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ArticlesAdvantages of basal implants vs. zygomatic implants

Advantages of basal implants vs. zygomatic implants

Advantages and comparative analysis of the two top implants, basal vs. zygomatic.


Basal implants

Zygomatic implants

Implants type


One piece implants are used No loosening of the screw structure and loss of height of the alveolar crest.


Screw implants are used. Loosening of the screw structure is a problem.

Cantilever bridge

Cantilever bridge is not placed.

If molars are available the console of the prosthesis is placed on them, what reduces the service of the prosthesis and is a cause of loosening of the screw structure.


There are no contraindications.

The sinus is without pathological findings and without any symptoms.

The relative risk of failure

As the sinus is not involved there is no risk of sinusitis.

Sinus contamination risk.

CT scanning

As needed.

Needed compulsorily

Surgical template

As needed.

Needed compulsorily.


Local anaesthesia or without sedation.

General anaesthesia.

Price of implant

Being one-piece implant of standard size, its price is relatively small.

It takes a long time to produce a zygomatic implant, especially a customized one, therefore, they are very expensive. The price of the procedure rises at the expense of CT-scanning and usage of the surgical template.

The required number of implants for the maxilla

6-8 for the maxilla.

8-10 for the maxilla.

The number of teeth

14 teeth are placed. The teeth are restored till the second molars.

10 or 12 teeth, the second molars are not restored.


Life-time warranty.

No warranty.