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The cost of crowns on teeth in Kiev

Dental crown is the most common version of dental prosthetics, which allows you to restore lost or destroyed elements of the dentition to give it an attractive aesthetic appearance. Crowns are the main part of a fixed prosthesis, which exactly recreates its visible part of the tooth. They are installed to restore the aesthetic appearance of the dentition in the patient and to establish the correct chewing function of the jaws. Externally, the structure of the artificial crown resembles a kind of “cap” that can either be worn on a damaged tooth (in the case when most of it is damaged, that is, more than 60% of a natural tooth is destroyed), or is placed on top of implants, thereby eliminating gaps in the dentition .

In what cases are tooth crowns installed?

It is customary to install crowns on teeth in those cases when a significant part of it has been damaged and destroyed so much that it is practically impossible to correct the situation using methods of partial restoration of a tooth. Also, the service is provided when the tooth is completely removed. In the first case, the crown will be installed on the rest of the tooth, which the specialist has previously processed. If the crown is installed in a place where there are absolutely no fragments of the previous tooth and root part, then the part is installed by implanting the implant in the jaw bone. In any case, this method of prosthetics provides maximum similarity to the natural look of the jaw and is suitable for those who need to restore just one tooth, and for those who need to replace several or a number of teeth.

The cost of crowns for teeth in the city of Kiev

Today in our country the field of implantology, in particular dental prosthetics with crowns, is one of the most popular dental services in the market. The ability to restore a lost tooth as quickly and painlessly as possible, or to acquire straight teeth is in great demand among modern patients. Such a service as a tooth crown in the city of Kiev will help as quickly as possible to eliminate all the flaws associated with the dentition, and its cost will be absolutely reasonable and affordable.
Our dentists are the leading Ukrainian implantologists and prosthetists with the necessary qualifications, as well as the base of professional knowledge, are able to literally create a miracle with a patient’s smile. The European Dental Center uses only high-quality versions of crowns made of elite, biocompatible materials, which will achieve the maximum effect. Awareness of current trends, the use of exclusively premium materials and advanced equipment help to ensure a high result.

Chewing crowns

The installation of dental crowns is a multi-stage and time-consuming task that is performed by qualified specialists in order to restore the dentition and restore the extracted teeth. Crown prosthetics are most often used to restore front teeth, and quite often exclusively for aesthetic purposes. The teeth of the frontal group often arouse the desire to replace them with more even and white crowns, in the case when they are uneven or damaged by caries and plaque. However, teeth of the chewing category are also often damaged, and therefore there may be a need to replace them with dentures.
Dental crowns for chewing teeth are a popular request from patients of dental clinics who want to not only correct aesthetic defects, but primarily think about the functionality of the teeth, and when the corner teeth are damaged, the load on them and the chewing function of the teeth are seriously impaired.

Chewing teeth prosthetics: features of the procedure

Dental prosthetics implies both the ability to restore one tooth in place of a lost tooth, and the prospect of renewing a whole dentition in cases where the patient has completely or at least no teeth. With the help of dental crowns, every modern person gets the opportunity not only to acquire an aesthetically attractive appearance, but also to fully resume all the functions of the dentofacial system.
The installation of crowns instead of the natural teeth of the chewing group is carried out taking into account a number of requirements that a dentist must observe during the procedure, namely:
· If it is necessary to restore and save a partially damaged tooth, it is necessary to use only a non-metal crown.
· If the walls of the teeth are thin and can be damaged during grinding, a ceramic-metal crown is best. In this case, the chewing load will be distributed on the metal base of the crown, which will protect the living tooth from decay.
· If the patient’s budget is not limited and complex anatomical changes are observed, the PIK polymer crown is the best option — a modern technique for making crowns, which, due to the material’s properties, makes it possible to make the most biocompatible, lightweight crown that does not overload the supporting tooth or the implant on which it is installed .

What crowns can be installed instead of chewing teeth with full implantation?

Most often in Ukraine, the technique of fixed prosthetics is used, when one tooth is replaced, or several teeth alternately. Including this technique is suitable for chewing teeth. Often crowns on chewing teeth are placed on top of partially preserved natural teeth; however, it often happens that a corner tooth has been completely removed along with its root. In this case, implantation is necessary, and only after engraftment of the implant is it possible to install a crown.
The European Dental Center specializes in providing premium services in the fields of therapeutic and surgical dentistry, as well as orthopedic dentistry and implantology in particular. We carry out dental implantation and prosthetics procedures in Ukraine using advanced treatment technologies and the latest specialized equipment.

