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17 - 19 May 2017

The doctor dentist orthopedist of the European Center has undergone training in Germany

Barsky Maxim Leonidovich, a dentist orthopedist of the European Center, completed an internship in Germany under the program "Clinic partner".

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3-5 May 2017

The doctor of the European Dental Center Sabandosh Oksana Rostislavovna has passed training in Germany

The doctor of the European Dental Center Sabandosh Oksana Rostislavovna has undergone training under the program "Clinic Partner", in the clinic of Dr. Fred Bergmann "Implant plus" in Germany.

5-9 April 2017

EDC doctors at the DGOI symposium

Doctors of the EDC - Barsky Maxim Leonidovich, Shilenko Denis Romanovich, Klimentyev Vadim Georgievich were participants of the 12th International Winter Symposium DGOI.

March 25, 2017

President of DGOI conducted a training session with the doctors of the EDC

Fred Bergmann - President of the Association of Oral Implantologists of Germany DGOI conducted a training with the doctors of the European Dental Center.


Features of surgical stage of dental implantation in complicated anatomical topographical conditions of the lower jaw

Partial and total loss of teeth is one of the most common pathologies of teeth-jaw system, especially in the elderly patients. Presently, common method of replacement of defects of dentition using traditional methods of prosthetics, namely the manufacture of partial and full removable dentures is not always satisfactory for patients.

The application of PRGF®-ENDORET® in the treatment of post-extraction sockets accelerates the epithelization of soft tissues and promotes bone regeneration

In postextraction protocols for delayed short, medium, and long-term implant placement, it is essential to develop treatments that accelerate regeneration of the soft tissue as well as alveolar bone with the purpose of reducing the patient's waiting time and improving the quality of tissue obtaining.

The use of plasma-rich growth factors in oral surgery

When we suffer an organ or system injury, the human body releases proteins or cellular signals to stimulate the process of regeneration and repairing. With the new technology at EDC dental center we manage to isolate from the patient's blood the plasma rich in human growth factors that considerably accelerate regeneration process of wounds.

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