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Professional Breakthrough: European Dental Center Implements European Dental Implantation Techniques in Ukraine

Date: October 1-2, 2011

In early October 2011, the European Dental Center in Kyiv became the epicenter of a unique event in the Ukrainian dental community. The center's director, Olga Vladimirovna Klimentieva, and chief physician, Vadim Georgievich Klimentiev, managed to attract the Vice President of the German Association of Oral Implantology (DGOI) - Professor Fred Bergmann. It was not just an event but a true educational breakthrough for Ukrainian dentists.

Soft Tissue Management in Dental Implantation - the Foundation of Aesthetic Success

The seminar's theme, "Soft Tissue Management in Dental Implantation - the Foundation of Aesthetic Success," was key for the attending doctors. Aesthetics in dentistry is an integral part of successful treatment. Professor Fred Bergman, an experienced specialist and Vice President of DGOI, shared his rich experience and advanced techniques, contributing to the exchange of knowledge and cutting-edge technologies.

European Experience in Ukraine

The invitation of Professor Bergmann to Ukraine marks not only the center's commitment to continuous improvement but also its readiness to implement advanced techniques used by leading European dental centers. As a result of the seminar and practical course, the European Dental Center integrated advanced European dental implantation techniques.

Practical Courses and Procedures at the European Dental Center

One of the key moments of the event was the demonstration surgeries conducted by Professor Bergmann right within the clinic's walls. Participating doctors had a unique opportunity to observe and engage in the process, discuss nuances, and receive answers to their questions from the leading specialist. This created a favorable environment for exchanging experiences and expanding professional horizons.

European Standards of Service in Ukraine

Thanks to this event, the "European Dental Center" has not only enriched its professional knowledge but has also gained unique experience that can be utilized in practice for the benefit of patients. The integration of advanced dental implantation techniques has elevated the level of dental services in Ukraine, providing patients with access to high European standards.

The seminar at the "European Dental Center" became a significant step in the development of the dental industry in Ukraine. The integration of European dental implantation methods has introduced new standards of quality and aesthetics into the practice of Ukrainian doctors. Patients turning to our center can now be confident in receiving services at the highest, European level.