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Crowns on teeth, Kiev

Artificial dental crowns are the main part of a denture that fulfills both the aesthetic and functional purpose of a natural tooth. In case of tooth loss or its significant damage, when the option with partial restoration does not bring proper results, the installation of the crown is the most optimal option that will help not only restore the tooth to its former appearance, but also get rid of discomfort. Associated with its complete or partial absence. To establish dental crowns in the city of Kiev, anyone can contact the services of the modern prestigious clinic European Dental Center, where highly qualified specialists will help solve any problem in the field of dentistry.

What are dental crowns?

In the literal sense, a tooth crown is its visible part, which is covered with a hard and resistant to mechanical damage tissue — tooth enamel. However, if the natural crown is damaged or the entire natural tooth has been removed for any reason, it is replaced by an artificial crown. This is a part that is made of durable material that resembles in texture and appearance natural tooth enamel (ceramics, cermets, zirconium dioxide, etc.), which completely covers the damaged tooth, giving it an almost natural aesthetic appearance.
Artificial crowns perform a number of functions, among which, obviously, strengthening the tooth, the resumption of its function when chewing food, restoring the appearance of the tooth and several others. Having established a high-quality crown, the patient can change or improve the shape of the tooth, its appearance, color and so on. A dental crown is placed on top of a damaged tooth, literally “building up” a new one based on it, or it can be attached to an intraosseous implant if the root of the tooth had to be removed.

In what cases are tooth crowns installed?

Indications for the use of crowns can be a huge amount. They are used to complete the prosthetics process, to fully recreate the functions of the dentition, and also to pursue purely aesthetic goals, because sometimes, for the sake of straight teeth and a snow-white, radiant smile, a patient can even go on to remove his own tooth. In general, the list of the main reasons for installing crowns is as follows:
The dentist may recommend a crown in the following cases:
· As an alternative to the process of obstruction of the dental canals, if a substantial part of the enamel is damaged;
· To protect a weakened and partially damaged tooth from external irritants, preventing its further destruction;
· To restore a broken tooth or eliminate large chips of enamel;
· The installation of the crown is also carried out as the basis for fastening dental bridges and solid prostheses;
· Installation for reconstructing the tooth on top of the implant;
· To cover a tooth that has lost its color or the integrity of enamel, etc.

What crowns on teeth are installed in Kiev?

Such a detail as a tooth crown in Kiev for patients is offered in all kinds of varieties and types. There are crowns from different materials, which are distinguished by their strength, appearance and functional filling. There is a list of the most common types of crowns, among which:
• Polymer — used for temporary crowns that are installed for a short period of time before installing a more stable option for the period when the tissues still heal after implantation.
• Cermets. It is this type that is considered ideal in terms of price / quality ratio. Such crowns look beautiful, are worn for a long time and are highly durable.
• All-ceramic crowns — most closely resemble a natural tooth. Perfect for prosthetics of the front teeth, but very demanding to care. We work with crowns made of zirconia material — these are durable and very attractive crowns that accurately recreate the tooth and do not contain metals.
• PIK polymer — the most modern technology, which allows due to the unique properties of the material to make the most biocompatible, lightweight crown, which does not overload the abutment tooth or the implant on which it is installed.
The European Dental Center specializes in providing premium services in the fields of therapeutic and surgical dentistry, as well as orthopedic dentistry and implantology in particular. The service of our clinic is at a high level, competing with leading European dental institutions, which allows us to achieve special achievements in the process of treatment, implantation and prosthetics in Ukraine using advanced treatment technologies and the latest specialized equipment.

