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Dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics is a complex process, the main task of which is to restore the functionality and structure of completely lost or partially destroyed teeth. Prosthetics is not only an independent discipline, but also the main department of orthopedic dentistry. In order for prosthetics to be quick and painless, its implementation should be entrusted exclusively to professionals.
The European Dental Center is a team of highly qualified orthopedic dentists who carry out high-quality restoration and prosthetics even after the most severe damage.

Modern prosthetics and the use of ceramic materials

Today, one of the most effective technologies, which is widely used in dental practice, is the restoration of teeth using special ceramic materials. According to research results, it is precisely such an innovative approach that provides maximum durability and reliability for new teeth.
In its structure, cermets are presented in the form of a durable material, which is often used to restore the most damaged teeth. With the help of new technologies and the use of modern restoration techniques, you can now easily create a real Hollywood smile. In addition, the restoration is painless and does not take much time.

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The restoration process consists in the quick removal of a damaged tooth, after which a metal frame is installed using a modification form and a ledge made of ceramics. With the help of new technologies, the problem of maximally connecting a special scaffold and dental material has been successfully solved, and now, after restoration, the teeth have an ideal appearance. In addition, prosthetics and restoration of chewing teeth require extreme attention. In addition to aesthetic appeal, with proper prosthetics in the future there will be no pain effects even when chewing the hardest food. Requirements for prosthetics of chewing teeth are different and in such a situation heavy-duty structures are installed in the oral cavity.

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In addition to the use of cermets, prosthetics can be implemented in other ways. One of the equally popular options for achieving a Hollywood smile is the use of removable dentures, which are made of durable nylon.

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All dentists of our clinic annually take special advanced training courses in order to provide high-quality dental services of any complexity. On the basis of the European Dental Center, the official department of the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education is located on the basis of Agreement No. 46/09/1214.

Advantages of cermet in comparison with plastic coating

When asked what material to choose metal-plastic or plastic, you need to know the features of each coating.
The main disadvantages of plastic, as a dental coating are:
  • instability of the original color;
  • reduced wear resistance;
  • artificial appearance.
The main three problems in dental prosthetics were successfully resolved with the advent of cermet.
Today, tooth restoration is a normal and painless process, after which the teeth look healthy, beautiful and do not hurt at all.
Due to excellent biological compatibility with living tissues, high strength and aesthetic appeal, tooth restoration using cermet is becoming more popular every year. In addition, the reliability of the use of solid ceramics has significantly increased. Thus, restoration of the anterior teeth is a simple and painless process.
At the time of manufacture of individual integral dental crowns, special restoration systems-mechanisms are used that have high mechanical properties, and to achieve high strength, special facing ceramics based on glass with leucites are used.

Features and benefits of bridges

Today, modern ceramic systems are manufactured using heavy-duty ceramics. High strength indicators are achieved by adding aluminum or zinc oxide to the material.
According to recent studies, aluminum and oxide are more than suitable options for strengthening dental ceramics. Special porous alumina scaffolds are excellent for the manufacture of both individual dental crowns and prosthetic bridges for anterior teeth. In addition, with the help of aluminum oxide, it became possible to reliably fix teeth by cementing.

Professional restoration using the latest all-ceramic technology

All-ceramic restoration is one of the most popular options if it is necessary to install a partial or full crown. During all-ceramic restoration, the latest technology of high-temperature pressing is applied, due to which the maximum durability of the dental material is achieved.
All-ceramic restoration is recommended when necessary:
  • crowns in the form of healthy teeth;
  • partial crowns in the destruction of a healthy tooth;
  • veneers with the exact imitation of a healthy tooth.

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For comfortable and durable use, the materials are firmly fixed using adhesive technology.

