Patient 1

Patient Х presented with a 3rd stage maxillary alveolar ridge atrophy. The patient required alveolar ridge reconstruction and multiple osteoplastic surgeries. Basal implants were installed fixed into the cortical bone. Implants were delivered on the next day for installing fixed dental prostheses.

Before the surgery

The next day after the surgery

Patient 2

Patient Х was admitted to European Dental Center complaining of difficulty when chewing and missing teeth.

Panoramic radiography made in 2011 shows maxillary alveolar ridge atrophy. Indications for maxillary and mandibular teeth extraction and fabrication of maxillary and mandibular complete removable dentures. Indications for reconstructive surgery of the maxilla.

A surgery was performed on basal implants installation without bone augmentation in 2011 at Europe Dental Center.

Six months after installation of implants and zirconium dioxide crowns were placed at Europe Dental Center.

Patient 3

Patient Х required extraction of unerupted canine teeth in the maxilla, osteosynthesis and maxillary sinus lift.

Due to installation of basal implants with osseointegration in the cortical bone, we were able to perform complete arch restoration without extracting maxillary canine teeth and bone augmentation.

Six months after the surgery and placing zirconium dioxide crowns.








Patient 4

The patient complained of missing teeth. Medical history indicates maxillary sinusotomy on the right side. The patient refused to have dental prostheses installed. Panoramic radiography shows vertical bone deficiency.

Cortical implants were installed and after six months zirconium dioxide crowns were placed.

Six months after the surgery.










Patient 5

Patient Х was admitted to European Dental Center complaining of aesthetic dento-gingival defect and difficulty when chewing.

Panoramic radiography shows dental arch anomaly, abnormal chewing pattern, and vertically deficient alveolar ridge.

Immediate loading was performed using cortical implants on the maxilla.

On the next day after the surgery mastication pattern and aesthetics were fully restored.

Six months after the surgery zirconium dioxide crowns were placed.


Patient 6

Patient was admitted to European Dental Center complaining of missing teeth.

Panoramic radiography shows maxillary bone deficiency.


Immediate loading implants were installed and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns placed.


Image taken a year after implants installation.


Other examples of our work, are available on request.