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Plasma use in dental

When organs and systems are damaged human body produces proteins and cell signals to stimulate the process of regeneration and repairing.

With the new technology we manage to isolate from the patient's blood the plasma rich in human growth factors that considerably accelerate regeneration process in wounds.

Growth factors are natural compounds able to stimulate live cells growth in human body.

To implement this process it is necessary to take small amount of blood from patient. After centrifugation the plasma is obtained enriched with human growth factors which is applied locally in lesion site. This technology of plasma enriched with human growth factors accelerates tissue healing and regeneration process, decreases inflammation and risk of infections or postoperative complications. This unique system guarantees to patient decrease of postoperative pain and regeneration processes acceleration.

Besides that, in the formula of plasma enriched with human growth factors the leucocytes are absent which eliminates their pro-inflammatory activity. On the other side, protein content in plasma renders anti-inflammatory effect on tissues.

With the help of this technology the needed zone may be processed with plasma liquid formula enriched with human growth factors before implant installation. Implant may also be processed before its placement into bone tissue. The plasma enriched with human growth factors produces unique membrane which stimulates migration, proliferation and differentiation of osteo-progenitor cells and their attachment to titan surface.



1.     It is proven that application of plasma enriched with human growth factors considerably improves regeneration and rehabilitation after various surgical manipulations.

2.      Local secretion of plasma proteins stimulates bone tissue regeneration, as well as new blood vessels formation.

3.      The number of growth factors stimulates epithelial regeneration. Thickening of implant installation site with the membrane minimizes contamination risk.

4.      Implant surface moistening with plasma enriched with human growth factors creates more favourable biological environment for implant functional connection with the bone, because this way protein link is formed that promotes cells migration along new fibrin bridges created between bone wall and implant surface.

5.      This unique technology of plasma enriched with human growth factors significantly increases efficiency factor in treatment with dental implant system application. Besides, it shortens periods between various surgical stages.