Professional prosthetics using modern nylon prostheses

Nylon prostheses are one of the most advanced options in modern orthopedic dentistry. Nylon dental material has many advantages that make it a true find, even with very strong dental damage.
Nylon prostheses have the following advantages:
  • invisibility in the oral cavity;
  • lack of metal;
  • maximum strength;
  • high elasticity;
  • not hygroscopic;
  • hypoallergenicity.
Due to a number of advantages and high functional capabilities, the largest dental clinics in Ukraine work with nylon prostheses. Removable dentures made of nylon are constantly being improved, so it is possible that in the future a few more items will be added to the list of advantages that will make such material one of the best inventions of science and technology. Already today, with the help of nylon prostheses, dental prosthetics of any complexity are realized.
In addition to the latest nylon prosthetics in dental practice, a variety of approaches are used to qualitatively replace teeth with new, beautiful and healthy ones using suitable implants. Thus, now inserting teeth is an ordinary and uncomplicated procedure with which you can achieve a beautiful end result.

Implants are an excellent way out and when back, biting teeth are absent. In the event that the client has any contraindications regarding prosthetics, then the prosthesis can be removable. Dental restoration in Kiev or high-quality prosthetics — it's just with the European Dental Center. It is here that you will find the widest selection of modern prosthetics and restoration from the best dentists of the country. The price of prosthetics is affordable, so everyone can have a beautiful smile.
Our dentistry in Kiev offers affordable prices for dentures and a full range of services for the restoration of teeth. We also have regular promotions, the details of which you can check on the phones indicated on the website. At the moment there is an action on dental prosthetics in Kiev — a 50% discount on crowns.

Clasp prosthetics

Dental prosthetics
How many opportunities modern dentistry offers us. Dental prosthetics is one of them. Dental prosthetics is perhaps one of the most important achievements of modern orthopedics. Prosthetics is the restoration of lost elements of the dentition. Using modern advances in dental orthopedics, you can restore one or several teeth, thereby making eating comfortable, restoring diction and giving the smile an aesthetic appearance.
A patient who first encounters indications to insert a tooth or several missing elements most often does not have the slightest idea which prosthetics method is best to choose, which materials to use, how much it costs to insert a tooth. Today, the level of development of medicine and the qualifications of specialists provide an opportunity to establish a wide variety of dentures, the price of which will also vary depending on various factors. For prosthetics, prices are based on the cost of materials, quantitative costs, the complexity of the implementation and installation. If you need prosthetics, the prices Kiev in our clinic will pleasantly surprise you.
The lack of information often scares away the patient, which entails the reluctance to seek qualified help on time and, as a result, the deterioration of the oral cavity. In order to avoid such cases, we offer you to understand in more detail the features of dental prosthetics.

Clasp prostheses

Types of prosthetics
To date, there are three types of prosthetics:
  • removable dental prosthetics (a denture is used that makes up for the lost element of the dentition);
  • prosthetics with partially removable structures (nylon, acrylic, clasp prosthesis);
  • fixed dental prosthetics (ceramic crowns, ceramic-metal crowns).

Removable prosthetics

Removable prostheses are lightweight, with minimal use of metal materials. In their manufacture, individual patient parameters are taken into account, which avoids discomfort and gives the smile an aesthetic appearance. The period of getting used to removable dentures is usually no more than a week. This is a universal type of prosthetics, it has no contraindications, depending on the age of the patient and the number of teeth saved. Ideal for senior citizens, even with complete destruction of the dentition. In addition, removable dentures are used for temporary wear during the period of preparation of teeth for implantation (this helps to solve the aesthetic problem associated with temporary lack of teeth). This option is also suitable when the patient needs to insert a tooth individually. The price of the procedure remains low.

