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3D shot of teeth in Kiev

3D shot of teeth in Kiev

  At present, no sphere of human activity can do without the use of computer and digital technology. The practical majority of modern professional areas are in close contact with innovative technologies, including medicine. Any medical field cannot fully exist without modern equipment that allows you to make accurate diagnostics, determine the correct diagnoses, and perform complex operations and mechanical procedures. Computer equipment in medicine, in particular in dentistry, allows for a much larger range of services, which, accordingly, gives impetus to the development and expansion of the possibilities of modern medical care.

Dentistry is one of the most urgently needed areas of medical activity in the application of modern technologies and advanced equipment, which will allow not only thorough examination of the jaws and teeth separately, as these are quite inaccessible places of the human body, but also carry out complex operations to restore bone tissue, restore teeth and more. Currently, dental clinics are actively practicing the technology of three-dimensional modeling, which helps to obtain three-dimensional images of the entire jaw in full scale (360 degrees). ZD-tomography is used in various fields of dentistry, including surgical and orthopedic, allowing you to determine the state of the parts of the teeth invisible to the eye and identify pathological abnormalities in the development of the dentition of the person.

A 3D image of teeth in the city of Kiev is a popular procedure, the price of which is now absolutely affordable for each patient, since this process has become quite popular and popular in the local market. The European Dental Center is actively practicing the use of three-dimensional image technology and uses this method in its examination methods. A three-dimensional image of teeth and jaws in the ECC is carried out using only premium equipment from the world's best manufacturers of medical equipment.

You can get a 3D image by contacting the specialists of the European Dental Center for help. Using a volumetric image of teeth and jaws, doctors will be able to see the anatomical features of the structure of teeth, dental roots, canals, to find out the condition of the bone tissue of the jaw. Cone computed tomography is used in the treatment of gum disease, planning operations, identifying diseases and injuries of tooth tissues in invisible areas, as well as in dental implants. The results of dental 3D tomography are used in therapeutic, surgical, orthopedic, orthodontic treatment and in pediatric dentistry.

  It is worth noting that when applying for a service in our dental clinic, the patient receives not only a high-precision three-dimensional image of the maxillofacial system and teeth, but also professional advice, a doctor’s opinion on further treatment, and the possibility of further monitoring the recovery process by key specialists of our clinic. A tooth picture is given to the client on a USB-drive or CD-ROM, and is also stored for several years in the clinic database, so that the patient can always seek repeated help or use materials for treatment from other doctors. A snapshot can show in detail both the general condition and the condition of one tooth and its individual small areas.

In what cases 3D-tomography of teeth is required:

· Check for hidden caries and infections in invisible areas of the teeth;

· Detection of uncracked teeth;

· Identification of tumors in the oral cavity;

· Control of the correct installation of implants, as well as the degree of their engraftment to bone tissue;

· For visualization of foci of inflammatory processes;

· Assessment of the degree of damage to the natural jawbone;

· To identify possible abnormalities in the development of teeth and jaws;

· Modeling the results of implantation or alignment of the teeth so that the patient can evaluate the full picture of the outcome of the procedure.

3D diagnosis of teeth Kiev

Many professional areas of human activity begin to introduce modern technology into the workflow. In particular, one of the most popular and often applicable are 3D playback technologies, which allow the use of three-dimensional graphics and three-dimensional images in various fields of activity.

3D technologies are often used in the field of medicine, as they contribute to the noticeable relief of many procedures and operations. Three-dimensional reproduction of the picture allows you to simulate the accuracy of the image of certain parts of the body and accurately determine the disease, their nature and treatment methods. In addition, HW technologies help to see the preliminary final result, which is possible after passing certain procedures. In addition, 3D equipment and modern techniques also make it possible to create three-dimensional models of prostheses of different parts of the body or to conduct the most accurate diagnostic procedures.

3D technology in dentistry

Dentistry, as one of the fastest growing segments of modern medicine, quite often introduces modern technologies and achievements of inventors from around the world into the procedures. It is in dentistry that the most modern equipment is usually used, which allows you to most accurately project the image of the jaws from all sides, examine the teeth in detail, determining accurate diagnoses and optimal treatment methods.

Our clinic is actively practicing the use of the latest equipment, including for 3D diagnostics and treatment. The process of using 3D technology in dentistry provides the opportunity to simulate items - prostheses and, while using layers in a manner that differ in their structure, properties and composition, supplies for their creation. The practice of 3D diagnostics allows, in turn, to obtain three-dimensional images that will accurately identify diseases and tooth injuries in areas invisible to the naked eye.

Clinic European Dental Center is actively practicing 3D diagnostics of the maxillofacial region of the body to detect complex deformities and diseases. The ESC performs such a procedure as 3D diagnostics in the city of Kiev, using modern equipment from the best world manufacturers from the USA, Germany and other countries.

In what cases is 3D diagnosis of teeth used?

