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Endodontics — therapeutic dentistry

Therapeutic procedures in the field of dentistry are, obviously, the most popular and frequently encountered, because they cover an extensive range of activities and processes aimed at treating teeth and preventing the development of diseases in the future. Therapeutic dentistry is one of the most important areas in the activities of dental clinics. First of all, therapy in dentistry involves a complete diagnosis of the condition of the teeth and gums, depending on the specific situation, as well as treatment of diseases of the teeth, for example caries, and prevention of their development. Therapeutic dentistry also includes the preparation of teeth for implantation and prosthetics.

Endodontics — therapeutic dentistry for root treatment

Endodontics is a dental science about the treatment of the root part of the tooth, which is one of the most complex and time-consuming in the field of therapeutic dentistry. The difficulty in treating endodontics is that almost all of its internal areas are invisible to the human naked eye.
Treatment of the root part of the tooth and dental canals is carried out in stages using complex techniques, technologies and equipment, which allows to ensure a high-quality and long-term treatment result. The European Dental Center uses methods that correspond to the modern European level:
· For penetration into the root cavity of the tooth and examination, as well as cleansing of plaque from the root canals, it is necessary to use special equipment that helps to penetrate the tooth as deep as possible. Root canals are curved, thin and sinuous, therefore ultra-thin instruments and needles are used for the procedure, in diameter at the tip they are no more than 0.06 — 0, 1 millimeters.
· Disinfection and disinfection of tooth tissue and oral cavity. Everyone knows that it is in the mouth that the lion's share of all harmful microorganisms resides, which can damage tooth tissues and cause other diseases. As you know, over 300 varieties of microorganisms «dwell» in the oral cavity. To prevent the development of microorganisms in the root canal and near-root tissues, specialists clean the canal, and then obturation takes place to prevent infections.
· Treatment and research of the root canals of the teeth in our dental center is carried out with the help of key specialists using a modern endodontic complex that allows you to determine the length of the root canals and repair damaged tissue.
· During the treatment, it is mandatory to stipulate that the procedure is controlled by the x-ray situation: before, on time and, of course, after treatment.

Root canal endodontic treatment

Dental diseases that provoke unpleasant sensations and their further destruction always cause a lot of discomfort, as they often cause permanent or pulsating pain syndromes. The presence of discomfort, pain and discomfort in the area of ​​one tooth or in the entire oral cavity is the first reason to urgently seek help from a professional dentist. As part of the examination, a specialist will certainly identify the focus of the disease, its cause and prescribe an effective and optimal treatment for a particular case. However, as practice shows, it is not always when the first signals about the disease occur that we run to see a doctor, because we either do not have enough time, or reassuring ourselves that this is a temporary phenomenon and soon the pain will pass. It is this attitude to the health of one’s teeth that can lead to complicated variants of common diseases, such as caries and infections, and if timely assistance could stop their development at the initial stages, neglected clinical situations can seriously affect the entire tooth, reaching its root and inflame the pulp.
The process of root system treatment requires a particularly responsible approach, since insufficient cleansing of the affected tooth sections and improper treatment of its canals can cause a relapse, leading to its complete incapacity.

Root canal endodontic treatment: what is it?

Endodontics is a dental science that studies the structure of endodontics — a complex of pulp and dentin, which together with the vessels and nerves create the root system of the tooth. Also, this concept denotes the direction of medical activity, engaged in the preservation and restoration of the health of the entire pulp or its individual particles.
Endodontic treatment, or treatment of the root canal, combines several procedures that together can eliminate the foci of infection and thereby help save the entire tooth. The treatment process consists of the following processes:
• Pulp removal;
• Cleansing the root cavity, disinfection of the root canal;
• Formation of new tooth channels;
• Obturation of canals after all necessary medical procedures;
• Restoration of tooth tissues, restoration of its aesthetic appearance.
Cleaning the root canals, as one of the most important procedures for treating the root of the tooth, most often occurs using mechanical methods, which are quite unpleasant. When restoring tooth canals, the European Dental Center primarily uses laser technology, which ensures not only the comfort of the procedure and its painlessness, but also has a high antibacterial effect.
Modern dentistry eliminates the problems associated with diseases and tooth injuries in full, carrying out all the procedures as quickly as possible, painlessly and comfortably for the patient.
The European Dental Center is ready to provide each patient with a full range of services for the treatment and restoration of teeth, in particular endodontic therapy, providing a service of high European quality. Qualified specialists are ready to cure teeth of any disease and restore their previous aesthetic appearance, using prestigious materials, high-quality equipment and advanced, new technologies, which will certainly provide a lasting and lasting effect after treatment.