Dental prosthetics: Features of arch prosthetics

Clasp prosthetics is the most comfortable and popular type of treatment in the category of partially removable prosthetics. What is the clasp prosthesis, the installation price and the reasons for its popularity? This is a dental structure in the form of a rigid arch, on which lost elements (teeth) are attached. Arc material is most often made of metal, less often of plastic. Indications for its installation is the absence of six or more teeth in the dentition. Using this type of prosthetics, the patient acquires high-quality and aesthetic dentures, the price of which is much lower than ceramic. Clasp prosthetics has significant advantages over analogues:
  • Reliability. These dentures are very stable, dentists use them for prosthetics of both the upper and lower dentition. The clasp prosthesis is very durable and in this parameter it surpasses its analogues: acrylic or silicone prostheses. Its strength is achieved due to the design of this prosthesis.
  • Availability. One of the most inexpensive options for prosthetics is arch prosthetics. The prices of this prosthetics are absolutely affordable. This is due to the low price of the material, its quantity, as well as the fast production time.
  • Easy to install. The clasp prosthesis is installed quite simply and quickly, which does not affect the strength and reliability of the installation. Another important parameter when choosing this type of prosthetics among patients is the painlessness of the installation.
  • Convenience. Clasp prostheses are compact enough, comfortable to wear, practically not felt in the mouth and do not require removal at night. They do not rub the gums due to a tight and durable fit, in most cases they do not cause prosthetic stomatitis. Clasp dentures do not create discomfort to the patient when talking or eating. Maintenance of the structure is very simple, does not require special knowledge and takes little time. In this type of prosthesis, a clasp or lock fixation is used, which allows patients to remove the prosthesis on their own and without much effort if necessary.
  • Long term operation. Clasp prosthesis — the leader in the duration of socks. Only a clasp prosthesis can serve a period of 5-10 years, while the price fully justifies itself. Such operating periods are not characteristic of any other removable product.

Dentures price

Fixed prosthetics

To replace damaged or lost teeth in a single quantity (in other words, when you need to insert a tooth), it is most often recommended to use ceramic-metal or ceramic crowns. They are also installed to hold the dental bridge or mask the natural crown, which has lost its shape or changed color. Crowns are prostheses that are installed in place of a lost tooth and adjacent teeth. Dental prostheses completely cover the tooth and are fixed structures.
Cermet crowns are made of an alloy of metals with other elements, so they are also called bimetallic or cermets. The teeth restored by this method have many positive aspects:
  • Durability and duration of operation. Firstly, the metal frame is stable in itself, and secondly, additional strength is achieved by the interaction of ceramic applied on top with metal. You can be sure that even after ten years the crown will not collapse and will not change its shape with proper hygiene.
  • Convenience. Ceramic-metal crowns replace missing teeth not only visually, but also functionally, that is, the patient does not have a feeling of discomfort when chewing, while the load is evenly distributed on all teeth. Thus, the denture is perceived as a native tooth, the process of getting used to the prosthesis is minimized. Over time, cermet teeth do not darken, do not stain and do not wear out. Plaque does not form on such teeth. Caring for cermet teeth is simple: it is enough to adhere to the rules of oral hygiene, as with natural teeth.
  • Availability. The cost of installing such a prosthesis is quite low, and you will be satisfied with the quality. Among the material for crowns, the leader is precisely cermets. The teeth have an aesthetic appearance with an ideal ratio of price and quality.
  • Ceramic crowns are made of pressed ceramics and zirconia and do not contain a metal frame. Such crowns are installed with minimal damage to adjacent teeth and are ideal for those who want to insert a tooth individually. The price of this type of prosthetics is quite high, but the result will simply charm you! We offer you to get acquainted with a number of advantages of dental prostheses made of ceramics.
  • Durability and reliability. Ceramic dentures are made very thin, but at the same time durable. The manufacturing technology of the prosthesis is such that in the finished product the zirconium frame acquires the strength of the metal. Modern advances in dentistry allow the installation of ceramic crowns on chewing teeth. Ceramic teeth are durable.
  • Natural appearance. Dental crowns made of this material can convey the natural look of the tooth and are most often used for prosthetics of the front teeth to give the smile a natural look. To distinguish ceramic teeth from real ones with the naked eye is sometimes beyond the power of even a specialist.
  • Convenience. This material does not interact with pathogenic microorganisms, therefore ceramic teeth do not change color and do not have an unpleasant odor. Dental prostheses are light and safe, do not cause allergic reactions, since ceramics is a biologically harmless material. Ceramics is an ideal solution for patients with allergic diseases.
  • Easy to care. Ceramic teeth do not require additional care, only regular observance of basic hygiene rules.