Dental crowns on implants, prices

From time to time, a significant percentage of the modern population is faced with problems such as disease, decay and tooth extraction due to certain reasons. Indeed, like any other organ, teeth can literally “fail” due to some circumstances, becoming weak, dull and painful. In this case, they can not cope with the load that is required when chewing food, and the process itself causes acute discomfort and pain. In case of severe damage to the tooth, as well as its loss as a result of surgical removal or injury, every modern person will wish to replace it as soon as possible, and modern implantology will come to the rescue in this difficult task. To restore the integrity of the dentition or to correct its deformation and curvature, the installation of a dental implant and crown will help.
A dental crown is a fixed prosthesis of a natural tooth, which recreates its visible part, that is, in fact, it is an artificial analogue of a tooth, which is installed to restore the aesthetic appearance of the dentition in the patient and to establish the correct chewing function of the jaws. Externally, the structure of the artificial crown resembles a kind of “cap” that can either be worn on a damaged tooth (in the event that most of it is damaged and partial restoration is not possible), or is installed on top of implants, thereby filling in the gaps in the dentition.
Often, dentists resort to questions about installing crowns when the patient’s natural tooth is severely damaged, namely when more than 60% of his tissues are destroyed. In this case, it is obviously not possible to restore and preserve the natural tooth. However, crowns are also an invariable structural element of the denture, attached to the implant, as a result of which they can fully replace a natural tooth that has been completely removed, including its root part.

How to install a dental crown?

The process of installing crowns on implants is carried out after the area where the artificial tooth root was installed has completely healed, and the implant has taken root and is not rejected by the body. Dental crowns on implants allow you to completely revive a tooth technically, replacing it with a high-quality artificial counterpart, which will subsequently fulfill all the necessary visual and functional tasks. By installing crowns, patients are given the opportunity to restore and renew a partially damaged tooth, or replace it with a completely “new” one. If a part of the tooth had to be removed due to destruction due to diseases, as well as in the case of chips and fractures, it is possible to restore it to its previous appearance by installing a crown on top of its remains. The implant can be implanted both in the root of the tooth and in the jaw bone with the complete removal of all dental tissues. In the case when the tooth has been completely removed, the implant performs the function of its root, while the crown reconstructs the visible part of the tooth by attaching to the implant.
The European Dental Center, one of the most progressive and prestigious metropolitan clinics in modern dentistry, offers patients a wide range of services for implantation and prosthetics, as well as the installation of crowns of various types. Using prosthetics on implants, our clinic will help restore the integrity of the dentition by filling in the gaps in it due to tooth extraction, or provide an opportunity to acquire a smooth and healthy smile by installing several prostheses in a row with crowns that fully correspond to the appearance of the tooth. In addition, crowns on implants are also installed as a basis for removable nylon dentures of the jaw, when there is a need to renew the entire dentition in the case when the teeth are completely absent. In this case, the crowns, which are fixed on the implants, help to keep the full jaw prosthesis, providing reliable support and proper chewing load on the dentition.

Installation of crowns on implants in Kiev: the cost of the procedure

Installing crowns on implants today is a task that is easily performed by qualified specialists. Its efficiency and cost depend on many factors, in particular on the production time of the crown itself and the material used. The term for the manufacture of the crown, as a rule, takes from several days to two weeks, depending on the complexity of the work. At the same time, the price of dental crowns on implants also depends on the class of materials. The most popular ones are cermet, which is a material of high quality and affordable for most patients. The most expensive is a PIK polymer, zirconia, and the cheapest is cermet.
The European Dental Center offers patients a high-quality implant prosthetics service, which we provide at the highest level in the city of Kiev.

Ceramic-metal crown on a tooth, Kiev price

Surely every modern person dreams of smooth, white and healthy teeth, which are truly a sign of careful care and a neat appearance. However, unfortunately, not many can boast such a luxury presented by nature. Most modern people constantly complain about the condition of their teeth: for some, they quickly turn yellow and do not look quite aesthetically pleasing, some lack a healthy radiance in their own smile, and situations where natural teeth are crooked, with chips or spoiled enamel are often found due to illness or mechanical injury. Of course, all these problems are a significant reason for going to the dental clinic, which in most cases will be able to provide qualified assistance.
The unsuitable appearance of the teeth, as well as infections that cause damage to the dental tissues and a number of other diseases, is always a huge discomfort and constraint at every stage of everyday life. Often, the problems associated with an unhealthy condition of the teeth or their diseases can be solved by modern therapeutic dentistry, however, often, many neglect timely treatment and greatly trigger the situation. In such cases, the teeth can be damaged to a sufficiently high degree and then they will most likely need to be removed.
Removing teeth is a very unpleasant procedure, especially when it comes to further self-awareness, since the absence of even one tooth causes not only discomfort, but also noticeably disrupts the chewing function, and sometimes the anatomical structure of the facial bones and joints, deforming the jaw and the shape of the oval faces. In the event that the patient is faced with the need to remove the tooth, he should not despair, since the possibilities of modern dentistry allow you to quickly eliminate gaps in the dentition and restore a lost tooth using high-quality implants and prostheses that look almost like a natural tooth.

