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Advantages and comparative characteristics between the 2 most popular types of implants — basal and zygomatic.

Basal implants
Zygomatic implants
Type of implants
One-piece implants are used. There is no loosening of the screw structure and loss of height of the alveolar ridge.
Screw implants are used. The problem is loosening the screw structure.
Cantilever prostheses
Console prostheses are not installed.
If there are molars, the prosthesis console is mounted on them, which reduces the service of the prosthesis and causes a weakening of the screw structure.
There are no contraindications.
Sinus without pathology and any symptoms.
Relative Failure Risks
Since the sinus is not involved, there are no risks of sinusitis.
Risk of sinus infection.
CT scan
Of necessity.
Necessarily required.
Surgical template
Of necessity.
Necessarily required.
Local anesthesia with or without sedation.
General anesthesia.
Implant price
Being a one-piece implant of a standard size, its price is relatively low.
Zygomatic implants are produced for a very long time, especially on order, and therefore are very expensive. The price of the procedure is still increasing due to CT scans and the use of a surgical template.
The required number of implants for the upper jaw
6-8 for the upper jaw.
8-10 for the upper jaw.
Number of teeth
14 teeth are set. The teeth are restored to the second molars.
10 or 12 teeth, the second molars are not restored.
Lifetime Warranty.
There is no guarantee.