12/07/2019 Barsky Maksim Leonidovich orthopedic dentist, attended the annual conference of the Austrian Community of Computer Dentistry (OGCZ)
12/07/2019 Barsky Maxim Leonidovich, an orthopedic dentist at the European Dental Center, attended the annual conference of the Austrian Computer Dentistry Community (OGCZ) in Kitzbühel in the Austrian Alps.
The conference presented the latest achievements in the field of digital dentistry, namely the latest equipment and software. They discussed the selection of equipment depending on the goals of the clinic and the requirements, working with it and its maintenance. Doctors also compared the results and accuracy when working with equipment from various manufacturers, possible errors and methods for their elimination. They also discussed new areas in dentistry where digital technologies are being introduced. Science does not stand still and the latest devices are constantly being invented to improve the accuracy and quality of work of a dentist. Our task as dentists is to keep up to date and use these technologies to improve the quality of treatment for our patients.

Excellent atmosphere and beautiful landscapes of the Alps contributed to the good assimilation of new knowledge and information. We continue to actively promote the integration of European dentistry in Ukraine.

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