Modern dental prosthetics

A modern denture is a complex biomechanical design, the installation of which helps to renew the functional and structural features of a particular tooth or the entire dentition of a person. The quality of the selected prosthesis, as well as the qualification of the doctor, directly determines the long-term result and the final effect of the procedure, therefore, this issue should be treated as responsibly as possible and only the help of highly qualified specialists and prestigious clinics guaranteeing the quality and safety of service should be resorted to. In addition, the cost of the prosthetics procedure is also an important issue, since too high a price will only scare away potential patients, while an unnaturally low price is an occasion to think and doubt the quality of the service provided.
The clinic «European Dental Center» is ready to provide high-quality dental prosthetics services, while demonstrating a modern approach to the technology of the procedure, as well as the professionalism of each employee and a courteous, careful attitude to all patients. We are a leader in the field of dental prosthetics in Kiev, as we use the most advanced and effective technologies and techniques. Individually, our experts will solve together with you the task of optimal design selection in a particular situation, and will also advise on the specifics of using different dentures for each individual case.

Dental prosthetics for periodontal disease: Prices

Many modern people need prosthetics, despite the presence or absence of various diseases of the oral cavity. Even in cases where the patient requiring the installation of dental prostheses has some kind of disease of the oral mucosa, in case of tooth loss he needs to replace it with an artificial analogue, therefore, the procedure is still inevitable. Periodontal disease is one of the often encountered diseases of the oral cavity, which occurs in a fairly large percentage of people. At the same time, the disease is considered one of the most unpleasant and uncomfortable, and is also a fairly common contraindication to many medical procedures, including those related to the process of tooth restoration. Periodontal disease occurs against a background of infection of the soft and bone tissues of the oral cavity, causes inflammation, bone destruction, and sometimes atrophy of the alveolar processes. Of course, such consequences significantly aggravate the procedure for carrying out almost all dental effects on the teeth, including many types of prosthetics.

Features of prosthetics for periodontal disease

Dental prosthetics during periodontal disease is possible, however, the disease significantly complicates the procedure. The fact is that periodontal disease leads to atrophy of bone tissue and, in the absence of complex treatment, a tooth or several teeth fall out in the affected area. Periodontal disease can be caused by heredity, diabetes mellitus, endocrine disorders, serious diseases of some internal organs and more. Due to the fact that in the late stages of the development of periodontal disease there is a loss or forced surgical removal of teeth, the patient will certainly need prosthetics, however, for its implementation it is necessary to at least alleviate the stage of periodontal disease and stop the development of the disease.

Dental prosthetics in Kiev: who to contact?

Fortunately, at present, faced with any problem with the teeth or the oral cavity, the patient can receive qualified help, regardless of the complexity of the situation. Modern dental services at the highest level in the Ukrainian capital are ready for anyone who needs them to provide the European Dental Center. Our clinic, together with its specialists, will help in a complex to eliminate all health problems and dental conditions efficiently and quickly, providing an individual approach to each specific situation. The European Dental Center in Kiev is a rather influential player in the Ukrainian dental services market, which is ready to provide dental treatment and restoration services at a high European level and at absolutely affordable prices.
Dental prosthetics in the city of Kiev (Darnitsky district) carried out by the clinic «European Dental Center» is based on a responsible and subtle approach to solving various medical problems, regardless of their level of complexity. The European Dental Center is a progressive clinic that unquestioningly adheres in its practice to all modern and progressive trends in the field of dental treatment and implantation, which in turn allows us to provide patients with a high-quality service that guarantees long-term results.
Regarding the importance of maintaining healthy dental and oral health, a great deal of information is being voiced today. Dental problems tend to arise in the modern population quite often, and besides, bring a lot of inconvenience and discomfort. When professional dental care was needed, the patient tries as quickly as possible to find for himself the most suitable representative in this field of activity. Professional service for implantologists and prosthetists as soon as possible and at a time convenient for the patient is the key to the success of modern dental clinics and institutions.
Dental prosthetics in the city of Kiev in the ECC clinic is carried out near the metro station Poznyaki, on the left bank of Kiev. A good location, as well as proximity to a large residential area, provides a stable flow of customers, therefore, you can get an appointment by appointment by contacting our administrators and consultants.
Clinic “European Dental Center” — has a large number of advantages that help guarantee high-quality patient care. At the moment, our clinic is the only representative in the country of the DGOI Oral Implantologist Association, which is located in Germany and unites European leading representatives of dental services. Close international cooperation allows dentists, in particular surgeons, orthopedists and therapists to gain valuable experience, as well as effectively use all modern technical, technological and professional resources developed by leading world experts in Ukraine. As a leader in the field of dental services, our clinic is ready to help solve a dental problem of any complexity, while demonstrating the highest level of service for each patient.

