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Plasma Rich in Growth Factors

During the last 15 years detailed studies of platelets and biological mediators contained in them, as well as their chemical compounds was aimed at authorization of their use; therapeutic application of growth factors and autogenous biomaterials allowed for significant progress and considerable increase of universality and therapeutic capacities of technology based on Plasma Rich in Growth Factors. The basis of technology of Plasma rich in human growth factors is preparation of 100% autogenous plasma enriched with platelets which application on lesions increases regeneration speed in the most tissues types without any side effects. 

Plasma enriched with human growth factors is an individual technology that revolutionized regenerative medicine.  During the last ten years its use spread for many spheres of medicine, from dental surgery and maxillofacial surgery to dermatology, cosmetology, orthopaedic surgery, sport medicine and, recently, ophthalmology.

Biological activity of various formulations obtained with technology of plasma enriched with human growth factors is based on two fundamental things. On the one side, it is plasma content and more specifically, platelet growth factors which action regulates basic processes of tissue regeneration.

On the other side, it is fibrin matrix which is used as temporary structure for cells organization and control over growth factors energy present in Plasma enriched with human growth factors.