Treatment of tooth root canals in Kiev

Dental diseases always cause a lot of inconvenience and discomfort to people, because they cause persistent pain and promise external damage to the tooth. Of course, diseases of the tooth crown, that is, its upper, visible part, we can detect in a timely manner and independently. However, quite often there are also tooth root diseases that are externally invisible, but from this they become even more dangerous.
The root of the tooth is its main part, which is located deep in the gum, located in a special funnel in the jaw, which is called the alveolus. Inside the root, there is a channel where vessels and nerves are located. Nerves and vessels located in the channels of the tooth are called pulp.

Tooth root diseases

Dental diseases and infections can affect both the visible part, that is, the crown, and the root. Inflammation in the root region of the tooth is a very dangerous pathology that promises further loss, or infection of other teeth. In the case when the infection enters the tooth cavity and affects the pulp, urgent removal is required, that is, the removal of the entire contents of the pulp chamber of the tooth, and sometimes even the complete removal of the tooth, is a necessary measure.
Most often, diseases of the root canal of the tooth cause acute pain, therefore it is not difficult to identify them, however, many patients do not pay due attention to pain and often delay with going to the doctor. Such a frivolous attitude can entail a number of complications, then it will be very difficult to save the tooth.
Dental root diseases occur in cases of infection of its tissues, which can occur for the following reasons:
· Damage to the tooth as a result of injury;
· The penetration of bacteria into the root of the tooth due to the large-scale spread of caries;
Infectious diseases of the gums or their improper treatment.
In cases of infection of the root of the tooth and pulp, root canal cleaning and complex treatment are required, and then qualified specialists will help save the tooth. The symptomatology of tooth diseases is known to most people: these are sharp pulsating, aching pains from temperature changes, permanent painful sensations without any external influences, as well as increased body temperature, bad breath and swelling in the area of ​​the affected tooth. Having identified these symptoms, the patient should immediately consult a doctor. Sometimes damage to the root of the tooth and pulp proceed without obvious symptoms until a certain stage, so it is so important to periodically perform preventive examinations at dentists.

Root canal treatment (Kiev)

The presence of infections in the oral cavity that affect the crown and root of the tooth causes tissue necrosis, which leads to many negative consequences. An infection that has entered the root canal can pass into the near-root tissue and damage the bone at the base of the tooth. Without timely treatment, the tooth will most likely have to be removed, however, if you visit the doctor on time and cure the root canal, you can get rid of the infection and save the tooth.
Root canal treatment or endodontic practice is a multi-step process that combines several procedures. The treatment process consists of:
· Pulp removal;
· Cleansing the cavity of the root of the tooth, disinfection of the root canal;
· Formation of root canals;
Obturation of root canals.
The cleaning of the root canals, as one of the most important procedures for the treatment of the root of the tooth, occurs with the help of mechanical and manual manipulations. Our clinic, treating the root canal, uses exclusively modern equipment and advanced techniques, so the process is almost painless and very quick. The use of modern European equipment is able to ensure complete cleaning of the root cavity of the tooth from bacteria and microorganisms, as well as process even the narrowest, including curved channels in hard to reach places.
In order to disinfect the root canal of the tooth, they are flushed with antiseptic drugs that penetrate all parts of the root system of the tooth, including flushing and invisible lateral tubules. If you need to re-disinfect and clean the tooth canals, you may also need temporary fillings, which are highly effective anti-inflammatory drugs.
Root canal treatment also implies restoration of the tooth after all the treatment procedures. Obstruction of the root canals of the tooth is carried out by a dense hermetic material, which, filling the canals, prevents the re-entry of infections.