Dental prosthetics with pins

The installation of dentures is a process by which a person who wishes can find an impeccable smile and restore the direct functions of the dentition in the event that his natural teeth have suffered significant damage or have been lost due to injuries and other causes. In order to more thoroughly understand the specifics of the procedure and determine for yourself the most advantageous option, it is worth consulting with specialists and familiarizing yourself with the types and characteristics of dental prosthetics.
A defect in even one tooth can cause serious anatomical disorders of the dentition of the person, including malocclusion, changes in the anatomical structure of the jaw and the entire facial skull, as well as tooth displacement throughout the tooth gum and much more. In this regard, as a consequence, asymmetry of the face occurs, an incorrect load on the jaw when chewing, which can sometimes cause inconvenience and pain, psychological discomfort, which in turn adversely affects the state of the whole organism and the general well-being of a person.
The pin is attached to the root of the tooth, allowing you to restore its supragingival part. This element can consist of either fiberglass or zirconium, depending on each individual case. The pin is a strong shaft that allows you to firmly hold the prosthesis structure without displacement and deformation, which ensures the correct functioning of the replaced tooth and distributes the correct load on the jaw. It is worth noting that our clinic only works with zirconium pins, which ensures comfort for the patient, as he quickly acclimates to the tissues, and the crown installed on it will hold firmly without the risk of premature loss.
The clinic «European Dental Center» is ready to provide full assistance in resolving situations related to diseases and tooth decay, preventing all negative consequences. Being today a well-deserved leader in the field of dental implantation and prosthetics in the Ukrainian market of dental services, the clinic specialists have the necessary professional knowledge to enable the installation process of prostheses taking into account all the latest trends and techniques. Frequent internships of personnel abroad, as well as the purchase of materials and equipment from the best world manufacturers, allow us to provide extremely high quality service and to carry out the process of tooth renewal and prosthetics with maximum comfort for the patient. 

Fixed prosthetics

Dental prosthetics is currently a popular dental service for a significant percentage of the modern Ukrainian population. Regardless of age, gender and social status, people may feel the need to replace their natural teeth with artificial dentures for various reasons. Often, prostheses are resorted to by those who, for whatever reason (injury, solid junk food, shock, etc.), have lost their own tooth or a substantial part of it. In this case, most often you need to replace it with an artificial analogue in an emergency. There are also cases when, due to diseases or anatomical features and defects, the tooth must be removed for medical purposes, in connection with which there is also an urgent need for substitutes that will most accurately recreate the visual appearance of the natural tooth, as well as its functional purpose.
Fixed prostheses will be the best way to restore one or more teeth and give them an attractive aesthetic appearance, spending a minimum amount of time on this. Specialists of the European Dental Center are ready to provide high-quality prosthetics services with fixed structures, performing the procedure with great care and painlessness.

What is fixed prosthetics?

Fixed prostheses are the closest designs to the structure of a real tooth from a visual point of view. They are stably located in the jaw and maximally recreate the natural structure of the tooth, while performing all its natural functions. They are very convenient and do not cause obvious discomfort, and adaptation to them is quick, which allows the patient to completely not feel the presence of a foreign object in the jaw over time.
Fixed prostheses are most often created in a standard design and consist of an implant — a titanium rod, and a crown, together with additional accessories. Restoring lost teeth using fixed crowns is the most popular way to restore the integrity of the dentition, and using high-quality and durable materials, you can achieve an almost perfect result. Fixed prosthetics, the price of which in Kiev depends on the material of the crown and the specific design of the prosthesis, are often carried out purely for aesthetic purposes, because it allows you to create an almost perfect smile with beautiful, even and white teeth. By contacting qualified specialists for help, the patient can receive practical recommendations, as well as help in choosing the type of prosthetics. At the European Dental Center, prosthetics are performed in the following ways: 
·     Prosthetics with crowns: cermet, as well as made of zirconium dioxide and PIK polymer.
· Bridge prosthesis, used in case when several teeth are lost at once in a row. Among the bridges there are: adhesive structures, bridges based on their own teeth and bridges with emphasis on implanted implants.
· Microprostheses, including: veneers and lumineers, which are used to partially restore a tooth, as well as to give it a more aesthetic appearance. There are also non-removable dental inlays — a way to restore enamel.
· Specialists of the clinic “European Dental Center” have the necessary professional knowledge to carry out the installation of prostheses, taking into account all the latest trends and techniques. Frequent internships abroad, as well as the purchase of materials and equipment from the best world manufacturers allow us to provide the highest quality service in Kiev.

