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Dental prosthetics on implants, prices

Most modern people experience problems such as dental or oral diseases from time to time. Damaged teeth are not only discomfort, which is sometimes accompanied by pain. Often this is also a huge aesthetic problem, which does not allow a full life, comfortable stay in society and active life. Despite the fact that a timely visit to the dentist in most cases helps to solve the problem with the least loss for the patient, and regular preventive visits to the dentist will prevent the occurrence of diseases and complications, sometimes there is still an urgent need to take drastic measures, such as tooth extraction.
Loss of teeth, despite its origin, whether it is surgical removal or loss due to an injury or other situation, is always a problem that brings many inconveniences. However, at present, the risk of staying for a long time without teeth does not have a real motive, because modern dentistry allows you to solve a large list of problems related to oral health. The modern technology of dental prosthetics with the help of implants and crowns or whole prostheses will come to the rescue.
Dental prosthetics on implants will allow you to quickly resume the integrity of the dentition and restore the lost tooth in the shortest possible time. One of the leading representatives in the field of dental prosthetics is currently the European Center for Dentistry. The service of the European Dental Center today is at a fairly high level, based on purely innovative and high-tech solutions. Clinic «ESC» is one of the leaders in the Ukrainian market of medical services in the field of dentistry and has the status of the only official representative of the German Association of oral implantologists (DGOI) in the country.
The service of our clinic is based on the introduction of innovations and modern technologies in dentistry and implantology, in particular. Permanent internships of doctors abroad, stable online support from an affiliate clinic in Germany, can effectively improve the skills of specialists and provide services of an exceptionally high level.

Dental prosthetics on implants: prices and features of the procedure

Dental prosthetics is the process of installing an analogue of a healthy tooth using an artificial denture. Dental prosthetics and implantation are a great way to quickly and with maximum comfort restore a lost tooth. With the help of prosthetics it is possible to carry out both the installation of one tooth in place of the lost, and the resumption of several or even a whole dentition. Dental prosthetics, namely high-quality implants, will allow everyone to find strong, beautiful and white teeth.
The installation process of implant prostheses, which is carried out by qualified specialists using exclusively high-quality materials and European premium equipment, helps to fully restore all functions of the dentofacial system in the complex, which cannot be performed without one or several teeth, and correctly distribute the load when chewing food and provide an attractive aesthetic look.
Of course, prosthetics is a procedure that requires some effort and financial costs, but today the operation to restore lost teeth is not something fantastic. Everyone can visit the European Dental Center and receive prosthetics from qualified specialists. The cost of implantation and prostheses depends on the complexity of a particular case, however, a qualified consultation and preliminary examination with our specialists will help a potential patient find a clearer picture. You can get acquainted with the prices of services of the European Dental Center by going to the appropriate section on our official website.

What is the procedure for dental prosthetics on implants?

The process of installing prostheses on implants is carried out after the area where the artificial tooth root was installed has completely healed. Dental prosthetics can be carried out both partially and completely, with both in relation to the tooth itself, and in relation to the entire jaw. This means that patients are given the opportunity to restore and renew a partially damaged tooth. If a part of a tooth had to be removed due to destruction due to diseases, as well as in the case of chips and fractures, the possibilities of modern dentistry, in particular prosthetics, provide a chance to restore it to its previous form by installing a partial denture. In addition, the procedure for installing prostheses will allow you to restore a completely removed tooth by attaching a crown to the implant. An implant is a metal analogue of a tooth root, is implanted in the jaw bone and a tooth replacement is attached to it.
The European Dental Center will also help with the help of prosthetics on implants to restore the integrity of the dentition by installing dentures of several teeth at once, and also to renew the entire dentition if the teeth are completely absent with the installation of a complete denture of the jaw.
Prosthetics on high-quality implants, which are performed by qualified specialists using exclusively high-quality materials and equipment of the premium segment, provide patients with the opportunity not only to acquire an aesthetically attractive appearance with the help of a snow-white smile, but also to fully restore all the functions of the dentofacial system in a complex that cannot be carried out fully without one or more teeth. A smile without visible flaws is not only visually beautiful, but also comfortable, which will certainly positively affect your daily life. The European Dental Center carries out the procedure of implantation and prosthetics for patients with complex anatomical disorders, taking a leading position in the market of dental services in Kiev. We are ready to help find beautiful teeth as quickly and painlessly as possible, providing a service of incomparable quality for residents and guests of the Ukrainian capital.