Dental prosthetics with crowns

Dental implants and prosthetics are the most popular areas of dentistry in Ukraine, and in particular in its capital. These services provide the prospect of a quick and painless restoration of a lost tooth, or the acquisition of an even dentition, which is undoubtedly of interest to a large percentage of the modern population. Dentists with the necessary qualifications, as well as a knowledge base, can literally do a miracle with a patient’s smile, therefore, the installation of dentures is such a common procedure.
Dental prosthetics — a procedure during which the installation of an imitation of a healthy tooth is carried out using its artificial substitute — a prosthesis. Modern prosthetics of the teeth implies the ability to restore one tooth in place of the lost, as well as the prospect of renewing the entire dentition in cases where the patient has completely missing teeth. By installing a high-quality prosthesis made by qualified specialists using elite materials and modern advanced equipment, each person gets the opportunity not only to acquire an aesthetically attractive appearance, but also to fully restore all the functions of the dentofacial apparatus.

Dental prosthetics: crown for a tooth made of cermet, installation price in Kiev

Most often in Kiev, the method of installing fixed prostheses, that is, structures that are mounted on the basis of an implant implanted in the jaw bone, is practiced. Fixed dentures accurately recreate the structure of a natural tooth, and high-quality crowns allow you to acquire a natural appearance.
There are different types of crowns made of various materials that more or less correspond to a natural tooth. They are made of metal composite, cermets, zirconia PIK polymer and other materials. The most popular in Ukraine are ceramic-metal prostheses, in particular, in connection with the almost ideal value for money.
The ceramic-metal crown is a solid construction that resembles a natural tooth as much as possible, and the price in Kiev for such prostheses is quite reasonable. A tooth crown in Kiev made of cermet material, the price of which is relatively low, will become a reliable substitute for a lost tooth.
The European Dental Center, which over the past decade has been actively developing innovative activities in the field of implantology and prosthetics, guarantees an individual approach to each situation and the choice of the most optimal treatment for all patients. We use ceramic-metal crowns in those cases when they are absolutely the right solution, using the latest equipment, as well as parts from the leading German manufacturer, VITA. ESC always guarantees high results to its customers.

Prices for dental crowns, Kiev

Not every person can boast of perfectly even and healthy teeth, which nature itself has awarded him. According to statistics, every second inhabitant of our planet suffers from any diseases of the teeth or oral cavity. Caries, stomatitis, periodontal disease, pulpitis, inflammation and so on — all this leads to completely negative consequences, among which there may be tooth loss.
Of course, diseases and tooth loss are a completely unpleasant phenomenon, but at the same time today it does not carry such a fatal nature than several decades ago. Due to the dynamic development of modern medicine, including, everyone is given the opportunity to completely remove and replace damaged or aesthetically unpleasant teeth, replacing them with smooth, beautiful and strong. Such a prospect opens up completely new, pleasant opportunities for patients at qualified dental clinics.
Today in Ukraine, implantation and prosthetics are one of the most popular dental services. The European Dental Center, which over the past decade has been actively developing innovative activities in the field of implantology, is confidently occupying a leading position in the Ukrainian market. ESC was the first in the country in many endeavors, in particular in laser implantation and installation of basal implants. Specialists working in our clinic are able to achieve almost indistinguishable results from natural teeth, so the service of installing implants and prostheses is in great demand.

Dental prosthetics: how to get a beautiful smile?

