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Laser whitening



In the Middle Ages, the well-being of a person was indicated by the presence of yellow and crooked teeth. This condition indicated wealth and the ability to eat well. Fortunately, we live in the modern world and aesthetics, as well as technology in relation to teeth whitening, has changed dramatically.

Today, the attribute of success is straight white teeth. But what to do to all those whose teeth are not too light by nature? The development of technology suggests the most effective method - laser teeth whitening.



Smile boldly

If you are looking for a clinic in which all work is carried out on the basis of the latest achievements and unique technologies, including for teeth whitening, then welcome to the European Dental Center. We offer not only favorable prices for services, but also the most effective and safe methods with no discomfort during the procedure.

Laser tooth whitening is a recommended method to quickly achieve a result that minimizes damage to the enamel. The absence of prolonged contact of the tooth surface with aggressive substances completely eliminates the appearance of tooth sensitivity.

In our dentistry, laser teeth whitening uses a completely different approach. A gel based on hydrogen peroxide is applied to tooth enamel, and its action is accelerated by a directed beam of laser beams. Teeth whitening occurs due to the fact that under the influence of a laser there is a rapid process of transformation of the active substance of the gel. Oxygen is released from hydrogen peroxide, which, upon contact with enamel, changes its color. The duration of the procedure depends on how many tones it is worth whitening tooth enamel. However, in any case, this is a much faster process than previously applied methods.

Description of procedure

If you have definitely decided to undergo the teeth whitening procedure using modern laser techniques, then you need to know all the subtleties of this procedure. So, turning to the specialists in our clinic, you will receive some recommendations for obtaining high efficiency laser whitening. As a rule, doctors recommend hygienic cleaning of the oral cavity one week before the procedure. This is necessary in order to obtain a more pronounced effect of clarification of tooth enamel. Having done the cleaning, you are one hundred percent ready for bleaching.

The direct tooth irradiation procedure involves the protection of the patient’s lips and oral mucosa. To do this, the lips and tongue are covered with a special material. To protect your eyes, you will wear special glasses, and a gel emulsion, which consists of hydrogen peroxide in the required safe concentration, will be applied to the entire row of teeth. The laser beam, reacting with the gel, will remove stains on your enamel. Each tooth will be processed two to three times, with certain interruptions. During the bleaching process, slight tingling may occur, but they are practically not noticeable. After the procedure, your teeth will be covered with fluoride ointment.

Why choose us

The price of teeth whitening in our center is quite loyal for a wide range of patients. For those people who are already familiar with this procedure, such an advantage in itself will become a weighty reason to give preference to our clinic.

If, for the first time, you carry out teeth whitening and it is important for you not how much it costs to whiten your teeth, but information on painlessness and effectiveness - we will give such arguments in favor of our center:

  • Professional team of dentists.
  • The use of modern technology and not only in dentistry.
  • Work on quality equipment.
  • An individual approach to each patient.

Also note that laser whitening is the most effective way known today to get a beautiful dazzling smile. But the active substance of the whitening gel only affects the enamel of your own tooth. Photopolymer fillings and dentures cannot be whitened.

Specify the cost of laser teeth whitening in dentistry "ESC" (Kiev) on the numbers indicated below. We want to warn you that the price is higher than the cost of conventional teeth whitening, but it's worth it, since you, first of all, preserve the natural tooth enamel, which means that your native teeth will last longer than those that undergo the usual whitening procedure.

If you want to get an individual consultation, call and come to us. We are always ready to be of service to you, call us by phone: +38 (044) 221-46-90, 573-74-02.