To date, piezosurgery is the most modern method of carrying out various surgical procedures (extraction or extraction of teeth, implantation of osteoplastic material, implantation of teeth).
All necessary tissue incisions are performed using a special ultrasonic tip, which allows us to guarantee the accuracy and favorable prognosis of surgical intervention. When performing incisions with ultrasound, there is no damage to the surrounding soft tissues, vessels and nerves. An indication for the use of this technique is any surgical intervention: tooth extraction, implantation, sinus lift and so on.
Soft and hard tissue incisions in the oral cavity are made by ultrasound. The wide possibilities of this method allow excision of hard tooth tissues of various diameters. The advantage of using this technique is that ultrasound does not come into contact with tissues during surgical manipulation. Under the influence of ultrasonic waves, dissection of hard tissues occurs, without damaging the soft tissues.
Before the advent of piezosurgery in dentistry, special drills were used for such surgical interventions. However, for patients, this procedure was very painful and caused significant discomfort. The piezosurgical device allows for various manipulations even in the most inaccessible places, due to its effect on tissues at a distance.
Thus, when using this method, minimal damage to the soft tissues of the oral cavity occurs. Also, we can talk about the absence of edema and bleeding after using the piezotome apparatus and, as a result, shortening the rehabilitation period. Ultrasound also has an antibacterial effect, respectively, there is an additional antiseptic treatment of the wounded surface. High accuracy of the operation and the possibility of intervention in hard to reach places is one of the main advantages of this technique.