Obturation of root canals in Kiev, price

The root part is one of the key in the structure of the tooth and serves as its support, as well as the main nutrient medium, since the root is the connecting link between the visible part of the tooth (crown) and the rest of the body. It often happens that if the upper part of the tooth is damaged, the root remains intact and then such a tooth is subject to rather easy restoration based on it. However, when the root itself began to deteriorate — most likely, tooth extraction will completely become an inevitable measure.
In the case when the root part of the tooth is still damaged, but their degree is not so critical as to remove the entire tooth, specialists can carry out a complex of root system treatment in order to further preserve the entire tooth. In medical language, the problem of inflammation in the root of the tooth is commonly called pulpitis. It is this disease that most often affects tooth tissue and provokes the occurrence of carious or inflammatory processes in it. In this case, urgently need dental root therapy, as well as cleaning and obturation of the root canals.

Treatment of the root of the tooth in Kiev

Treatment and obstruction of the root canals of the tooth in Kiev, as well as the price of the procedure, is a question of interest to many metropolitan residents. The answer to it can only be provided by a professional specialist to whom you decide to contact. The staff of the European Dental Center will gladly provide all the necessary information about the process of treating the root system of the tooth from inflammation and carious damage, and also tell you how much cleaning and obstruction of the cavities around the root canals costs. It is worth emphasizing that the consultation procedure is free, and after it you get the opportunity to make an appointment for a further appointment with the doctor and a full range of treatments.
However, for starters, before “punching the soil” regarding the specifics of treatment and obstruction of the root canals, it is worthwhile to find out what causes damage to the root of the teeth most often.
Dental root diseases occur in cases of infection of its tissues, which can occur for the following reasons:
· Damage to the tooth as a result of injury;
· The penetration of bacteria into the root of the tooth due to the large-scale spread of caries;
Infectious diseases of the gums or their improper treatment;
· The formation of a cyst at the tip of the tooth root.
The presence of infections in the oral cavity that affect the crown and root of the tooth causes tissue necrosis, which leads to many negative consequences. An infection that has entered the root canal can pass into the near-root tissue and damage the bone at the base of the tooth. Without timely treatment, the tooth will most likely have to be removed, however, if you visit the doctor on time and cure the root canal, you can get rid of the infection and save it.
In cases of infection of the root of the tooth and pulp, root canal cleaning and complex treatment are required, and then qualified specialists will help save the tooth. The symptomatology of tooth diseases is known to most people: these are sharp pulsating, aching pains from temperature changes, permanent painful sensations without any external influences, as well as increased body temperature, bad breath and swelling in the area of ​​the affected tooth. Having identified these symptoms, the patient should immediately consult a doctor. Sometimes damage to the root of the tooth and pulp proceed without obvious symptoms until a certain stage, so it is extremely important to carry out periodic preventive examinations at the dentists.
The European Dental Center uses the method of condensation of gutta-percha using computer control and lasers as part of the procedure. Treatment of tooth canals is carried out in a short time (approximately 30 minutes). Regarding the treatment of root canals, our clinic uses only high-class safe materials for disinfecting tooth canals from bacteria, as well as elite preparations for restoration. Filling the tooth canals with composite material is carried out using durable and safe components that are easily biocompatible with oral tissues.

The cost of tooth restoration in Kiev dentistry

Every modern person sooner or later has any problems associated with the health and external condition of the teeth. Diseases of the teeth and violation of the integrity of the dentition is a noticeable problem that causes a lot of discomfort to a person. The most common problem that overtakes our teeth is the occurrence of caries and tartar, which can destroy tooth enamel and dentin, forming dark spots and cavities on its surface. Caries is formed due to a number of negative factors that can cause not only the destruction of dental tissues, but also provoke inflammation, the development of bacteria and other negative consequences. All of them, as a result, cause a lot of trouble and quite often, in addition to the usual caries for many, contribute to the penetration of harmful microorganisms deep into the tooth, cause pulp and soft tissue diseases, and also simply destroy the tooth from the inside.
The process of tooth decay in connection with the development of caries, as well as infection of tissues, can overtake every person, regardless of gender and age. In such cases, dark voids appear in the tooth, which are the focus of the growth of bacteria and further damage to the enamel. Therefore, caries-affected areas must be treated and carefully sealed to prevent further penetration of harmful microorganisms.

Dentistry, Kiev: restoration cost

Dentistry in the city of Kiev offers different options for tooth restoration, the price of which can be in completely different categories and is available for each patient. Restoration — a procedure used to restore the integrity of tooth enamel and dentin, as well as to restore all the functions of a tooth after removing caries from its surface and treating other diseases.
There are several ways to restore teeth, among which the most common are methods that provide a lasting effect with the most painless and short procedure.
According to the duration of use, the types of tooth restoration are divided into temporary and permanent. Temporary restoration is a coating that is designed to temporarily block the affected area of ​​the tooth that has been cleaned and scrubbed by the doctor and to keep the drug in the cavity to remove nerves and bacteria. In most cases, this method is used for several days, after which the tooth is restored on an ongoing basis. It is made from artificial material, which in its structure resembles dentin, as well as various composite compositions.