3D diagnostics is also known as cone beam computed tomography or CBCT. To date, this practice is one of the most advanced in the field of modern dentistry, which is used in high-class clinics. 3D diagnostics (Kiev) is a type of x-ray, and during the examination, it is used to repeatedly irradiate with a thin beam of rays that are directed in different directions and projections, and, therefore, illuminate the examined organ from all sides, and thanks to computer processing, a full three-dimensional picture.

Unlike conventional x-rays, which are often used in diagnostics in the field of dentistry and transmit the image in two dimensions, computed tomography using 3D equipment allows dentists to obtain a three-dimensional image that transmits the entire dentition system at an angle of 360 degrees. Modern dental tomographs provide doctors with the most complete picture of the condition of the teeth, with which, like the visible and invisible parts, as well as the health and density of bone tissue, after which it becomes possible to make a correct diagnosis and stage-by-stage construction of the most optimal treatment plan.

Like any medical procedure that is prescribed by doctors to diagnose a person’s health, three-dimensional computed tomography has its own indications. In most cases, in dentistry, a procedure is prescribed to identify complex diseases or deformations of the dentition and jaw bones. Among the main reasons that are the basis for 3D tomography of teeth, it is worth highlighting the following:

· The presence of injuries to the teeth and dentition, which affected their integrity and structure;

· Suspicion of anomalies of the dentition;

· Tracking the correctness of the development of teeth and jaws;

· The possible presence of chronic focal infections that affect the facial bones and teeth;

· Preparation for tooth extraction, implant placement and prosthetics at a high difficulty level;

· The presence or suspicion of infection and destruction of the root of the tooth or jawbone, and much more.

CT scan in Kiev: prices for the procedure

The presence of a dental tomograph in our clinic is a definite advantage, which allows us to carry out more detailed examinations and determine the diagnosis as accurately as possible. The European Dental Center practices computer diagnostics of teeth and oral cavity and implements a tomography procedure using the latest equipment from the best world manufacturers.

Computed tomography of teeth has significant advantages compared with conventional x-ray diagnostics and other, less new methods. First of all, the procedure on the new CT device lasts a matter of seconds, which is a huge plus compared to traditional spiral tomography, because in the second case the patient is forced to lie under the rays from several minutes to half an hour. At low time costs (about 10 seconds), a CT scan of the teeth provides an opportunity to get a high-quality 3D image of the dentition and jaw, where all the anatomical features of the patient’s face structure and other individual aspects will also be visible. The volumetric image obtained as a result of tomography on a computer allows specialists to analyze anatomical formations as thoroughly as possible, as well as quickly determine the optimal treatment method individually.

Advantages and features of computed tomography of teeth

Carrying out CT scans of teeth in the city of Kiev, the prices for the procedure may not seem quite affordable, but in reality this is not so. Research on a computer allows you to diagnose as soon as possible, as well as conduct diagnostics on a full scale, which will reveal all the disorders associated with the health of the teeth and oral cavity. Today 3D CT scan of teeth in Kiev is quite a popular and popular procedure, and for all patients of the European Dental Center it is absolutely free!

Three-dimensional tomography of teeth on a computer is known to be actively used in completely different areas of medicine, and dentistry is no exception. In the field of dentistry, CT is used in the following areas:

· Implantology: allows you to find out the anatomical features of the jaws, determine the width and height of the alveolar ridge in the area where the implant is planned to be inserted and check the treatment results.

Dental surgery: to detect foci of infection and bone damage.

· Endodontics: to detect damage to the root of the tooth and examination of the root canals.

· Periodontology: helps detect gum disease in areas invisible to the eye.

· Orthodontics: revealing the position of retined and dystopian teeth, assessing the condition of the joints, as well as studying abnormalities in the development of the dentition.

· Pediatric Dentistry: in order to identify defects in the dentition at especially early stages, as well as deficiencies in the structure and structure of primary teeth.

· Orthopedics: if necessary, the installation of specific structures allows you to predict the further outcome of the procedure.

In addition to the main advantages possessed by the procedure of computed tomography of teeth, namely the efficiency and full scope of the examination and high accuracy of the image, CT also has a number of other positive aspects, including:

· Lack of strong radiation exposure. Due to the fact that the procedure is carried out rather quickly, the patient is not exposed to significant radiation, as with spiral tomography.

· Comfort: in addition to the fact that scanning is carried out in a short time, the procedure is also convenient for patients, because there is no need for a long time to be in an uncomfortable and unnatural position;

· High information content of the image model, which is obtained as a result of scanning, which allows not only to determine the diagnosis as accurately as possible, but also to identify other diseases that are present in the patient, but proceed without obvious symptoms, and therefore, timely treatment should be prescribed.

· Mobility with further treatment. Computed tomography results are stored in the clinic database and can be used in treatment with other specialists.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years of work, we guarantee you an extremely high result from the procedure.