Implant Dental Crowns

Problems associated with dental health bring together many modern people who, to one degree or another, suffer from the unattractive appearance of their dentition or diseases of the oral cavity. Indeed, a significant percentage of the population have uneven teeth that do not look quite attractive, while others may have problems with their health and their teeth simply deteriorate and deteriorate. Like any other organ, teeth may, due to some circumstances, lose their beauty and integrity, while becoming weak, dull and painful. In this case, they can not cope with the load that is required when chewing food, and the process itself causes discomfort and pain. In case of severe damage to the tooth, as well as loss of it as a result of surgical removal or injury, anyone can quickly replace it by installing an artificial analogue — a crown.
Dental crowns on implants are installed during laser or classical surgical implantation in order to restore the aesthetic appearance of the dentition in the patient and restore the correct chewing function of the jaws. Crowns on implants are used when the natural tooth in this place is completely absent, including its root part.

How is a dental crown mounted on an implant?

The process of installing crowns on implants is carried out after the area where the artificial tooth root is implanted has completely healed, and the implant has taken root and is not rejected by the body. Dental crowns on implants allow to completely revive a tooth technically and mechanically, replacing it with a high-quality artificial likeness, which will subsequently fulfill all the necessary visual and functional tasks. By installing crowns, patients are given the opportunity to restore and renew a partially damaged tooth, or replace it with a completely “new” one. In the case when the tooth has been completely removed, the implant performs the function of its root, while the crown reconstructs the visible part of the tooth.
The European Dental Center, one of the most progressive and prestigious metropolitan clinics in modern dentistry, offers patients a wide range of services for implantation and prosthetics, as well as the installation of crowns of various types. With the help of prosthetics on implants, our clinic will help restore the integrity of the dentition by filling in the gaps in it due to tooth extraction, or provide an opportunity to get a smooth and healthy smile by installing several dentures in one row with crowns that fully correspond to the appearance of a natural tooth. We prosthetize clients even with the most difficult anatomical and topographic conditions, and the effect of the procedure is always beyond praise. Further we see examples of crowns installation in various clinical cases in photographs.
The European Dental Center offers patients a high-quality implant prosthetics service, which we provide at the highest level in the city of Kiev.

Put a crown on your teeth, price in Kiev

Almost every modern person undoubtedly faced diseases of the teeth and oral cavity. Often, they may not have serious consequences, but if you do not seek the help of a doctor in time, the results can be completely disastrous. Of course, problems with dental health are always unpleasant and uncomfortable, however, the greatest difficulty for the current population is, of course, tooth loss.
Many reasons lead to the loss of a tooth or several teeth, among which are diseases of the dental tissue, significant mechanical damage, loosening of the jaw bone, as well as injuries and surgical removal, which led to other reasons. To stay without a tooth for a long time is a tragedy for many. Which completely blocks all their vital activity and self-confidence. However, fortunately, today it is possible to eliminate such an unpleasant problem quite quickly, while everyone can afford it.
Putting a crown on your teeth in Kiev is an easily solvable task, even if such a service is required in a completely emergency order. The European Dental Center, the leading clinic of practical dentistry and implantology in the capital, is ready to provide high-quality dental restoration services in the shortest possible time. The specialists of our clinic offer a full range of services for implantation and prosthetics, including the installation of various types of crowns.

Where to put crowns on teeth (Kiev)?

The process of tooth restoration by prosthetics consists of a number of stages, the key of which is implantation and implant placement. The simplest structure of a denture consists of two main parts, namely, an implant and a crown, where the implant acts as a support or tooth root, and the crown is, in fact, an analogue of the visible part of the tooth. And, as a rule, in the process of prosthetics, maximum time is given to the choice of crown, since this detail is more responsible for the aesthetic and functional aspect.
Currently, there are different types of crowns, and their main classification is the type of material from which they are made. The crown cost and the appearance of the patient’s teeth also depend on this criterion; therefore, it is fundamentally important to choose the most optimal option for a particular case. The price of putting a crown on a tooth in the city of Kiev will primarily depend on the material of which the crown is made, as well as on the level of the clinic, but in general, the cost is currently quite affordable.
The materials from which dental crowns are most often made are as follows:
· Polymer. Of course, polymer crowns are not currently used on an ongoing basis. The material is used for the manufacture of temporary crowns that are installed for a short period of time before installing a more durable option after the implant has been implanted and all the tissues have healed.
· Cermets. This material is deservedly considered ideal in terms of price / quality ratio. Such crowns look beautiful, are worn for a long time and are highly durable, do not lose their aesthetically attractive appearance during operation.
· PIC polymer, a very lightweight, highly biocompatible and high-tech material designed specifically for implant prosthetics.
· Zirconia — expensive, durable and very attractive crowns that will really last a long time, without losing their appearance. The European Dental Center primarily works with this particular type of crown.
As the only official representative of the Association of Oral Implantologists or DGOI in Ukraine, the ESC clinic guarantees the highest quality of services, as well as maximum client comfort during the procedures. The service of our dental center is characterized by a progressive approach to solving each dental problem individually. Our clinic is actively practicing the implementation of innovative techniques and advanced technologies in dentistry and implantology in particular in its activities, thereby providing a wide potential for each patient. Constant internships of doctors abroad and stable support of European partners allow us to effectively provide services and steadily increase professionalism to a high European level.