Restoration is a tight hermetic coating, which should be firmly in the cavity of the tooth and prevent the ingress of food debris, pathogenic bacteria and other infections. With proper care of the oral cavity, the restored teeth will correctly perform their natural functions, and also look aesthetically pleasing for decades.
Modern dentistry in Kiev offers different prices for tooth restoration, and the cost of each of the methods depends on the type of material and the specifics of execution. Today the most popular of them are:
· Ceramic restoration, very reminiscent in texture of natural tooth enamel. This version of the material is absolutely safe, non-toxic, has high strength and implies the ability to carefully select colors.
· Dental cement. In most cases, the use of such material is practiced for temporary restoration. Substances that are produced today by key global manufacturers are durable and resistant to deformation, however, if the substance is improperly placed in the tooth, there is a risk of secondary caries. Used only for temporary obstruction.
· Photopolymer restoration is the most popular type of restoration used by modern medicine. The procedure takes place under the light of a UV lamp, under the influence of which the material hardens and is as close as possible to natural dentin.
The European Dental Center carries out tooth restoration taking into account all the latest technologies and practices, going far beyond the traditional dental filling procedure.

Dental prosthetics

Loss of one or several teeth is always an extremely unpleasant phenomenon, entailing a lot of negative consequences and discomfort in every aspect of life. Lack of teeth and incomplete dentition is not only a significant aesthetic discomfort, but also the cause of a number of possible disorders in the functioning of the whole organism. Indeed, gaps in the dentition are the root cause of an improper load on the jaw while chewing food, which can lead to deformation of the anatomical structure of the face, and often against the background of this there are various disturbances in the digestive system and gastrointestinal tract.
Loss of teeth as a result of surgical removal, trauma or other situations is always a significant nuisance, which is accompanied by painful sensations and discomfort in the physical context, and also prevents full living in society, communicating with people and much more. However, today the risk of staying for a long time without teeth with obvious defects in the oral cavity is minimal, because modern dentistry and implantology will come to the rescue. The advanced technologies of dental prosthetics that are currently used will allow each patient to get rid of flaws in the dentition and restore his perfect smile, even with complex anatomical disorders and the absence of many teeth in the shortest possible time.

Complicated dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics by modern specialists is carried out at various degrees of difficulty. Of course, sometimes it is necessary to work on the implantation and prosthesis installation procedure for a rather long time, however, the final result will certainly exceed all expectations. Today, the modern clinic of the European Dental Center is actively practicing various methods and techniques for installing prostheses using only the best about all indicators of implants and prostheses. The European Dental Center practices complex dental prosthetics, allowing its patients to quickly renew the integrity of the dentition, restore the lost tooth in the shortest possible time, and also renew several teeth in a row or even a complete dentition if all teeth are missing. At the same time, prosthetics is carried out even in difficult situations when most of the bone is destroyed, the patient’s bone tissue is too loose and unstable to mechanical stress, as well as in case of complex congenital or acquired pathologies.
As one of the leading representatives in the field of dental prosthetics in Ukraine, today the European Center for Dentistry demonstrates service at a fairly high level, based on purely innovative and high-tech solutions. Our clinic is one of the leaders in the Ukrainian market of medical services in the field of dentistry and has the status of the only official representative of the German Association of Oral Implantologists (DGOI) in the country. Thanks to stable support and cooperation with foreign partners from all over Europe, as well as frequent internships of specialists, the ESC clinic offers exceptionally high-quality dental treatment and restoration services, and also has all the necessary technical, technological, professional and human resources for complex operations in the oral cavity, while providing patients with maximum comfort and guaranteeing them complete safety during the procedures.
Complex prosthetics often involves the restoration of all teeth on the upper, lower, or both jaws. In such situations, various prosthetics are available. Often, the so-called “button” dentures are used, that is, dentures on button implants, as well as beam prostheses and those that are attached using specific locks, clasps, suction cups or other methods. However, today prosthetics are also practiced using artificial dentition analogues, which are attached using special adhesive textures of materials. Among such prostheses, the most commonly used ones are acrylic and nylon, but every year specialists from all over the world develop new technologies and materials for creating complex prosthetic structures.
The clinic service «European Dental Center» is based on the introduction of innovative advanced technologies in dentistry, implantology and prosthetics in particular. Every year, specialists are sent to improve their qualification level, in connection with which we manage to follow all the latest dental trends and put them into practice in Ukraine first.