Patient 6
In this clinical situation, there were complaints of a lack of teeth, an aesthetic defect. On the orthopantomogram (OPG) periodontal teeth are visible that must be removed. We also see an insufficient volume of bone tissue in the upper jaw. And the impossible installation of implants in a classic way without restoring bone volume. It was decided to remove all infected teeth in the upper jaw with the immediate installation of one-stage and basal implants in one visit to the wells of the extracted teeth. The holes of the extracted teeth were treated with an erbium laser. One day after the operation, temporary crowns were installed. Four months after the operation, the temporary crowns changed to permanent from the biologically inert material PEEK.
OPG before surgery
photo before surgery
photo one day after surgery
OPG one day after surgery
photo one year after surgery
OPG one year after surgery