Crowns on the front teeth (Kiev)

Lack of front teeth is a huge problem for modern man. It is clear that in this situation no one can feel comfortable in society, and, therefore, the loss of a tooth can block many aspects of his daily life as a result: work, communication, food consumption and so on. Loss of one or several teeth is always an unpleasant phenomenon that can lead to a lot of negative consequences and constant discomfort. Lack of teeth or incomplete dentition is not only a significant aesthetic inconvenience, but also the reason for a number of possible disorders in the functioning of the whole organism. It is obvious that, like any organs, teeth are also responsible for a number of important processes in the body, in particular, the digestive tract. Gaps in the dentition are the root cause of an improper load on the jaw while chewing food, which may cause deformation of the anatomical structure of the face, and often against the background of this there are various disorders in the functioning of the gastrointestinal system of organs.
The absence of even one tooth in the front of the jaw, or its chips, become a call for an urgent appeal to a dentist. Being for a long time without front teeth or their temporary replacement is not only not very beautiful from an aesthetic point of view, but also harmful, since a long absence provokes deformation of the facial and jaw bones, which, in turn, violates the anatomical structure of the face and the functioning of the dentition.

Dental crowns on the front teeth — what is their feature?

Crowns on the front teeth are artificially created analogues of obvious teeth, which are installed on top of damaged teeth, or at the place of extraction of teeth, in order to restore their anatomical shape and functional value. Like other types of crowns, prostheses designed to replace the front teeth can be installed both on top of a damaged tooth, or rather its part remaining after all treatments, and in the place of its complete absence on the basis of an implant — a titanium rod that is implanted into the jaw bone.
Of course, the choice of crowns should always be taken responsibly, but it should be understood that crowns on front teeth nevertheless require a higher aesthetics. Currently, clinic patients are offered a wide selection of crowns made for different price segments using materials of different structure. Currently, the modern dental industry is ready to offer both more affordable options with lower quality, as well as expensive and aesthetically beautiful options for prostheses made of elite materials.

What crowns on the front teeth to install in the city of Kiev?

There are many options for crowns that are offered in different dental clinics, and each of these options differs in price policy, as well as functional and aesthetic indicators. From the point of view of aesthetics, crowns made of cermet and zirconium dioxide (non-metal prostheses) are certainly suitable for replacing the front teeth, because these materials provide not only high strength, but also the most natural effect. There are also other types of materials for the manufacture of crowns, among which:
· Composite — for temporary prostheses, while all tissues heal;
Zirconia is one of the most attractive and durable materials for the manufacture of dental crowns.
· Cermets — an inexpensive option for crowns.
· PIK polymer is the most advanced technology for the manufacture of crowns, which makes it possible to make the most biocompatible, lightweight crown due to the unique properties of the material. Due to its lightness, such a crown will not overload the supporting tooth or the implant on which it is installed.
When installing crowns on the front teeth in the city of Kiev, it is also fundamentally important to contact a qualified specialist who has the foundation to create a high level of service, as well as your own vision of solving the problem of missing front teeth. The European Dental Center has extensive experience in the field of dental prosthetics, which has more than 10 years. Specialists are ready to choose an individual way to solve each problem, as well as carry out the procedure as quickly and painlessly as possible. The installation of crowns of the front teeth under the supervision of leading experts will help to find an attractive appearance and smooth, white teeth. A high level of professionalism of doctors allows to ensure low-invasiveness of the procedure and to carry out all processes with a minimum risk of complications, as well as to provide short and painless postoperative rehabilitation.