state of the entire oral cavity at an angle of 360 degrees, including all elements and tissues that are in the invisible naked eye zone. Tomography of teeth and jaws is a popular revolutionary way of detecting diseases in modern dentistry, which will allow everyone to be informed in a complete picture of the condition of the oral cavity and all elements of the dental mechanism.
Tooth tomography in Kiev, the price of which depends on the nature of the study and the device on which it is carried out, may be required in a number of cases, which require the most detailed analysis of the condition of the dentition apparatus.
The European Dental Center performs the procedure on a high-grade tomograph, which is located only in our clinic in Kiev and allows to create the most identical model of a patient's jaw and teeth. We carry out examinations of patients with different anatomic and topographic conditions.

Computed tomography in dentistry

The procedure of computed tomography is one of the subspecies of X-ray examination, but it allows to look more broadly at the required area of ​​the human body, and in this case, teeth. The procedure of computed tomography of teeth and jaws, thanks to irradiation of the surveyed area by 360 degrees, allows to examine and analyze the condition of elements of the maxillary system in as much detail as possible and to determine the presence of diseases and pathologies, even when the possible manifestations are completely invisible to the human eye.
Computed tomography of teeth in the city of Kiev is a popular procedure that is performed at the European Dental Center using modern advanced equipment of the premium segment. By seeking the help of the specialists of our dental center, the patient can get a high-precision image of the teeth and the entire oral cavity, which will help to familiarize the doctor with the condition of the dental apparatus. With the help of a comprehensive picture of the jaws and teeth, doctors will be able to trace the features of the structure of the teeth, the condition of the roots and root canals, to examine the condition of the bone tissue of the jaws. Computer tomography is used for the prevention and elimination of gum disease, the planning of surgery, the detection of diseases and damage to tooth tissues in invisible areas, as well as for dental implantation. The results of dental tomography on a computer are used in therapeutic, surgical, orthopedic, orthodontic dentistry, as well as pediatric treatment.
Computer tomography of teeth in the city of Kiev: advantages of the procedure
In addition to the main advantages of having a computer tomography procedure, namely the efficiency and full scale of the examination, along with high image accuracy, CT is also distinguished by a number of other positive sides, among which:
· Absence of strong radiation load. Due to the fact that the procedure is carried out fairly quickly, for about 10 seconds, the patient is not exposed to significant radiation, as in spiral tomography.
· Comfort: Apart from the fact that scanning is performed in a minimal time, the procedure is also comfortable for patients, because there is no need for a long time to be in uncomfortable and unnatural positions.
· High informativeness of the model of the image which is obtained as a result of scanning that not only allows to determine the diagnosis as accurately as possible, but also to identify other diseases which are present in the patient, but proceed without obvious symptoms, which means, and to appoint timely treatment.
· Mobility with further treatment. The results of computed tomography can be obtained both on paper and on digital and electronic devices, that is, to write to a disk, a USB-drive, or to send to a cloud storage, which allows to use the same image in complex treatment at different specialists. The price of the service remains unchanged.
  The European Dental Center provides a service for computed dental tomography using the latest equipment from leading manufacturers, which was first used in Kiev by our specialists. Thanks to the experience gained over the years, we guarantee you an exceptionally high result from the procedure.