Surely many dream of a dazzling white smile with even teeth, but not all endowed everyone with such a dignity. Many of us suffer from various diseases of the oral cavity and teeth, and also have uneven, weak teeth with an unpleasant color. As a worthy alternative, qualified dentists offer dental prosthetics, which will help not only find an attractive radiant smile, but also get rid of damaged teeth. In addition, modern prosthetics allows you to quickly eliminate such a defect as the absence of a tooth due to injuries or other unpleasant situations.
Currently, the most popular and effective way to replace teeth is to install dentures with crowns that will maximize the fit of your face and look natural and harmonious. Dental crowns and their prices in Kiev today are an absolutely affordable opportunity to get rid of tooth defects.
A well-created and installed tooth crown (price in the city of Kiev — in the corresponding section of the site) will allow everyone to eliminate sick, infected, seriously damaged or critically uneven teeth and find a dazzling smile, while feeling all the advantages of a modern European service.
The clinic «European Dental Center» has extensive experience in the field of prosthetics, in particular the installation of dental crowns. ECC specialists are ready to choose an individual option for each individual situation that is optimal for the patient, as well as carry out the installation of “new teeth” as quickly and painlessly as possible.

What are dental crowns?

Crowns for teeth in Kiev is a popular dental service in Kiev, and their prices are considered relatively low. A dental crown is a peculiar part used to replace a damaged or lost tooth from the outside. Crowns are created in such a way that neither externally nor functionally differs from a real tooth and, depending on the purpose, can be made of different materials (metal, cermets, ceramics and others). In fact, a crown is an artificially created analogue of a part of a tooth that rises above the root and is located above the gum. The European Dental Center only works with crowns made of cermet, zirconia and PIK polymer. We also use polymer crowns, but only as temporary ones.
Crowns for teeth (prices in our clinic you can check on the website) are installed in cases where a significant part of the tooth is so damaged that the classical restoration with a photopolymer is not able to correct the situation, and also when the tooth is completely removed. In the first case, the crown will be installed on the rest of the tooth, which the specialist has previously processed. If the crown is installed in a place where the remains of the previous tooth and root are not left, then the part is installed using the implant in the jaw bone. In any case, this method of prosthetics provides maximum similarity to the natural look of the jaw and is suitable for those who need to restore just one tooth, and for those who need to replace several or a number of teeth.

Indications and contraindications for the installation of crowns

Like any medical procedure, prosthetics has a number of limitations, in connection with which the patient will have to choose another way to solve his problem. So, the installation of the crown is assigned when:
· Significant deformation of the tooth due to damage from caries or in the event of chips and cracks.
· Installing a bridge to fix the entire structure instead of your tooth.
· After installing the implant, which together with the crown will give a new beautiful tooth.
· Strong erasure of the patient’s natural hard tissues.
· In cases of deformation, irreparable damage (fluorosis) and a strong change in the color of the enamel, which cannot be eliminated otherwise.
· With clearly visible cosmetic flaws: the tooth is severely curved, improperly positioned or irregular in shape.
Contraindications to the procedure:
· If the patient is under 16 years old.
Excessive tooth shakiness, which is often found in gum disease.
· Allergy to components and materials used in the procedure.

Types of Dental Crowns

As you know, the prices for dental crowns in Kiev are quite different, but even within the framework of one clinic they differ significantly. First of all, the cost of replacing a tooth with a crown depends on the material from which it is made. So, what types of crowns are:
· Polymer — used for temporary crowns that are installed for a short period of time.
· Cermets. It is this type that is considered ideal in terms of price / quality ratio. Such crowns look beautiful, are worn for a long time and are highly durable.
· PIK polymer is one of the most modern technologies, which allows, due to the unique properties of the material, to create the most biocompatible, lightweight crown that does not overload the abutment tooth or the implant on which it is installed.
· Zirconia crowns — most closely resemble a natural tooth. They are beautiful, perfect for prosthetics of the front teeth, and this material is considered superhard, which provides high strength.
The European Dental Center uses only high-class crowns made of high-quality, durable and highly biocompatible materials, providing the highest result of the procedure. Our clinic is the undisputed leader in the field of implantation and prosthetics in Kiev, performing the procedure even in the most complex anatomical and topographic clinical cases.