Gentle tooth prosthetics

Dental prosthetics is a fairly popular, and most importantly, very popular dental procedure, which is carried out in order to restore a lost tooth, replacing it with a high-strength artificial analogue. The prosthetics service in Ukraine has been provided by specialized clinics for several decades, but today the service in this area is significantly different from what it met ten years ago.
Many of you remember that earlier the process of installing prostheses instead of lost or destroyed teeth could take a fairly long period of time, from several weeks to a couple of months, depending on the complexity of the situation. Moreover, the procedure was rather painful and difficult, and between each stage the patient needed a long rehabilitation, which also delivered a lot of discomfort. That is why many Ukrainians neglected timely prosthetics and resorted to the service only if absolutely necessary, moreover, the procedure was quite expensive and inaccessible to everyone.
Today, dental prosthetics has reached a qualitatively new level and only vaguely resembles the former service of dental clinics. Currently, there are many modern techniques for installing prostheses that practically do not cause acute discomfort, and also do not require complex recovery after surgery and provide the opportunity to replace teeth in a fairly short time. At present, the most popular is gentle prosthetics, performed without serious surgical intervention, and also allowing you to finish the entire process as quickly as possible, and sometimes only a couple of days pass from the moment a tooth is removed until the crown is installed.

How is gentle prosthetics done?

Gentle methods of installing dentures are a fairly popular and popular practice today. Modern Ukrainian patients quite often resort to modern methods of tooth restoration, which do not bring significant discomfort. The most “loyal” procedures for installing implants and prostheses are laser technology and the method of basal implantation. Both of these processes help to avoid serious surgical intervention, a prolonged stay in the dental chair, and also eliminate the risk of acute pain, reduce the likelihood of bleeding, as well as infection of tissues as a result of their incisions.
Tissue dissection is performed sparingly using a laser beam that is used instead of a scalpel and gently cuts the tissues of the oral cavity for further implant placement. In turn, the lightweight version of implantation is considered to be the basal technology, which allows you to implant the implant and install the prosthesis without building a piece of bone, and also provides the ability to mount the implant immediately after tooth extraction within the same procedure.
The European Dental Center is the undisputed leader in the field of practical dentistry and prosthetics in Ukraine. Today, the clinic is the unchanged and only partner of the German Oral Implantologist Association among Ukrainian dentists, where key domestic specialists work.

Prosthetics prices Kiev

Affordable professional help
Innovative technologies in dentistry make available such complex interventions in the human body as dental prosthetics. Prices for dentures depend on the type of prosthetics, the material from which the prosthesis is made, the scope of work on its manufacture and installation. You can find out how much it costs to insert a tooth, install dental crowns at a consultation with our specialists. Dental prosthetics is a responsible procedure that requires a high level of professionalism. After all, not only the aesthetic appearance, but also the state of health of the patient as a whole depends on the outcome of the procedure.
If you decide to resort to such a procedure as dental prosthetics, Kiev has good specialists in this field, it’s enough to contact our clinic and see for yourself! For each patient who is shown Kiev prosthetics, the price of the procedure plays an important role. In our clinic you can undergo a comprehensive examination, treatment and prosthetics, prices Kiev for the services offered are available to everyone! We take into account all your wishes and opportunities, and individually approach each client.
Entrust your health and beauty to professionals!