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(Hippocrates III century BC, Oath of Hippocrates)

VIP service at EDC


VIP dental services


European Dental Center VIP service includes a unique range of procedures for sophisticated patients who will appreciate comfort, high quality and custom approach.


 If you order the VIP service you will be offered:

  • to book an appointment at the clinic by the hour during our doctor’s visiting hours;
  • to close the entire clinic for the whole day to service one patient;
  • to enjoy an expanded range of diagnostic and medical procedures;
  • to engage practitioners of the highest level of expertise for consultation, diagnostics and treatment;
  • to receive a consultation from practitioners from Germany without having to leave the clinic.

We make sure that our dental clinic staff is always ready to admit a VIP patient; we insure confidentiality and effectiveness while minimizing treatment duration.


Contact clinic administrators to find out about charges for this service. 

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